Alcohol maintains a near ubiquitous presence in the daily lives of many of us—it is easily purchased at restaurants and convenience stores, present in many celebratory and spiritual ceremonies and, of course, heavily featured in movies and television. Perhaps as a result, alcoholism and the damaging effects of alcohol abuse are frequently downplayed or overlooked altogether.

This phenomenon of turning a blind eye to the ravages of alcohol might stem from the fact that the effects are gradual and cumulative, with a somewhat indolent course of onset of recognizable signs. Despite a whole host of detrimental effects—increases in violent crime, accidents, impacts on multiple organ systems and even an increase in certain types of cancer risk—few things speak more immediately to people than a change in appearance.

Our goal with this project is to place the spotlight on the drastic physical effects alcohol can have on a person’s body, and bring it into stark relief by depicting years of destructive influence in just a few minutes. Alcohol, in more than a few ways, can render a person almost unrecognizable.

We recognize that each individual would manifest the effects of chronic alcohol abuse in different ways, but hopefully the startling­—if superficial—changes to an individual’s appearance are compelling enough to get the conversation started.

While the ravages of alcohol abuse are often visible, the greater damage is done to a person’s internal organs, particularly the liver, the brain and the heart. It destroys relationships, threatens a person’s livelihood and puts a person’s friends, loved ones – anyone, really, surrounding the alcoholic – in harm’s way. If you, a friend, family member or co-worker has an alcohol addiction, please discuss your options with your doctor.