5 Notorious Triggers and How You Can Avoid Them
One of the keys to sobriety is knowing how to avoid the temptation to use.

For those in recovery, relapse is one thought, one attitude, one drink or one drug away. Sustaining sobriety is like walking through a minefield of past thoughts, attitudes and, yes, one drink or one drug. Fighting Through Your Triggers Although treatment programming and community-based support groups are beneficial, sobriety and relapse are at the discernment [...]

Just the Facts: Psychological vs Physical Addiction
Is there a difference between mental and physical addiction?

Take a minute out of your day and Google the word “marijuana.” In an instant you’re presented with hundreds of thousands of articles that contradict each other. Some blog posts promise weed is addictive and harmful, while an equal number of them swear pot is nothing less than a gift from the gods. And the [...]

DEA Issues National Warning About Fentanyl
The number of deaths linked to fentanyl has sharply risen.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) recently issued a nationwide alert regarding the dangers of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid drug that can be 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Needless to say, without medical supervision, the recreational use and abuse of fentanyl is incredibly dangerous. Recognizing the Power of Fentanyl A Schedule II narcotic, [...]

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month
This year marks the 29th annual Alcohol Awareness Month.

Americans are drinking at a younger age than ever before and it’s stretched far beyond having a few beers in the basement. In fact, drinkers between ages of 12 and 20 consume a whopping 11 percent of all the alcohol consumed in the U.S. What’s more, the majority of that alcohol is consumed during binge [...]

Is an Alcoholic’s Thinking Really That Different?
What does long-term alcohol abuse do to your thought patterns?

“The way I think is just different from anyone else I know that isn’t an alcoholic. Not in every way…but certainly in my reasoning, decision making and rationalization,” says Diana, a fifty-two year old New Yorker who has been sober for twenty-five years. “Sometimes my husband will look at me and shake his head, but [...]