Royce White

Royce White

Royce White is the founder and acting CEO of Anxious Minds, LLC, an organization dedicated to the global acceptance and progress of mental health. Royce gained considerable support in the health community as a public advocate for mental health acknowledgement and parity. He continues to use his public platform to candidly speak about his personal experience with generalized anxiety disorder. He has also used that same platform to dialogue about human welfare within corporate culture and politics.
In his brief time in the NBA, Royce was able to facilitate the first ever written agreement to include the term "anxiety disorder." He was an All-American athlete in high school and college; he later attended Iowa State University. In his one year of playing at the collegiate level, he proved his athletic abilities were of a professional caliber. Royce was drafted 16th overall in the 2012 NBA draft.
Royce has expressed interest in a variety of industries such as non-profit, entertainment and media, bottled water and private equity, among others, earning him the description of "eclectic" by various media outlets. Royce has pledged that his company, Alexander North L.P., will seek harmony between humanitarianism and entrepreneurship.

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