Are Pharmacies Blocking Your Access to Treatment?

What if your pharmacist refuses to fill your Suboxone prescription?

Heralded as a “miracle drug” in the past, Suboxone is a partial opioid agonist that is highly effective in alleviating opiate withdrawal symptoms. It’s also considered an important maintenance tool in many opiate addiction recovery plans. Despite its frequent use and benefits, however, a growing number of pharmacies now refuse to fill Suboxone prescriptions. And […]

Doing Time: Should We Force People to Get Clean?

Does forcing someone into rehab set them up for success or failure?

The decision to go into a detox program is almost always an extremely difficult one. By that time, most addicts have hit rock bottom and finally realize they won’t be able to kick the habit without professional help. Despite the individual circumstances, choosing to enter a rehab program is just that: a personal decision. But […]

Desperate Times: Heroin Addict Films Her Own Detox

Without the help of a program, how far would you go to get clean?

“We’ll put you on a waiting list. It’ll be about six months.” “Sorry; we don’t have any beds open. Our facility is full.” “We don’t offer that kind of treatment here.” “Sure, we can help. That will be $31,000 please.” “Thank you for coming in. By the way, you have the right to remain silent…” […]

Secular Sobriety: Combining Religion and Rehab

How are religious rehabs different from non-secular facilities?

In many aspects, religious rehab centers are much like non-religious facilities. They follow many of the same general patterns of treatment; the big difference is the focus on spiritual matters. While secular facilities don’t address spiritual concerns during treatment, spiritual matters are integrated as a major part of the process in religious rehab centers. What’s […]

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