Kicking Heroin: Overcoming Suicidal Tendencies

For many, heroin detox presents a very real danger of suicide.

“I thought about killing myself at least once an hour.” This confession comes from a heroin addict, describing her withdrawal experience. Her thoughts are not unique; this issue is widespread. In fact, this is less an issue of “if you get depressed during withdrawal…” and more an issue of “when you get depressed during withdrawal…” […]

Art Therapy: 7 Benefits of Being Creative in Rehab

Art therapy offers some extremely valuable benefits during rehab.

One of the common reasons that an addict procrastinates entering rehab is this myth of a one-size-fits all solution. However, there a number of modern rehab facilities offer therapy alternatives that tackle two crucial keys to sobriety: uncovering the cause of the individual’s addiction and teaching new life skills in order to effectively deal with […]

Eat Up: 7 Super Foods to Support Recovery

Replacing vital nutrients and vitamins is essential during recovery.

Some believe a person in early recovery should splurge on junk foods, fats and sweets. But why fight two dragons when slaying one is enough? Addiction and Nutrition Substance abuse directly affects basic nutrition and wellness…and not in a good way. Alcohol impedes the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, opiates affect digestive health and stimulants […]

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