Treatment Waiting Lists Can Be a Death Sentence

The patient waitlists for most treatment centers can be long...and dangerous.

The stories are unending. Every day, more than 140 people die from a drug overdose in America. Many of these people seek help in the days, weeks, and months prior to their deaths, but they’re turned away. Let’s look at a few of those heartbreaking stories: Eddie Sawyer was found dead in his apartment. Next […]

Stigmatizing MAT: Here’s Why It Needs to End

Medication-assisted therapy is a viable option for addiction treatment.

Millions of people around the world are suffering from substance use disorders. While many are recovering – or even “recovered” – there’s still a large population of people out there who either aren’t ready to get clean and sober or don’t know how. Before you can begin to evaluate treatment options, you first have to […]

Bold Home-Based Rehab Program Brings Treatment to You

This new treatment program aims to prove you can, indeed, recover at home.

“People don’t recover in their homes. They need to be in a clinical setting. You can’t do that.” Steve Randazzo, Founder and CEO of Aware Recovery Care, refused to listen to the naysayers. After years of failed treatment efforts, Randazzo finally made significant progress after learning some valuable information from a group of recovered renovators […]

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