Have You Seen Kim Kardashian’s ‘Meth Face’?

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

  • Kim Kardashian on Drugs and Alcohol

Kim Kardashian is likely not too pleased over the Photoshop efforts of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee. The office used doctored photos of the reality star to highlight the harmful effects of drug use.

A standard photo of Kardashian, alongside a hypothetical mock-up image of her covered in red scabs and sores, was included in an online gallery on the drug enforcement section of the office website. The point of the bogus photo was to highlight the impact that “meth face” can have on a person’s appearance. We can assume Kardashian was not happy about the doctored photos because she is against drug and alcohol use. But as of today, Kanye West’s wife has not publicly commented about the images.

Officers in the department said the gallery was the idea of a volunteer who is no longer with organization. Officers also claim they had no knowledge that Kardashian’s image was included. The entire website was shut down earlier this month, and now a message simply says “under construction.”

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Kim Kardashian on Drugs and Alcohol

Kardashian revealed in a 2011 interview that she does not “drink alcohol at all. My sisters drink, so when they get a little crazy, I am there to pull them down. I’ve never really been a drinker. I hate the taste of alcohol.” However, back in 2012 she was the spokesperson for a brand of melon liquor called Midori.

…mainstream media often portrays drug addiction as a failure which should be gawked at instead of an illness that deserves treatment and sympathy.

Despite her tee-totaling ways, the reality star is routinely accused of drug abuse in tabloids. A 2012 report from Radar Online claimed that Kardashian was addicted to Valium and other prescription pills, which led to an ultimatum from older sister Khloe to get her act together. Although she has never publicly addressed any rumors of drug use, her representatives slammed this particular report as “ridiculous.”

The repeated attempts to portray Kardashian as a drug addict show that much of the general public will clamor to see a celebrity, especially one known for being controversial, at their lowest moments. It also shows that mainstream media often portrays drug addiction as a failure which should be gawked at instead of an illness that deserves treatment and sympathy.

While Kardashian’s silence could be viewed a missed opportunity to deliver a teachable moment, her refusal to fan the tabloid flames ultimately takes the power away from those looking to bring her down.

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