Eat Up: 7 Super Foods to Support Recovery

Replacing vital nutrients and vitamins is essential during recovery.

Some believe a person in early recovery should splurge on junk foods, fats and sweets. But why fight two dragons when slaying one is enough? Addiction and Nutrition Substance abuse directly affects basic nutrition and wellness…and not in a good way. Alcohol impedes the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, opiates affect digestive health and stimulants […]

7 of the World’s Most Unique Rehab Centers

Here's a look at some of the world's most unusual drug rehab centers.

Most rehab facilities offer group therapy, individual counseling sessions, holistic therapies, physical education and perhaps a medically supervised detox center. Some facilities may have more programs and perks than others, but they’re all set up to accommodate clients looking to leave drugs and alcohol behind. And then there are “different” inpatient treatment centers – ones […]

5 Notorious Triggers and How You Can Avoid Them

One of the keys to sobriety is knowing how to avoid the temptation to use.

For those in recovery, relapse is one thought, one attitude, one drink or one drug away. Sustaining sobriety is like walking through a minefield of past thoughts, attitudes and, yes, one drink or one drug. Fighting Through Your Triggers Although treatment programming and community-based support groups are beneficial, sobriety and relapse are at the discernment […]

Just the Facts: Psychological vs Physical Addiction

Is there a difference between mental and physical addiction?

Take a minute out of your day and Google the word “marijuana.” In an instant you’re presented with hundreds of thousands of articles that contradict each other. Some blog posts promise weed is addictive and harmful, while an equal number of them swear pot is nothing less than a gift from the gods. And the […]

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