Author: Ian McLoone

Ian McLoone, MPS, LPCC, LADC provides integrated care for substance use disorders and mental health to patients at Alltyr Clinic in St Paul, Minnesota. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota’s Integrated Behavioral Health clinical counseling program and holds dual licensure as a professional counselor and an alcohol and drug counselor. He is also an adjunct instructor/community faculty at the University of Minnesota, where he teaches Applied Psychopharmacology in the Addiction Studies graduate program; as well as St Mary’s University of Minnesota, where he teaches Substance use and Community Health in the Master of Arts in Instruction program.

Previously, Ian worked to develop a Spanish language intensive outpatient program, along with working on various advocacy projects for people with opioid use disorders. He is currently on the board of Minnesota Alternatives Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to providing non-12 Step peer support, harm reduction services and a community center where people are encouraged to define their own recovery. In addition, Ian provides training and consultation to agencies and staff on person-centered evidence-based treatment approaches, the use of anti-relapse medications, and how to work with families to effectively and compassionately support their loved ones in recovery.

Ian has worked alongside Mark Willenbring, MD since the founding of Alltyr Clinic, helping to develop its programs and to train clinical staff. He knows firsthand that many programs are still using treatment approaches that haven't been updated since the 1950s - in spite of the mountains of research that have been accumulated since - and is devoted to bringing paradigm change to the field of addiction treatment and making 21st Century care available to all.
  • MPS
  • Alltyr Clinic

    University of Minnesota’s Integrated Behavioral Health clinical counseling program

    Adjunct instructor/community faculty at the University of Minnesota and St Mary’s University of Minnesota
  • Dual licensure as both a professional counselor and an alcohol and drug counselor

    Provides integrated care for substance use and mental health disorders
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