Emily Mendez, MS, EdS

Emily Mendez, MS, EdS

Emily Mendez is a mental health writer and expert with more than a decade of experience in mental health and substance abuse. As a former private practice psychotherapist, Emily specialized in treating adults and children suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and substance abuse. Emily is interested in the interplay between physical illness and mental health and is the author of Four Behavioral Treatments for Migraines Worth Trying.

Latest Contributions to Rehabs.com

Finding Rehab Facilities for Steroid Abuse Treatment

November 4th, 2019 Emily Mendez 10 minute read
Although steroids are not used to get high like other illicit drugs, people who use steroids may develop an addiction to them and continue using them despite serious negative consequences. When people suddenly stop using steroids, they may feel...

Your Guide to Mushroom Addiction Treatment and Rehab Options

November 4th, 2019 Emily Mendez 8 minute read
People consume hallucinogenic mushrooms to experience their powerful psychoactive properties; however, doing so may result in several serious side effects. People who use them may experience extreme anxiety, agitation, and paranoia. Long-term use or high doses of psilocybin may...
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