Helen Farrell

Author: Helen Farrell

Helen M. Farrell, M.D., is a physician, expert witness, keynote speaker and writer. She is an award-winning Harvard Medical School Instructor in psychiatry. Dr. Farrell is a medical graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, where she was moved by the sensitive prose of literary geniuses who gave mental illness an acceptable voice. Dr. Farrell gained notoriety for her original article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, A House Built Out of Madness, which breaks down stereotypes of mental illness. Her article Addicted to Hope, published in The Fix, shares a unique perspective on alcoholism and has inspired positive change in readers.

Dr. Farrell has been featured in The New York Times, Psychology Today, NPR, and The Huffington Post. She has been sought after by the mass media for expert and authoritative commentary on mental health and wellness. And since her TEDx Talk, Creating Hope for Mental Health, Dr. Farrell has been appearing as a keynote speaker at a wide range of events where she blends the art of storytelling with information and optimism.

Dr. Farrell enjoys traveling back to Ireland and agrees with George Bernard Shaw who said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself…Life is about creating yourself.” Dr. Farrell helps busy professionals achieve their goals via medication management and psychotherapy in her private practice located in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. She is optimistic about the progress of mental health and believes that everyone can create his or her own bright future, and many can also use a little help along the way.
  • M.D., expert witness, keynote speaker, writer, award-winning Harvard Medical School Instructor in psychiatry
  • M.D., Board Certified Psychiatrist, Forensic Psychiatrist, author, speaker
  • Medical graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Harvard Medical School Instructor in psychiatry, featured in Journal of the American Medical Association, The New York Times, Psychology Today, NPR, and the Huffington Post
  • Addiction, psychiatry, mental illness, mental health and wellness, medication management and psychotherapy
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