American Family Insurance Coverage for Sex Addiction

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

sex addiction Sex addiction can include behaviors like compulsive masturbation, uncontrolled attention to pornography, engaging in risky sexual behavior and many other activities that are destructive. Sex addiction is not like alcoholism or gambling addiction. The individual can completely stop drinking or gambling and still live a healthy and complete life. Sex is part of procreation and part of living a healthy life. This makes treating the illness even harder, but due to the social and health implications, essential.

Does American Family Cover Treatment For Sex Addiction?

American Family has policies which cover compulsive disorders which includes sexual addictions. Some of the underlying issues with sexual addiction include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, shame and stress. Treatments often include behavior modification, counseling in a private or group setting and medication to treat the underlying causes. Treatment must involve getting to the emotional causes as well as the actual exhibited behavior.

What Type of Rehabs Will American Family Pay For?

Sexual Addiction treatment programs are varied. The illness is still considered new and there are not standardized treatments available. There are, however, many different programs that address the issue and some psychologists and psychiatrists are specializing in the illness.

There is a 12-step program that provides group support with others who are also struggling. Medication for underlying mental illness such as depression can boost self-esteem and give the individual more control. There are also drugs on the market that address obsessive compulsive behaviors that have seen positive results.

How Much of The Cost of Rehab is covered by American Family?

The individual policy will determine what is covered and how much of the cost will
Sexual addiction can impact not only the safety of the individual but the safety of others.”
be covered by the policy. The limits and restrictions will be listed under the mental health section of the policy. This will lay out the co-pays, deductions and maximum payments that are permitted under the policy. There may also be restrictions on the type of treatment programs that are covered. Generally, there are annual as well as lifetime limits on each policy.

Can I Pay Above What my Insurance Will Provide to Receive Treatment?

It is always possible to pay the difference between what the policy covers and what the treatment program costs. Most polices will not cover 100 percent of the treatment, and it is important to contact the insurance company and determine coverage before beginning any program.

Policy coverage, the treatment program and its relationship with American Family will factor into out-of-pocket expenses. There are in-network and out-of-network providers. In-network provides receive a higher percentage of costs covered than out of network providers.

Installment plans are sometimes available for programs that will require high out-of-pocket costs.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient programs require the individual to live at the facility and offer a controlled environment and 24-hour care. Throughout the day there will be counseling sessions, group sessions and activities that will help patients learn to manage and overcome their addiction.

There is not an established protocol for care and thus the treatments programs can vary widely from one facility to the next. Evaluating the needs of the individual versus the services provided is the best option.

Outpatient programs are similar in scope to the inpatient programs without the need to stay at the facility. This saves on the costs of care and allows the patient to adjust to real life situations they will be faced with once they are out of treatment. Outpatient programs also provide the ability to continue with other obligations like work or school.

Should I Choose a Residential Rehab Center?

There are as many levels of treatment as there are levels of addiction. Residential rehab is for extreme cases and to be considered if other forms of treatment have failed. Sexual addition can impact not only the safety of the individual but the safety of others. This needs to be considered when determining which treatment options are most viable.

Will American Family Pay For Local Rehab and Out-of-State Treatment?

Coverage is determined by the specific policy in question. Other factors include if the treatment program is in-network or out-of-network. These will be more direct factors than whether the treatment program is in state or out of state. Local rehab options will provide cost savings for the individual or family. Yet a specialized program that is out of state, may better meet the needs of the addict. Discussing the treatment options and comparing coverage with the needs of the individual will provide the best decision for getting help.

Does American Family Pay For Private or Luxury Treatment?

American Family covers private and luxury treatment programs, depending on the individual’s policy. Policies can include partial or full coverage depending on the treatment option that is chosen. Luxury programs offer an additional incentive to remain in the program. It can include gourmet meals, higher levels of entertainment, private rooms and additional activities like spa treatments.

Luxury options are generally covered at lower levels that less expensive options. Coverage will depend on the policy and the facility that is providing the treatment.

What Does Executive Treatment Offer Over Other Rehabs?

Executive treatment programs are not just for executives. These programs are created to help the individual continue to meet their work and school obligations while receiving the help they need to overcome the addiction. This includes providing a safe environment for them to heal, as well as access to the tools needed to complete necessary work while in the program.

What Treatment Lengths Will American Family Pay For?

Programs can be for as little as 10 days and as long as a year. Most programs are either 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the severity of the addiction. What options are covered will depend on the policy of the individual as well as the facility the person wants to enter.

Partial or full coverage may be available. Verifying the coverage amounts and which facilities are in network is the best way to keep costs down, while still providing the help the individual needs.

What If I Have No Insurance?

Even with insurance there will be out of pocket expenses. For those without insurance the costs can feel overwhelming. Start with a 12-step program which is generally offered free in the community.

For additional help there are psychological services that are offered through the county social services which are rated based on a sliding income scale. Some treatment programs will provide payment options, accept credit cards and possibly provide discounts or even scholarships. Working directly with the facility will help you evaluate the options.

Using Our Helpline to Determine American Family Rehab Options

For those suffering from sexual addictions this can be a debilitating problem. There is help available. To explore your options call 1-888-716-9806. This help line will provide you with potential options and help you evaluate the services and insurance coverage available.

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