What Lindsay Lohan Learned from Her OWN Show

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

Lindsay, Oprah Winfrey’s eight part docu-series chronicling Lindsay Lohan’s life post-rehab, came to its conclusion Sunday night.

Week after week, millions of us tuned in, eager to catch a glimpse into the private life of this famous (or infamous) actress. Ultimately, what Lindsay gave us was a roller coaster ride that had more twists and turns than even the best Hollywood script.

Breaking the Rules

It would take up too much space to go through all the self-imposed obstacles Lindsay created for herself. So, here are the highlights:

  • Lindsay moved from Los Angeles to New York, but had nowhere to live. Instead, she called a hotel “home” for almost three months. The chaos that ensued made even the most “Zen” viewers feel completely out of harmony. The actress was living in a hotel suite that looked as if burglars had ransacked it over and over again.
  • Lindsay’s family is absolutely no help. During filming, her mother Dina was arrested for DUI and continued to openly drink in front of her alcoholic daughter. Lindsay’s father Michael, on the other hand, pressured her about buying a $48K car for her teenage brother. Clearly model parents.
  • Lindsay flat out refused to film on so many occasions that the production company was forced to call in Oprah. Tired of excuses and clear disregard for production, Oprah told Lindsay to either drop out of the project or get it together. Never anger Oprah.
  • While the problems kept mounting, Lindsay’s sobriety was constantly in question. She finally admitted, after a lot of prodding, that she had relapsed. After dating a man who drank in front of her all the time, Lindsay finally succumbed to the pressure and drank a glass of wine. Though she realized this was wrong, Lindsay continued to put her sobriety in danger throughout the docu-series. Clearly in denial, she told the camera it was “fine to be around people who were drinking” and that she could handle it.

Hope for the Future?

We were left with a sense of hope as the finale episode wrapped up. Lindsay was arriving on time, actively participating in her sobriety and even landed a movie role. The actress also revealed that she was “coming undone” during earlier filming due to a miscarriage and even apologized to the film crew.

No matter your views toward the troubled actress, it’s clear that Lindsay continues to struggle. Although she’s extremely talented and beautiful, she has a potentially deadly addiction. She can conquer her demons, but only if she’s willing to do the hard work.

The actress also revealed that she was “coming undone” during earlier filming due to a miscarriage and even apologized to the film crew.

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