Addiction Treatment: What’s in Store for 2018?

We learned a lot about addiction treatment in 2017, but what's in store for 2018?

What was accomplished in the field of recovery during 2017? Here’s the honest answer: more than some believed possible and less than others had hoped. As we take the year in review, we see many changes. From the highest levels of government to the smallest town meetings, substance abuse issues affected every individual across the […]

Staying Sober in a City That Embraces Legalized Pot

I never thought moving to Portland would impact my recovery. I was wrong.

When I planned my move to Portland, I was excited by the prospect of adventure and was optimistic about my future – moving to the land of opportunity. Portland is a liberal city that’s full of creatives – my kind of people. As a person who loves the outdoors, I was drawn to the vibrant […]

How and Why Did the Stigma of Addiction Begin?

Here's a brief history on addiction stigma and tips on how we can end it.

Chemical dependency can be defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease – one that’s characterized by a compulsive need to seek and use a substance. While treatment professionals and small part of the general population see substance abuse this way, much of society views addiction quite differently: as a moral and character failing. A History […]

What Our Neighbor’s Suicide Taught Me

Behind closed doors, my neighbor was struggling with addiction and depression.

Our neighbor seemed to have it all: a great job, a nice house, a large circle of friends. But behind closed doors, his life wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Over the years, he’d struggled with debilitating depression and alcoholism. Although he’d gone to several fancy rehabs, he never stayed sober very long. We frequently saw […]

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