WellPoint Insurance Coverage for Sex Addiction

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

Does WellPoint Insurance Cover Treatment for Sex addiction?

sex add 11WellPoint Insurance is an excellent source of coverage for sex addiction treatment. With sex addiction, you have no control over who you have sexual encounters with. It can affect many different facets of your life, including your personal and professional life. You are putting your health at risk by having multiple partners and putting your personal relationships in jeopardy. If you have lost complete control, it means you are suffering from an addiction. Luckily, there are many treatment options available and most covered by WellPoint Insurance.

Type of Rehabs WellPoint Will Pay For

WellPoint Insurance for sex addiction treatment covers different types of rehab facilities. There are outpatient facilities, that provide you support while you continue living at home, and inpatient facilities that require you to stay in the facility until treatment is over. There is also intensive therapy, luxury and private treatment and executive treatment for high-powered career professionals. Consult your policy to find out exactly what rehabs WellPoint is going to cover.

How Much of the Cost of Rehab Is Covered by WellPoint

There is no set cost covered by WellPoint Insurance for sex addiction rehab, so you need to look through your individual policy. Some policies will cover a set dollar amount, which means if your treatment is over that, you pay the difference. This also means if you find a treatment program within that amount, you are getting completely free treatment. Other policies cover a percentage, so that it controls exactly how much you pay out-of-pocket.

Can I Pay Above What My Insurance Will Provide to Receive Treatment?

Yes, WellPoint Insurance allows you to choose the treatment you feel is right for you, as long as you are willing to cover the additional costs. Many policies include a percentage rate of coverage, so you already know some costs are going to be out-of-pocket. Exactly how much those costs are is up to you. If you choose luxury treatment for sex addiction, the percentage you pay is of course going to be higher than a traditional inpatient or outpatient rehab facility. WellPoint doesn’t mind you choosing more expensive treatment, with the understanding that you are paying the difference.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment vs. Outpatient Therapy

“With sex addiction, you have no control over who you have sexual encounters with. It can affect many different facets of your life, including your personal and professional life.”
The two main options with treatment for sex addiction are inpatient and outpatient therapy. Inpatient therapy is done in a rehab facility, where you live for 1-3 months. They serve you meals, you participate in activities with other patients, go to support groups and have regular care by the facility staff. It also keeps you away from your triggers, which is a major benefit. If you need to be at home, due to a family or career, you can also choose outpatient care. You get the same support groups and therapy, but you need to have more willpower as you may be in front of some of your temptations.

Should I Choose a Residential Rehab Center?

Residential rehab centers, or inpatient rehab centers, allow you to stay in the facility during the course of your treatment. Some people prefer them because they allow them to focus more on the treatment. If you stay home while recovering, not only are you around triggers and temptations, but you have to focus on work, school or house responsibilities. This can really get in the way of proper recovery.

Will WellPoint Pay for Local Rehab and Out-of-State Treatment?

Out-of-state treatment is always a possibility if you can’t find a local treatment facility that is right for you. WellPoint Insurance for sex addiction rehab includes different types of facilities, mostly giving you a choice of what center you want to go to. If you prefer a facility that is further away from home, you will be responsible for travel costs, so keep this in mind.

Does WellPoint Pay for Private or Luxury Treatment?

WellPoint coverage for sex addiction rehab also includes private and luxury treatments. These are a type of inpatient rehab that helps pay for more upscale treatment facilities. Luxury treatment may include an on-site swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a spa with massage treatments and gourmet meals. They also frequently offer more privacy and anonymity, allowing you to have a private room and keep to yourself if you prefer nobody else at the facility, such as patients, know you are there. This is a popular choice for celebrities, athletes and public figures, but anyone can choose the private treatment centers.

What Does Executive Treatment Offer Over Other Rehabs?

If you have a high-powered job, such as being an attorney or CEO, you might not be able to step away for work for 1-3 months, even if you need it for your sex addiction. This is where executive treatment facilities come in. They provide excellent resources for business professionals who need residential treatment, but cannot leave their work behind. You may have a private room to conduct business, video conferencing, a computer and Internet access.

What Treatment Lengths Will WellPoint Pay For?

Treatment lengths may vary, but the basic treatment lengths are one month, two months or three months. The more serious your addiction to sex, the longer your treatment is going to be. You will also need a longer treatment if you have been in rehab for sex addiction before, or if you also suffer from other mental health or substance abuse problems. WellPoint covers all different types of treatment lengths, so you don’t have to go for just 30 days if your treatment counselor recommends the full 90 days for proper treatment.

What If I Have No Insurance?

does-insurance-cover-drug-rehabHaving no insurance coverage for sex addiction rehab doesn’t mean you can’t go. If you have the funds available to do so, you can pay for it all out-of-pocket using your credit card. You may also make it easier for yourself by paying in smaller, monthly installments. The other option is to find low-cost or free rehab centers for sex and other addictions, which often offer great outpatient or residential care.

Using Our Helpline to Determine Your WellPoint Rehab Options

Insurance policies are often confusing, especially with the medical jargon mixed in. If you need to know what your WellPoint Insurance for sex addiction rehab policy covers and how much of the rehab costs are covered, give us a call. Our helpline is happy to answer all of your questions and help you find a rehab center that is right for you. Do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-716-9806 to start your new, healthy lifestyle.

Questions and Answers

Will WellPoint Cover Multiple Rehab Stays?

Yes, if you need to return to the rehab facility for multiple stays, WellPoint will cover that stay. This depends on how long it has been since your first treatment program and your individual policy.

Does Insurance Pay for Aftercare?

Aftercare is important to maintaining recovery from sex addiction, so in most cases it will be covered by your policy.

Could Rehab Make My Insurance Premiums Higher?

In most cases, you do not need to worry about your insurance premiums rising just because you have gone to rehab for sex addiction. This is part of your policy coverage, so it should not have an affect on your premiums.

Has The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Affected Sex Addiction and Mental Health Insurance Coverage?

Obamacare has allowed everyone to get insurance and proper coverage of substance abuse and mental health rehab, which includes sex addiction.

Does your insurance cover addiction treatment?

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