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New Therapy Shows Promise for Severe Anorexia

New Therapy Shows Promise for Severe Anorexia

November 4th, 2019 Adrienne Keller 2 minute read
In the past, it’s been challenging to find effective treatment for individuals struggling with severe, chronic anorexia that was resistant to traditional therapies. In a study conducted at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre and the University Health Network, however, researchers...
New Drug Test Uses Fingerprint Technology

New Drug Test Uses Fingerprint Technology

November 4th, 2019 Matt Berry 2 minute read
Whether it’s for a new job or a court-ordered condition, drug testing can be an evasive and uncomfortable experience. Until now, the only methods to drug test have been through hair, blood or urine. However, according to researchers at...
7 Foods Secretly Linked to Binge Eating

7 Foods Secretly Linked to Binge Eating

November 4th, 2019 McCarton Ackerman 3 minute read
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 22-28. Though you often see eating disorders (ED) like anorexia and bulimia in the headlines, there’s another prevalent ED that doesn’t get the same exposure: binge eating. Binge Eating 101 Despite the...
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