Kaiser Permanente Insurance Coverage for Internet Addiction

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

Kaiser Permanente covers internet addiction for most policies based on the compulsive disorder coverage. Internet addiction is a fairly new addiction and can come in several forms. This can include:

  • Porn addiction, cybersex and obsession with adult chat rooms.
  • Cyber relationship addiction where chat rooms and social media replace real-life friendships.
  • Compulsive gambling or shopping online.
  • Compulsive web searches and seeking information not relevant to anything in particular.
  • Video Gaming addiction including playing games that never end and reward for time online.

All of these activities are normal if it does not disrupt the life of the user. Anything taken to the extreme can become a compulsive disorder.

Does Kaiser Permanente Insurance Cover Treatment for Internet Addiction?

Kaiser Permanente covers treatment for internet addiction through its mental health coverage of compulsive disorders. Internet addiction becomes a problem when it has a negative impact on the user’s life. With the prevalence of internet such an integrate parts of people’s lives time on the internet or on the computer cannot be judged to determine an addiction. Instead the impact and insatiable desire to be on the internet is what the addiction must be measured by. Internet addiction will impact family members, relationships, work, social life and even personal hygiene. Withdrawal symptoms can include preoccupation with the internet even when offline, restlessness, irritability or depression when there is no internet access. Lying about the time spent on the internet and what sites are visited are also signs of withdrawal. When the internet is used as an escape from real life, rather than a tool, it can become an addiction.

Type of Rehabs Kaiser Permanente Insurance Will Pay For

Kaiser Permanente offers several treatment options depending on the severity of the addiction and the individual’s policy. These can include counseling through individual or group therapy or use of medication. Medication will generally be used to deal with other mental health issues like depression or anxiety, but these can serve as significant triggers for the internet addiction. Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are available for severe cases. Internet addiction is considered a new disorder and is not yet recognized by the medical community as a diagnosed disorder. As a result it is treated under the sub category of compulsive disorders.

How Much of The Cost of Rehab is covered by Kaiser Permanente Insurance?

Each policy will determine the amount of coverage that is provided. Other factors can include whether the program is approved by the insurance company and whether the doctor or program are in or out of network. In network providers will provide the highest level of coverage. They have contracted with Kaiser and established rates of pay and re-imbursement, thus they pay higher levels for the policy holder. Out of network providers can be local or out of state, but do not have a contractual agreement with the insurance company. As a result, the policy coverage will be lower, making the out of pocket expenses higher. States will also have different mandates which can affect the amount of coverage provided.

Can I Pay Above What My Insurance Will Provide to Receive Treatment?

Policy holders are expected to pay for any expenses that are above and beyond the insurance coverage. This can include both co-payments and deductibles. Typically for doctor visits and prescription medications co-pays will apply. For inpatient treatments and other long term care, deductibles along with co-pays are often required. Then if the program costs above the maximum levels the insurance will pay then the policy holder could be required to pay even more out of pocket expenses. It is important to understand these expenses before beginning any treatment program.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient Therapy

“Internet addiction becomes a problem when it has a negative impact on the user’s life.”

Inpatient programs can be from 10 days to 90 days for most cases. For more severe cases extended stays can be approved and can go from several months to a year. Inpatient programs include therapy in both individual and group settings, medication and classes to build skills for the addict. These coping skills are essential to long term success of the program and enable addicts to have alternatives when they feel the impulse to re-engage in their internet habits. With the internet such a part of everyday live, coping skills are essential. Outpatient programs offer many of the same services that an inpatient program provides without 24 hour care. Outpatient programs allow the addict to continue with their everyday obligations and work their appointments and classes around their other obligations. They help patients integrate real life challenges with the treatment program.

Should I Choose a Residential Rehab Program?

Residential programs are needed for extreme cases where traditional treatments of therapy and medication have failed. The majority of individuals who suffer from internet addictions are helped through medication for an underlying illness like depression and counseling. Support groups and 12-step programs can provide ongoing help. If the person is struggling to function because the addiction is so sever, then a residential program can provide the supervision and assistance needed.

Will Kaiser Permanente Insurance Pay for Local Rehab and Out-of-State treatment?

Each policy will determine if the specific program is covered. Given the availability of inpatient treatment programs sometimes out of state facilities are required. The policy will spell out the coverage options and what programs are approved. It will also indicate which ones are in network and out of network. These factors can help the individual select a program that will meet both their needs and their budget.

Does Kaiser Permanente Insurance Pay for Private or Luxury Treatment?

Kaiser Permanente offers private and luxury treatment options depending on the policy that is carried. The policy terms will also determine who much of the additional costs for luxury treatment will be covered. Coverage can limit the payouts per day, which can impact the out of pocket expenses for the policyholder. Luxury treatment gives the addicts more amenities than a traditional treatment program which can encourage them to stay for the full length of the program. These amenities might include a private room, spa services or gourmet meals.

What Does Executive Treatment Offer Over Other Rehabs?

Executive treatment programs provide a way for business owners and executives to get the help they need when they cannot take time off work. The patients are able to complete work while in the treatment program. This includes limited access to phones, computers and other equipment needed to keep up with their business. Due to the internet addiction access to the computer would be limited to approved sites to prevent any relapses while in the treatment program. These programs allow the worker to maintain their employment while getting the help they need.

What Treatment Lengths Will Kaiser Permanente Insurance Pay For?

Treatment programs offer different lengths of time based on the individual’s needs. Once a pre-assessment has been completed the program will determine the length of program they recommend. The insurance will then approve the recommendation before treatment begins. Policy coverage will often have a maximum payout per occurrence that may impact the treatment length of time. The severity of the addiction and the person commitment to healing will also impact the amount of time needed. Treatment programs can be for 10 days to 90 days for most cases. Some individuals require longer terms, which are available if needed.

What If I Have No Insurance?

does-insurance-cover-drug-rehabThere are free 12-step programs that provide a social network and support groups to help those who are battling with addiction. For those needed more comprehensive treatment seeking professional help may be necessary. Counseling services are offered through social services on a graded scale based on the individual’s income. This can provide therapy and medication needed to work through the disease. If more intense help is needed, look for scholarships and financial aid provided by some programs, particularly non-profits. Other programs offer payment plans which can help keep costs at an affordable level.

Using Our Helpline to Determine Kaiser Permanente Insurance Rehab Options

Although the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not recognize this as an official disorder, internet addiction is destroying families and lives. If you or someone you know is struggling with an internet addiction getting help now is the best solution. Call 1-888-716-9806 and speak to a specialist about the options available and to review the coverage you have with your policy.

Questions and Answers

Will Kaiser Permanente Insurance Cover Multiple Rehab Stays?

Coverage will vary depending on the policy and the state the policyholder lives in.

Does Insurance Pay for Aftercare?

Aftercare is the follow up that prevents relapses. Most policies will have some after care coverage but it will vary by policy. This can include ongoing therapy, group support and medication.

Could Rehab Make My Insurance Premiums Higher?

Health insurance is not priced like car insurance. The amount of usage does not generally impact the rates. Overall, use for the region and general healthcare costs are what impact rate increases the most.

Has The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Affected Internet Addiction coverage?

The Affordable Care Act has expanded coverage for mental health illnesses. This means treating these illnesses in more of the coverage levels of medical illnesses. As a result, most mental health coverage like compulsive disorders have increased.

Does your insurance cover addiction treatment?

Use our free and confidential online insurance checker to see if your insurance covers treatment at an American Addiction Center facility.

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