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Last updated on November 4th, 2019

  • I Now Pronounce You...Sober

Summer’s here, which means it’s wedding season. I’m attending seven weddings this year, which for some might sound terrible, but I’m a hopeless romantic.

Weddings used to mean an open bar and dancing all night. At least that’s why I went; I usually got blackout drunk before it was time to go home. However, now weddings are a completely different experience. I was beyond nervous before my first sober wedding I went to sober, but it ended up being so much fun…and now I’m a pro.

I Now Pronounce You…Sober

Over time, I picked up a few tips that can help you get through matrimonial merriment with your sobriety intact. Here they are:

  • Weddings are more than just an open bar.

    Open bars used to be my favorite part about weddings, but now I focus on what actually matters. Two people making an extremely important commitment – and they consider me special enough to witness their special moment!

  • The reception’s just as fun without drinking.

    You can dance like nobody’s watching, because they aren’t! I only danced when I was drunk because that’s the only time I didn’t care what people thought about me. I finally feel comfortable enough to go out there and have fun, even if I am making a fool of myself.

  • I actually enjoy the whole night.

    Now, I remember each and every moment of the couple’s special night. Also, when I leave the wedding, I look just as good as when I walked in. I’m not a hot mess, with one shoe in my hand, my hair out of control and makeup smeared all over my face. Plus I don’t wake up with a hangover!

  • Who cares what other people think?

    At every wedding I attended after getting sober, there were people looking at me like I was an alien. Who was this non-drinking person? At the last wedding I attended, a girl said, “You probably wish you were wasted right now, don’t you?” It’s hard to be offended, because I probably would’ve said the same thing to someone else before I got sober. But for every reason above – and so many more – no, I don’t wish I was wasted and I never wish to be wasted again.

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