Prescription Drugs

Busted: More Online Pharmacies Shut Down By the FDA

Operation Pangea X successfully shut down a massive number of online pharmacies.

“Consumers go to these websites believing that they are buying safe and effective medications, but they are being deceived and put at risk by individuals who put financial gains above patient safety.” ~ FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Gottlieb is referring to the hundreds of “rogue pharmacy” sites currently in operation. These sites pose as legitimate […]

7 Addiction Facts a Lot of People Don’t Understand

If you've never struggled with addiction, it can be hard to understand these seven issues.

Substance abuse. Recovery. Relapse. We’ve all heard these terms, but sometimes it’s hard to understand the facts behind them…unless you’ve walked a mile in those shoes. Riddled with misunderstandings and myths, chemical dependency remains a mystery to many people. Addiction does significant damage to a person’s physical health, mental health, and overall well-being, not to […]

Heroin(e): Tales From the Overdose Capital of America

I recently watched the Netflix documentary, Heroin(e). Based in the overdose capital of America, the program follows the professional lives of three incredible women – a fire chief, a judge, and a street missionary – in pursuit of saving lives in the midst of a national opioid epidemic. Documenting Tragedy in the Mountain State Heroin(e) […]

The DEA Wants Its Own Team of Drug-Busting Attorneys

The DEA wants to bring on a team of lawyers who exclusively prosecute drug crimes.

“We’re losing 90 people a day to opioids and about 140 a day to drugs altogether. It’s pretty clear we’ve got to use the tools we have at our disposal to attack this. We’ve got to hold accountable the people who are facilitating addiction and heartache.” With this call to action, DEA spokesman Rusty Payne […]

Cherokee Nation Files Multi-Billion-Dollar Opioid Lawsuit

The Cherokee filed its suit against pharmacies and distributors in tribal court.

Oklahoma is home to 177,000 Cherokee tribal members. It’s also home to one of the highest rates of opioid abuse in the nation…and the Cherokee are among those suffering the most. Alarming statistics reveal just how bad things have gotten for tribal members: Native Americans surpass all other racial and ethnic groups in the rate […]

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