Bong Appétit: Marijuana Cooking Show Hits the Air

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

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In marijuana-friendly states, THC edibles have carved out a lucrative niche among these booming businesses. How lucrative, you ask? Well, believe it or not, THC edibles have become popular enough to warrant the creation of a new cooking show focused solely on this unique area of the “weed economy.”

Cooking with a Twist

Bong Appétit is a new marijuana edibles cooking show starring 91-year-old Aurora Leveroni. It’s being launched by Munchies, a food channel from Vice Media.

“We’re moving beyond marijuana as something frightening. A lot of people are curious, and food is a great way for people to access the culture,” says the show’s producer, David Bienenstock.

“Once they can access it, they start to understand it’s something we shouldn’t be suppressing and should be celebrating.”

Passion for Helping Others

Though Leveroni has been whipping up tasty recipes in her kitchen for more than 75 years, her passion for marijuana edibles is a fairly new one. In fact, Leveroni has only been cooking with THC for a little over five years.

After seeing the success her daughter experienced with medicinal marijuana, Leveroni began using the “special ingredient” in her own recipes.She decided to experiment with “nature’s medicinal leaf” after her daughter Valerie was diagnosed with grand mal seizures. Searching for a means to decrease the sometimes debilitating episodes, Valerie opted to try THC…and Leveroni fully supported her decision.

After seeing the success her daughter experienced with medicinal marijuana, Leveroni began using the “special ingredient” in her own recipes. As a result, Leveroni’s adoring fans have affectionately dubbed her “Nonna Marijuana.”

Lights, Camera, Kitchen

MarijuanaNonna Marijuana’s public debut was brought about after Valerie and a close friend convinced Leveroni to make a YouTube video. In that 20-minute clip, Nonna whipped up a batch of marijuana infused butter – a recipe she still uses in her dishes.

Over time, Nonna Marijuana has racked up an impressive number of cooking clips on YouTube. For example, she has a delectable chicken cacciatore recipe, a signature dish that she calls “chicken pot-cciatore.”

While Nonna thoroughly enjoys creating these dishes for Bong Appétit viewers, she never eats them. Instead, she relies on volunteer taste testers.

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Image Credits: Vice/Bong Appetit

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