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Last updated on December 30th, 2020

The first physical step in treating an addiction is often detoxing. During the detoxification process, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, detoxing can be deadly if it’s not done properly. UnitedHealth Group offers substance abuse programs through its OptumHealth business; however, a clear explanation of what is covered is not given. To learn exactly what your provider covers, services such as are available.

Does UnitedHealth Group Cover Rehab?

A rehabilitation program is the next step in the recovery process. This focuses on:

  • Determining the core reasons for your alcohol or drug abuse
  • Solving the core issues that are causing the problem
  • Teaching strategies to cope with situations without drugs or alcohol
  • Allow patients to discuss issues and situations with others

Your insurance provider may cover a part of the cost of a rehab program, if not all of it. However, there are often conditions on the length of the program that it will cover. UnitedHealth Group offers this service through its OptumHealth business.

Addiction Treatment Length UnitedHealth Group Will Cover

UnitedHealth will provide patients the necessary time to give them the best chance at long-term sobriety. Before starting a program, a patient will have a discreet, confidential, and private conversation with a counselor at the facility. The counselor will look at the individual’s history, addiction severity, and abuse history to determine the duration that will give the patient the best chance at recovery. Typically, the longer the length of the treatment program, the better the chance that the individual stays sober.

Specialty Alcohol and Drug Treatment Through UnitedHealth Group

Some individuals may not feel comfortable at a standard rehab center or may have existing business responsibilities that prevent them from fully committing to a program.

For the former, there are luxury treatment centers that offer the best in amenities and treatment options. Patients will receive luxury accommodations, such as aromatherapy and leading treatment techniques.

For the latter, there are executive treatment centers. These facilities allow patients to focus on their treatment as well as their business commitments. Patients can keep in contact with clients and keep up with their work while going through the program.

Insurance for Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient

Doctor talking to patientUnitedHealth wants its clients to have the best chance at recovery. Depending on the situation, you may decide to enter an outpatient program. However, many people will still have the best chance at recovery with an inpatient program.

The greatest benefit of an outpatient program is the freedom to leave after the required treatment for the day is done. It doesn’t offer residential housing for patients like an inpatient facility does.

For many people, living at the treatment center gives them greater odds at recovery. They have access to 24-hour care and get to spend the majority of the day focusing on treatment and recovery.

How to Cover What Insurance Won’t

If your insurance plan won’t cover your rehab, don’t despair, because many facilities offer payment plans that will allow you to get the treatment you need. Government programs also offer aid to recovering addicts that can prove helpful.

Certain treatment centers require their patients to pay up front and get reimbursed by their providers, although this is rare.

Verifying Coverage and Finding the Best Treatment

“ can offer you clarification on what your insurance provider will cover.”
When trying to determine exactly what your insurance covers and which treatment centers are the best, you will often encounter questions that you can’t find answers for. can offer you clarification on what your insurance provider will cover. It can also help you find treatment centers that will accommodate your personal needs. It has a 24/7 toll-free number you can use to seek assistance.

(Please note: strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carriers’ addiction insurance coverage but policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm coverage levels. is an informational site only and is not affiliated or sponsored by UnitedHealth.)

Health Insurance Providers and Coverage Levels

Does your insurance cover addiction treatment?

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