Fighting Addiction Stigma: These Java Cups Pack a Punch

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

Picture this: You stop in your local coffee shop for your morning cup o’ joe. As you raise the steaming brew to your lips, the message on the cup sleeve catches your eye.

Growing up I always dreamed of being an addict. #SaidNoOneEver

Milwaukee’s Colectivo Coffee will be using these special java jackets over the next few weeks to raise awareness of substance abuse in the community.

Raise a Cup, Raise Awareness

The coffee shop is partnering with Meta House, one of the country’s longest-standing addiction treatment facilities designed specifically for women.

Meta House works with clients to “build upon their strengths, identify safe and effective coping skills and address the root cause of their addiction.” The center offers residential treatment, outpatient treatment and a transitional living community.

Meta House and Colectivo hope this gesture will spark conversations about substance abuse and help tear down the stigma surrounding this issue. Colectivo co-owner Paul Miller admits, “Some people will just raise the cup to their mouth and never read it, but others will examine it.” With every customer receiving these special sleeves on their cups, the message is sure to get out.

The goal is to get people to rethink their view of substance abuse and encourage anyone struggling to get help. The jackets also feature information about Meta House.

Addiction Doesn’t Define You

Across the United States, over 15 million women use illicit drugs each year. Many don’t get the help they need due to the stigma surrounding substance abuse. Meta House President Amy Lindner noted about these women, “They’re someone who has a life-threatening disease, but that disease doesn’t have to define them.” She added, “We applaud every single woman and every single person who does that really hard thing of raising their hand and saying hey I need help.”

Sara Schaefer is among these women. She receives outpatient treatment at Meta House and said, “I was at rock bottom and I didn’t know what to do. They gave me resources to be a better person to change my behavior.”

Colectivo hopes their java jackets will further the message and success of Meta House. As the country suffers from a nationwide opioid epidemic, this coffee shop is determined to offer a cup of hope.

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