Infographic: The After Effects of Sexual Assault

Here’s what we know so far. Sexual assaults often involve alcohol consumption, and alcohol consumption is a reason some victims may not report sexual assaults. But what happens after the sexual assault and reporting are over? After the Assault Evidence suggests that rape victims have higher rates of drug and alcohol consumption. They also have a greater […]

Calls to Suicide Crisis Lines Double Since 2014 

The latest figures from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline show calls doubled from 2014 to 2017.

Suicide rates in the U.S. have increased by nearly 30 percent since 1999. The latest figures show that approximately 45,000 Americans killed themselves in 2016. Anne Schuchat, M.D and Principal Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has spoken of the impact that suicide has in America:  “Suicide is a leading cause of death for Americans […]

Look Out: Could Benzos Be the Next U.S. Drug Epidemic?

The number of benzodiazepines prescribed to Americans has more than tripled since the 1990s.

Commonly prescribed for anxiety and insomnia, benzodiazepines — such as Valium, Klonopin, and Xanax — are under scrutiny as an increasing number of Americans are becoming dependent on them. Some critics warn that the overuse of benzos could be our next drug epidemic.  Benzodiazepines work by depressing the central nervous system. They slow brain activity related to anxiety and stress, which in […]

5 Reasons to Watch the New PBS Series Addiction

Here are five reasons you should watch the revealing new PBS series Addiction.

It will shock you. It will educate you. It will give you hope. On October 17th, the new PBS series Addiction premiers – and it could very well change your life. Not only will you hear first-hand stories from people struggling with addiction, you’ll also learn about cutting-edge work of dedicated doctors and scientists who are determined […]

Infographic: How Drinking Impacts Reporting Sexual Assault

Alcohol and alcohol laws are still major factors in why sexual assault survivors do not report.

The Senate officially confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice on Saturday, Oct. 6. Several protestors in the public viewing gallery interrupted the vote, arguing someone accused of sexual assault should not hold such a position. Alcohol’s Impact on Reporting Sexual Assault Following Kavanaugh’s hearing, many women have come forward sharing their reasons for not […]

Infographic: The No. 1 Date Rape Drug is 100% Legal

Did you know alcohol is the most commonly used date rape drug?

In the wake of sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the conversation has abruptly moved away from the misconduct allegations and towards the question of whether Kavanaugh drank too much (or even lied about it before the Senate Judiciary Committee). Earlier this summer, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wrote a confidential letter to […]

Mass. General Becomes First ER in State to Offer MAT

Sixty-six doctors say their emergency departments should offer some form of MAT.

Massachusetts General Hospital is the first emergency department to offer buprenorphine to patients with opioid use disorder who want to start treatment immediately.   Doctors who want to prescribe buprenorphine, likely as a key part of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) plan for opioid use disorder, can now opt to complete an eight-hour course—which includes listening to people who are on MAT and how it […]

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