Infographic: The After Effects of Sexual Assault

Here’s what we know so far. Sexual assaults often involve alcohol consumption, and alcohol consumption is a reason some victims may not report sexual assaults. But what happens after the sexual assault and reporting are over? After the Assault Evidence suggests that rape victims have higher rates of drug and alcohol consumption. They also have a greater […]

Infographic: The No. 1 Date Rape Drug is 100% Legal

Did you know alcohol is the most commonly used date rape drug?

In the wake of sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the conversation has abruptly moved away from the misconduct allegations and towards the question of whether Kavanaugh drank too much (or even lied about it before the Senate Judiciary Committee). Earlier this summer, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wrote a confidential letter to […]

This Philosopher Says Addiction Stigma Prevents Recovery

Unfounded stigmas and stereotypes can block access to addiction treatment.

Thousands of people are unnecessarily dying because we misinterpret how those struggling with addiction think, according to a philosopher, German Lopez. After a year of reporting on the crisis, Lopez claims the stigma against addiction “is the single biggest reason America is failing in its response to the opioid epidemic,” and to overcome that stigma, […]

Here’s How the NIMBY Attitude Crushes Recovery Expansion

NIMBY, or Not In My Back Yard, often prevents the opening of new treatment centers.

They were all set to expand their counseling services into a full residential treatment facility. The county originally bought the building with plans to demolish it, but the team worked hard to restore it to its’ former beauty. The services provided at their recovery residence were already making a great impact on the lives of […]

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