Myles B. Schlam

Myles B. Schlam

Myles B Schlam is an Attorney at Law in the State of Florida specializing in criminal defense and the Florida Marchman Act. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University for undergrad in ’95 where he earned a degree in criminal justice/psychology. He then worked in the medical field as a business administrator for a few years before attending law school in Miami, graduating on the Dean’s List at St. Thomas University School of Law in May of 2002. He was senator of his class, concentrating his studies on criminal law. He worked at the Broward County Public Defender's office as a CLI (Certified Legal Intern), working cases in both misdemeanor and felony courts.

Through his experience with the criminal justice system, Mr. Schlam came to the realization that about 85% of the incarcerated population are there as a direct or indirect result of addiction. Mr. Schlam met with the drug court judges and became active in both the drug and mental health courts where he was able to make a difference in providing quality treatment to clients. Mr. Schlam started Advocare Solutions, Inc., which was one of the only agencies in south Florida licensed specifically for case management and general intervention. Mr. Schlam holds a dual certification through the state of Florida as a CAP (Certified Addictions Professional) and a CCJAP (Criminal Justice Addictions Professional).

Mr. Schlam is now the President of Schlam Law, P.A. In this capacity, Mr. Schlam provides representation to clients who are charged with alcohol- or drug-related crimes, as well as the families who are trying to get treatment for loved ones who have lost control of their use. Mr. Schlam has over 10 years’ experience working with substance abuse clients, both in private and state/county run facilities. Mr. Schlam spent five years at Legal Aid of Broward prior to founding a forensic treatment agency which he ran for the next several years.

Mr. Schlam is a former co-chair of the Broward Re-entry Coalition and a former Guardian Ad Litem. He presently sits on the 15th Circuit Sober Homes Task Force, as well as the Broward County Mental Health Task Force where he advocates for better and more ethical treatment for the substance abuse/mental health population. He is frequently called upon as an expert witness in addiction cases, as well as speaking and writing published articles on the subject. Mr. Schlam has and continues to perform court-ordered evaluations for substance abuse clients. Myles B. Schlam brings a very unique array of experience and expertise to Schlam Law, P.A., as both an attorney and an addiction professional.

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