Aetna Insurance Coverage for Sex Addiction

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

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Does Aetna Insurance Cover Treatment for Sex Addiction?

Aetna insurance offers a wide range of coverage for services under their mental health coverage, including the treatment of sex addiction. Someone who is addicted to sex often puts themselves in danger when engaging in sexual activity. The addict feels an uncontrollable urge to have sex frequently and usually with multiple partners. This person doesn’t feel as if they have control over his own body and urges; he is suffering an addiction and covered under mental health coverage, according to Aetna.

Type of Rehabs Aetna Will Pay For

“Aetna insurance offers a wide range of coverage for services under their mental health coverage, including the treatment of sex addiction.” There are several different types of rehab facilities available for those suffering from sex addiction. The level of addiction you have and whether you have other mental health conditions or addictions determines what type of rehab facility is best for you. Aetna policies usually cover different types of rehab facilities, including outpatient care, support groups, inpatient facilities and combined facilities that treat other addictions alongside sex addiction. If you not only have sex addiction, but suffer from depression and drug addiction as well, you might do better in an inpatient facility. Find out if your policy covers your stay, as it very well might cover it under the mental health coverage portion of your policy. Inpatient care for sex addiction is usually between 30 and 60 days.

How Much of the Cost of Rehab Is Covered by Aetna

There is no way to set an exact dollar amount for rehab of sex addiction, especially how much Aetna insurance is able to cover. Every rehabilitation facility is different, and the costs are determined by the facility, location, type of treatment, additional services and your length of stay. If you go to an outpatient facility and support groups for a month, it is going to cost less than a 60-day stay at an exclusive inpatient rehab center. You will need to learn more about your individual policy to know exactly how much of your stay and treatment is going to be covered by your Aetna insurance policy. You may be able to get more of your stay covered by choosing the insurance carrier’s preferred facilities in your area.

Can I Pay Above What My Insurance Will Provide to Receive Treatment?

In many cases, the amount you pay out-of-pocket for rehab during your sex addiction treatment is entirely up to you. Your policy will state exactly how much of the treatment at a rehab center is covered. If you know you have 70 percent of the stay covered by Aetna no matter where you choose to get treatment, you can pick and choose the facility. To save money, choose a facility with lower costs or go with outpatient care, since you will be paying less out-of-pocket. Other policies agree to a set dollar amount either per day or per visit, so this also helps you understand more about how much you will pay. If you want extra services, you will have to pay for what your Aetna insurance policy does not cover.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient Therapy

outpatient treatment Choosing between inpatient and outpatient therapy facilities is often dependent on the level of addiction you have. If you have not been struggling with sex addiction for long, an outpatient treatment might be for you. This means you still live at home and make visits to a facility to meet with your counselor, have group therapy and learn ways to avoid temptations.
With inpatient therapy, you are staying at the facility for 30, 60 or 90 days. This is better for individuals that have absolutely no control over their addiction, particularly those who are putting themselves into dangerous situations because of sex addiction. You are not out in the world where you might be tempted by your addiction, but closely monitored inside the treatment facility.

Should I Choose a Residential Rehab Center?

Whether or not you choose to stay in a residential rehab center is entirely up to you. This is a very personal decision based on your needs and the level of sex addiction you are struggling with. If you feel like you have no control over your addiction, you might do better with a residential rehab treatment program rather than an outpatient treatment program. Contact the facility to discuss the pros and cons of this option.

Will Aetna Pay for Local Rehab and Out-of-State Treatment?

If you would prefer traveling out-of-state for sex addiction treatment, you should be able to do so with no problems. Contact Aetna to find out more about their treatment options at rehab centers out of their network, or that are not in your local area.

Does Aetna Pay for Private or Luxury Treatment?

A luxury rehab center is one that offers better amenities, luxurious furnishings, and meals prepared by top-notch chefs. They are often more private and are facilities where you might find celebrities, politicians or athletes. They are naturally more expensive, but that doesn’t man your insurance policy won’t cover it. Aetna frequently pays for these luxury and private facilities for sex addiction, though your individual policy will let you know exactly how much of Aetna will cover.

What Does Executive Treatment Offer Over Other Rehabs?

executive rehab Executive treatment is made specifically for business associates and executives who are struggling with their addiction and high-powered job. It allows you to join a rehab center and take a step away from your business responsibilities and take better care of yourself, no matter what stresses or worries you might have.

What Treatment Lengths Will Aetna Pay For?

Aetna covers all different treatment lengths for treatment of sex addiction, depending on the treatment center you choose. Treatments are typically either one month (30 days), two months (60 days) or three months (90 days) long.

What If I Have No Insurance?

Just because you don’t have insurance through Aetna does not mean you can’t afford treatment for your sex addiction. There are a variety of excellent rehab facilities that cater to individuals without proper insurance coverage. If you can pay out-of-pocket, you can go just about anywhere and choose an alternative payment method. There is also financial assistance and payment plans available at some facilities. You might even find a rehab center that will provide free treatment if you cannot afford it.

Using Our Helpline to Determine Your Aetna Rehab Options

If you are having trouble determining what kind of coverage you have for sex addiction and what the costs out-of-pocket might be, you can call our helpline at 1-888-716-9806. We are here to help you look through your policy and figure out exactly what Aetna is going to cover. Call us during our business hours and we are happy to help you get the answers you need.


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