How to Add or Claim a Listing

How do People Find My Center

People commonly locate through web searches related to drug and alcohol treatment, and behavioral addiction programs. Those seeking addiction help for themselves or their loved ones are able to locate facilities at a city or state Level.

They can browse rehab facilities with a bird's-eye view for a particular state, or they can drill down to something as specific as "Private Inpatient Treatment Centers Offering Executive Treatment in or around 90069" using our faceted search functionality. That’s why it's so important for any treatment center to add or claim their listing. By completing your listing, you make it more informative and more attractive to those seeking help.

How Does Your Facility Add or Claim Its Listing?

Our industry-leading addiction treatment directory compiles nearly every professional facility operating in the U.S., allowing visitors to contact any of them directly. This service is offered free to both treatment-seekers and treatment centers.

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Listing?

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Upgraded listings provide greater exposure and more attractive profile pages so that centers can better market themselves. Additional information and photo opportunities are provided with upgraded listings – allowing you to showcase your facility's amenities. A complete, detailed profile will also increase your facility's visibility as treatment-seekers use our faceted search tools.

What Other Opportunities Are Available for my Company with offers numerous sponsorship packages for qualifying treatment providers. To discuss how can help you connect with those seeking addiction treatment for themselves and their loved ones, please contact us.