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"Drug detoxification is the period of time that follows after a substance user stops using a substance."
Before you grab the phone and call Aetna to ask about detox services, you might need to know what detox entails. Drug detoxification is the period of time that follows after a substance user stops using a substance. It can lead to withdrawal symptoms like nausea, mood swings or vomiting, and since it can last for a few days, many users opt to detox in a medical setting. Aetna covers detox services, but it might not cover ultra rapid detox, which is an experimental procedure.

Does Aetna Cover Rehab?

Aetna does cover rehab, and the company announced in 2012 that it would increase its efforts in regards to some prescription drugs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that the number of opioid drugs going to American pharmacies increased by nearly 100 million pills in just nine years. Aetna announced a deal that partners the company with CRC Health Group to provide treatment for those using opioid drugs. The plan lets patients check into one of five centers in Texas, South Dakota, or California.

Addiction Treatment Length Aetna Will Cover

prescription drug addictionIf you're not ready to seek treatment because you're worried about what others might think, you'll be glad that you have Aetna. Aetna offers members 24/7 support, and it can help you find a doctor or rehab center quickly. Anything that you say to your representative is kept confidential, and the company will be discreet when it comes to handling your needs. The company's new plan calls for a combination of private therapy and 12-step programs to treat prescription drug addiction, and the duration of your stay depends on your coverage. Regardless of the length of your stay, you'll feel safe and protected.

Specialty Alcohol and Drug Treatment Through Aetna

When it comes to treatment, you have so many options. The newest program from Aetna is a pilot one that utilizes various rehabilitation centers in South Dakota, California, and Texas. Whether you're an executive or a mechanic, you can still check into one of these centers if you have Aetna and if you agree to be part of the program. These luxury centers have upscale amenities that might make you feel like you're at a resort. You can go for a swim, take a dip in a hot tub, enjoy four-star dining and take advantage of other exclusive offerings.

Insurance for Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient

outpatient centerWhen you first start looking for a rehabilitation facility, you might find yourself confused when choosing between inpatient and outpatient centers. While both types of centers help you recover from your addiction, you should look at your own strength and whether you would feel comfortable living away from home. An outpatient facility lets you meet with doctors and therapists, and you can even attend group sessions and recovery meetings before heading back home at the end of the day. With a residential program, you get the chance to focus solely on your recovery without any daily tasks getting in your way or slowing down your progress.

How to Cover What Insurance Won't

You don't have to use insurance when you decide to check into rehab. Depending on how you're related to a loved one dealing with an addiction, you might find that your insurance doesn't cover that person. Paying with a credit card is one option, though it depends on the cost of treatment and your available credit. Some patients prefer a payment plan, and some rehabs have other options. Paying in installments is an easy way to cover the costs.

Verifying Coverage and Finding the Best Treatment

"Depending on how you're related to a loved one dealing with an addiction, you might find that your insurance doesn't cover that person."
The longer you avoid the substance abuse problem, the more of a problem it becomes. If you sprained your wrist tomorrow, you'd call your doctor for an appointment, so you should do the same thing when it comes to an addiction. We know that finding a rehab center is a confusing task, but we're ready to help you navigate through the world of treatment centers. Call your insurance provider if you're worried about a loved one or you're ready to take action about your own problem.

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