Can the combined intuition of thousands of fans predict the epic conclusion of Breaking Bad’s final season?

The beginning of the end is around the corner for AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad and its protagonist Walter White. He’s gone from a mild-mannered chemistry teacher to the murderous head of a gigantic meth empire. But he’s set on a course for destruction and by September 29th 2013 it will all be over.

We want to know how you think it will end and whether the combined guesses of thousands of Breaking Bad fans can correctly predict the fate of Walter White. Will he die or will he survive? And what will happen to the people around him?

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At the start of season 5, we see a flash-forward of Walt on his 52nd birthday - a year into the future. He has a full head of hair and isn’t wearing his wedding band. He buys an M60 machine gun with ammo and assures the seller that ‘it’ won’t cross the border. We see Walt pop a pill. By the end of season 5a, Walt has killed Mike and organized the deaths of Mike’s guys in prison. Skylar has shown Walt the mountain of money his meth empire has amassed through Lydia’s distribution network. He tells Skylar he’s out of the meth business. Walt has had his routine MRI scan to check up on his cancer and also paid a visit to Jesse to patch things up and pay him back the money he owes him. Hank crucially realizes Walt is Heisenberg. Based on the above and any other information you can find, what do you think will happen in the season finale?



Walt is killed by Jesse

As Walt has descended further into his twisted character of Heisenberg, Jesse has remained relatively moral, showing extreme guilt for killing Gale and the possibility of accidentally poisoning Brock. Perhaps Walt will push Jesse into a corner one last time and Jesse will have no option but to kill Walt, or be destroyed like so many others who got in his way.



Walt survives and goes on the run - his family doesn’t make it

On July 30th '13, during a TimesTalk in NYC, Bryan Cranston responded to a question from the audience about the possibility of Walt surviving. He replied: "There's a good case for that, that maybe that's the fitful end. And yet, what if the thing he wanted the most — which was the togetherness of his family — what if he lived, and they didn't? Wouldn't that be a worse hell to be in?" Perhaps Walt, as shown in the flash forward in SE05aE01, will make it through the next year and live, but end up on the run, alone and battling his cancer once more.



Walt’s cancer comes back and finishes him off

In the flash-forward we see Walt popping a pill but also with a full head of hair. Perhaps a year down the line, now operating under another name, Walt's cancer has returned and he's decided to let it run its course while he handles any outstanding business (like using the M60 machine gun we see him buying). Would his cancer killing him be the ultimate way to bring the show full circle? Despite every bad thing Walt has done and the monster he has become, it's the monster within and the thing that initiated his downward spiral in the first place that ends him.


Walt dies in a blaze of glory fighting a rival

During the flash-forward in the first episode of season five, we see Walt buying an extremely highpowered machine gun and assuring the seller that 'it' won't cross the border. Perhaps 'it' is one last battle between Walt and those who seek to kill or capture him, like the Mexican cartel or 'Declan', the shady character who Walt famously made say his name when striking a business deal. Walt could go down guns blazing. Show creator Vince Gilligan has said that Walt will go from Mr. Chips to Scarface - and we all know how Scarface perished in his mansion, bullets flying.


Walt is sent into exile by Hank

There's no denying it, Hank now has a really tricky situation on his hands. Despite for a time being the only person to suspect Gus as the meth kingpin, Hank has also somehow had the real Heisenberg under his nose the whole time without realizing it - and he's his brother in law. Maybe reconciling this fact will prove too hard for Hank and he will instead force Walt to leave his family by taking Saul's offer of a new identity and skipping town...forever. This might send Walt off the deep end in an unrecoverable way (hence his purchase of some heavy firepower and lack of a wedding ring in SE05E01).


Hank kills Walt after unravelling the truth

There have been rumors that some of the final eight episodes were shot on location at Walt's storage unit. After realizing that Walt is Heisenberg, perhaps Hank will choose to do what he's done before, and go rogue, investigating Walt on his own, tracking him to his mountain of money and further chasing him from there. After temporarily losing Walt, maybe Hank will go after Jesse instead, which could force Walt out of hiding and into the 'live free or die' situation his New Hampshire license plate hints at in SE5E01. It could all end with Walt battling Hank to save Jesse - and ultimately losing.


Walt goes to prison

As unsatisfying as this option may sound from a theatrical point of view, there's no denying that - at least if Hank had his way - Walt would end up in prison for everything he's done. We left part one of season five with Hank on the toilet, trying to assimilate the knowledge he'd just accidentally stumbled upon: Walt is Heisenberg, the man he's been trying to capture and convict for so long. Will Walt's journey end with him behind bars?


Walt and his family survive

When asked about the possibility of doing a Breaking Bad movie, Anna Gunn, who plays Walt's wife, said in an interview in June that “[It's] been bandied about, the idea of a Breaking Bad movie,” and “Certainly we would all love that. I have no idea if that’s a serious thing or not, but of course we would love that. We would love any opportunity to get back together and play with each other. If Vince is up for it, we’ll all be up for it.” Does this mean their characters must all survive? Anna replied to this idea by saying “Who knows. Anything could happen.”


Walt is caught and helps the police

A while ago, Walt promised Skylar that before all was said and done, she would like him again. Maybe after Hank realizes that Walt is Heisenberg, Walt goes on the run, only to have one last death push him back over the edge and into the arms of the police - this time, on their side. If Jesse or one of Walt's children wound up dead, perhaps this would be enough for Walt to put his life on the line to help Hank beat the Mexican cartel for good, and in doing so, save Hank from the humiliation of his brother in law turning out to be the Heisenberg.


Walt is killed by Todd

When Jesse wanted out of the meth business, Todd's role changed from a gofer to a full-fledged partner alongside Walt (Heisenberg). Walt even entrusted Todd with the precious 'crystal blue' meth formula, which Todd wrote down diligently. However, Todd has shown himself to be a loose cannon - not least when he killed the little kid without a second thought in 'Dead Freight', so might he turn on Walt in the remaining eight episodes, perhaps by making a deal with a Mexican cartel?


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