American Addiction Centers Editorial Staff

American Addiction Centers Editorial Staff

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Insurance Coverage

June 2nd, 2020 Editorial Staff 4 minute read
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) lists drug or alcohol addiction services as 1 of 10 categories of essential health benefits, which means that any insurance sold on the Health Insurance Marketplace must cover treatment.1 Insurance companies are required to...

Thank You

November 4th, 2019 Editorial Staff 1 minute read
Thank you for reaching out to us. We will contact you as soon as possible but feel free to call if you have any questions for us in the meantime. To go back to the article that you were on...

FAQs for How to Help a Loved One with Addiction

November 4th, 2019 Editorial Staff 9 minute read
SAMHSA’s 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that in the previous year, 7.8% of individuals age 12 and older had a substance use disorder.1 This is 20.8 million people, a staggering number that reveals that addiction is a...

Using a Rehab Hotline to Find Treatment for Drug Abuse

June 4th, 2020 Editorial Staff 5 minute read
Addiction is a major public health problem, and many people struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. Fortunately, addiction is a diagnosable medical condition and can be treated by trained professionals. If you are seeking free and reliable information about...

Kaiser Permanente Rehab and Detox Treatment Options

September 29th, 2020 Editorial Staff 5 minute read
Kaiser Permanente to Pay for Rehab If you have Kaiser Permanente insurance coverage and need substance abuse treatment, you’re in luck. Kaiser Permanente plans typically cover a portion of drug and alcohol rehab. When you’re searching for an addiction...
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