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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover Treatment for Heroin Addiction?

doctor talking to patientIndividuals using Heroin will likely experience both short and long term effects. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the long term effects can be addiction, infectious diseases, liver and kidney disease as well as other medical problems. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is an insurance provider that has been providing excellent medical coverage in many different medical fields for several years, and may include coverage for Heroin addiction. Your policy and the State that you live in will probably determine the type of coverage that you may be able to utilize.

Type of Rehabs Blue Cross Blue Shield Will Pay For

Blue Cross Blue Shield covers different forms of rehab treatment. Depending on your plan, you may receive coverage for inpatient therapy, outpatient therapy or other options like luxury and executive plans.

How Much of the Treatment Costs Will Be Covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield?

This will depend on your particular state and policy. If your coverage is provided through your employer, then you should find a close correlation between the types of coverage you would have for standard medical treatment. If you have obtained private Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage, then check to see what it will cover for mental health and addiction issues. Your chosen rehab center should be able to help you decipher this in accordance with what it offers.

Can I Pay Above What My Blue Cross Blue Shield Will Cover?

Once you have determined what the various rehab centers are offering, you can then check your policy to see up to what level of coverage is provided. Once you determine this, you can ask the facility if it will accept personal payment for those areas or lengths of time not covered under your plan.

Inpatient Addiction Therapy vs. Outpatient Therapy

"Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is an insurance provider that has been providing excellent medical coverage in many different medical fields for several years, and may include coverage for Heroin addiction."
Inpatient addiction therapy requires you to live in a rehab facility, while outpatient therapy involves visiting counselors and sessions while still living at home. Inpatient therapy is best for severe cases of addiction, and outpatient therapy is for those who think they have more control over their addiction. The level of treatment required often depends on the duration and dosages of your drug use. Rehab professionals can help you determine whether an outpatient or inpatient program would be best for you.

Should I Choose a Residential Rehab Center?

A residential rehab center offers you more options and more intensive therapy. While there are many good out-patient choices, the 24/7 support you receive in a residential setting is helpful for those who are struggling on the road to recovery.

Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay for Local Rehab and Out of State Treatment?

Many Blue Cross Blue Shield policyholders have coverage for out of state care, but what type and for how long will depend on each policy. The company provides services throughout many of the different states, but the types and levels of coverage vary.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay for Private or Luxury Treatment?

These types of treatment centers have paid extra attention to atmosphere and additional amenities. Some recovering heroin addicts prefer this type of upscale setting as they find it helps them to deal with the various stages of recovery. Whether you’re covered for these plans depends on your policy. You should check with your provider for coverage and payment options.

What does Executive Treatment Offer over Other Rehabs?

Executive treatment offers individuals with high-profile careers the ability to relieve themselves of the stressors that may have led them toward addiction. Executives may find it easier to participate in a rehab center that caters specifically to them as they start their journey toward addiction recovery.

What Treatment lengths will Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay For?

This provider realizes that everyone recovers from a Heroin addiction differently. Your type of policy and the deductible associated with it will determine what length of stay you will be covered for.

  • 28-30 Day Residential Treatments
  • This short term stay is considered to be the low end of Heroin addiction regime. It involves a detoxification process and a recovery phase.

  • 60 Day Residential Treatments
  • This length of stay may work well for addicts who feel that a shorter term treatment program will not be beneficial to them, yet don’t feel they want or will need to stay in a facility for a longer time

  • 90 Day Residential Treatments
  • These are long term treatment programs. Many Heroin addicts find them beneficial because this therapy delves into what may be some underlying issues related to the addiction.

Other options

There are, of course, variations on each of these plans. For instance, you may feel that a holistic approach would be of greater benefit to you. Check with your doctor to determine the best path for you.

What if I Have No Insurance?

does-insurance-cover-drug-rehabThere are many rehab centers that offer services for those willing to pay themselves or only who have coverage that will only cover a portion of the treatments offered. Many of centers also offer different levels of treatment programs, which will give you the opportunity to choose the programs that will be of most value to you.

Using our Helpline to Determine Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Options

You don’t have to go through the process of choosing the best Heroin rehab for you by yourself. Call us at 1-888-341-7785 so we can help you sort out just what your Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance covers for your rehabilitation and which rehab centers can offer you the best treatment opportunities based on your needs.

Questions and Answers

  • Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Multiple Stays?
  • There are times when heroin addiction treatment has not been totally successful or you have relapsed but are ready to try again. You may be eligible for coverage for repeated rehabilitation stays depending on your plan and where you live. If you are not covered, there may be alternatives, such as out-patient therapy. If you are not covered for repeat rehab treatments, you could utilize some of the payment options that many of the facilities have to offer.

  • Does Insurance Pay for Aftercare?
  • In some cases aftercare may be covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan. This depends on whether you are going through a facility that is part of their network or if you are going with an out-of-network program. In any case, taking part in this extended therapy is going to be important for an addict; if you don’t have coverage, then you can choose a rehab facility that has offered payment options for your rehab and will extend these for your aftercare costs.

  • Could Rehab Make my Insurance Higher?
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield fully understands that there is a need for heroin addiction rehabilitative services. You should find that you will not be singled out for increased premiums because you had a substance abuse problem.

  • Has the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Affected Substance Abuse and Mental Health Insurance Coverage?
  • Obamacare has expanded coverage for substance abuse and mental health insurance due to provisions in the law. It has made this coverage more readily available to policyholders.

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