Visualizing the Drug Economy


The war on drugs has a staggering cost. In addition to the lives that are impacted, the figures revolving around the drug economy are absolutely astounding - Americans have the highest rate of illegal drug consumption in the world, and the government has spent an estimated $1 Trillion over 40 years waging the war on drugs. But what does this really mean?

The team at created an experiment to help citizens better understand what these numbers mean and how they relate to everyday life. Through a stunning series of visualizations, we've put into context the drug economy. With this experiment, we hope to raise awareness on drug and alcohol abuse, its impact, and foster conversation on how society should move forward.

We decided to utilize WebGL, a revolutionary technology that allows for native 3D experiences in the browser. While the majority of our audience will be able to experience our project, please update your browser to ensure that the visualizations render properly.