Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Checks into Rehab

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has finally checked himself into rehab. This shocking turn of events came shortly after another batch of damaging evidence emerged, allegedly showing Ford abusing drugs and alcohol, yelling racial slurs, and displaying chauvinist behaviors.

This latest scandal leaves many wondering whether or not he is fit for political office and if the citizens of Toronto can ever trust him.

The Never-Ending Scandal Surrounding Mayor Ford

Mayor Ford is no stranger to drug scandals. In fact, he was first accused of smoking crack one year ago. Ford initially denied the accusations, but was eventually forced to come clean. He admitted to “social” drug use in the past, but promised Toronto citizens he would clean up his act. Despite these public reassurances, Ford secretly continued using drugs and alcohol.

Last week, Mayor Ford’s world began to crumble. A video was being shopped around, reportedly showing Ford smoking crack cocaine.

Last week, Mayor Ford’s world began to crumble. A video was being shopped around, reportedly showing Ford smoking crack cocaine. Shortly after that, an audio recording surfaced, purportedly containing extended conversations in which Ford can be heard spewing profanities and making lewd comments about another mayoral contender. Several witnesses also came forward, claiming they witnessed Mayor Ford snorting cocaine in a local Toronto nightclub. This was going to create a scandal and Ford knew it.

“I have a problem with alcohol, and the choices I have made while under the influence… I have struggled with this for some time,” Ford said in a statement late Wednesday. “I know that I need professional help and I am now 100% committed to getting myself right.”

Family Support

Mayor Ford’s family continues to support his decision to seek treatment. Though the location of his treatment center is not known, Ford’s private jet reportedly landed in Chicago on May 1.

The mayor’s brother revealed Ford “is attending one of the best facilities in North America.” He also told reporters that the mayor will spend a minimum of 30 days in treatment.

Ford’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, suggested his actions were nothing more than “a plea for help” and he believes Ford was “almost at the end of the line.”

“He’s a broken man. He’s got a lot of demons,” Morris told The Canadian Press.

Weigh in: Do you think Rob Ford is ready to get sober, or is he seeking help to repair his public image for political gain? Leave a comment below.

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