Mental Health

The Stress of Natural Disasters Lingers Long After Landfall

Post-disaster, loss and devastation can trigger many people to use drugs and alcohol.

It feels like the U.S. is imploding – from Hurricane Harvey tearing through Texas, Hurricane Irma on its destructive path toward Florida, and the raging and unrelenting forest fires in Oregon, Los Angeles, and Montana threatening highly populated areas and decimating areas of natural beauty. As a nation, we are in a state of extreme […]

What Can You Offer an Estranged and Addicted Parent?

Can you maintain your own sobriety and a relationship with an addicted parent?

Being in recovery is hard. Being in recovery and dealing with a parent in active addiction can be even harder. While highly functional during my struggle with substance abuse, I had the emotional age and literacy of a child. I didn’t have the communication skills to have healthy, long-lasting relationships with anyone, let alone a […]

6 Common Family Roles in an Addicted Household

Alcoholism pushes family members to take on unhealthy new roles.

We all know that substance abuse is a family disease – it not only affects the user, but the whole family, as well. Living under the same roof with someone who’s dependant on alcohol, family members must navigate and endure the chaotic world of addiction, ultimately adopting coping strategies that can create lasting negative effects. […]

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