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Broadway Treatment Center 2c Philosophy

Serving Southern California since 2012, Broadway Treatment Center is an award winning behavioral healthcare provider specializing in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring psychological disorders.
Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease, as such, we believe that the successful treatment of addiction requires a caring, multi-disciplinary and long-term approach. Our program offers a full spectrum of solutions along the continuum of care, beginning with clinically managed detox and progressing through the outpatient levels of care.
Our curriculum is based on a foundation of effective treatment strategies both traditional and contemporary, that address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction, and incorporate outcome measurement and screening tools to provide data needed to develop an effective and attainable treatment plan.
Our skilled clinical team will help you to better understand addiction, build your motivation for recovery, develop a plan to avoid future relapse, and maintain a healthy trajectory into the future. Participants successfully completing our program will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to lead a productive life free from the bondage of addiction.

Areas of Specialization

  • Individual Therapy
    This term describes one-on-one therapy, in which a patient and trained counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist meets privately with a patient to discuss challenges related to lifestyle, work, family and romantic relationships that may have contributed to the development of an addiction.

  • Detox
    Though not all rehab facilities offer “medical detoxification,” all people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort as their bodies react to withdrawal of the addictive substance. Many people use the term “detox” to refer to the period of time (ranging from a few days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop using.

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Vocational & Employment Assistance

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Located on a busy commercial street in the seaside city of Huntington Beach, Calif., Broadway Treatment Center offers a full spectrum of care for adults struggling with substance abuse and dual diagnosis. Treatment includes intervention services, medical detox, residential treatment, outpatient services at a variety of intensities, and sober-living facilities.


Broadway Treatment Center's website describes a relatively standard core program based primarily on group counseling. Programming individual counseling and psychotherapy sessions; daily group counseling; skills building, including career training and educational assistance; and constructive recreational activities.

These standard components are supplemented by an unusual roster of holistic options, such as sand tray therapy, IV vitamin therapy, surfing, yoga, and equine therapy.

Medical treatments are also available, namely the recently approved Probuphine buprenorphine implant, the Naltrexone implant, and Nexalin, for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The center also uses the Matrix Model.

The residential program provides 24-hour supervision, and clients may choose to stay on-site for 30, 60, or 90 days. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) involves programming up to five days a week, and can serve clients for anywhere between a few weeks and a few months. Tailored outpatient programming is also available.

The facility's jail diversion program is an alternative to incarceration for individuals who are struggling with addiction and suffer from mental illness. In this program, individuals are able to follow through with probation requirements and other legal problems, set goals, explore career and education paths, learn how to create a resume, learn to communicate better, find housing, fix relationships, and learn how to complete life skills, such as shopping and paying bills.


According to Broadway Treatment Center's website, clients are evaluated by a physician before and after detox. In addition, the facility’s website describes Broadway’s clinical staff as “highly qualified supervisors and counselors,” but does not specify their credentials. However, the five alumni surveyed by at the time of this writing gave 4.42 out of five stars for the staff's level of training and experience.


Broadway Treatment Center’s website shows a suburban family-style home as one of its sober-living facilities, but does not give further details about living accommodations. Yet, the 11 individuals who left reviews at gave an average of 4.64 out of five stars for accommodations and amenities.


At time of writing, 10 alumni left positive feedback regarding Broadway Treatment Center. Nine alumni provided positive opinions of Broadway Treatment Center and just one had neutral feelings about the center.

Of the five alumni who were asked if they would recommend Broadway Treatment Center, they all gave five out of five stars. The alumni rated holistic offerings the worst with 3.86 stars, but most categories were highly rated with above four star ratings including counseling options, family participation, and the visitor policy. "This place makes you feel like you belong to a loving family and everyone is always eager to address any emotional concerns that may be going on," an alum wrote in a representative review.

The alumni that submitted a neutral review noted the center could have a better program and management.

Of the 36 individuals who left reviews on the facility's Facebook page, which they have the ability to manage, 34 provided perfect five out of five star reviews. The individuals also left positive commentary, writing about the caring staff and the life changing program. [1]


The one loved one reviewed by to date provided a mostly positive review. They indicated that they would recommend treatment at this facility, and gave it five out of five stars for family participation and four stars in most of the other evaluated treatment metrics, including its treatment effectiveness, counseling options, and treatment for co-occurring disorders. They praised the “faith based options and church attendance,” but added: “Way to much freedom to the outside world, this may present a problem.”


According to the facility's listing on Psychology Today, multiple insurance plans are accepted, including Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United. Private pay options are also available. The seven alumni surveyed on this metric gave an average of 4.43 out of five stars for affordability.


Published on January 2018

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From the very beginning, it’s been clear that broadway truly cares about not only their clients, but helping anyone in any way possible.They were caring and compassionate before I even decided to come here- just checking in to see how I was doing, feeling, etc. Because of that I decided to come here for 90 days, which had evidently been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. They welcome and treat every single person that comes through the same way- like family and with love and compassion. I’ve seen them go above and beyond in ways that they don’t even need to for their clients. The houses, detox and residential, are beautiful. They have everything anyone could ever need there and then some. They do a wonderful job at acclimating you to having a structured schedule and routine, but also make it so you can have some freedom, too. Every weekend they take the clients on outings, some of which have been the most amazing experiences in my life, and they welcome the clients input when planning them so it’s always something the clients enjoy and look forward to. Broadway has shown me that not everyone is in this business for money. I’ve grown in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined just in the 90+ days I’ve been here. They care more than any treatment program or substance abuse professionals I’ve ever encountered in my life. I flew from all the way from New Jersey to come out here and I couldn’t have chosen a better option. I’m so incredibly grateful to have found them during my search for treatment centers. I don’t know where I’d be without them!


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
The staff pretend they care then talk about you poorly to other clients and other staff members. It says they offer all these things but they can’t even keep a therapist around, so if you have abandonment issues DO NOT GO HERE. Broadway treatment center is a nightmare. The owner will bribe you with a job, or a plane ticket just to stay here to collect your insurance money. Plus they don’t do anything fun, all the activities are free because your insurance is paying for all the “scholarshipped” people so they are BROKE! If you want to sleep on box springs for 90 days this is the place for you. They also say they are a couples center but try to break you and your partner up the whole time.


Before coming into Broadway Treatment Center and it being my first go-around, I didn't know what to expect or how to feel. I was so nervous, scared, anxious, and even having second thoughts. From the moment I walked through the door, every single person here including staff and fellow peers, were so welcoming and helpful. I cannot say enough good things about BTC and more importantly, the lengths and measures they take to ensure their client's are comfortable and getting the most they can out of this program. I completed a 90 day program, and I'm so beyond grateful for having this amazing opportunity to work closely with the facilitators and also meeting with my case manager individually once a week. My case manager was amazing to say the least, and made sure that I was getting the right tools and skills needed to succeed and grow in my recovery upon discharge. Broadway has completely changed my life and can honestly say that I'm the happiest I've ever been. We have tons of fun going on different outings every weekend, also attending IOP and going to meetings daily. The structure of this program is amazing and if you are honest, serious about your recovery, willing to put in your best effort and truly want to change in your life, this is the place to be. You will get out as much as you put in, so do it right! :)


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Broadway has completely changed my life. I first chose it because it was one of the few places that took my dog, but now after graduating my program I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful facility. The staff truly cares, not because it's their job, but because they've been in our shoes. It's a well rounded program address the addiction in all of its aspects, mind, body, and soul. The house is beautiful and feels more like a home than a treatment facility. The classes are phenomenal and gave me opportunity to be open and honest with myself and others in order to address the root issues of my addiction. They are very accommodating and I have never met owners of a business that truly cared for the well being of clients . If you or a loved one needs help I cannot recommend Broadway Treatment Center enough!


Spiritual healing, Education, and self healing are at the top of the list here at Broadway Treatment Center. I was "Handled with care" by all the staff. I have nothing but Love and Gratitude for everyone here!!!


I came into btc completely lost and nowhere to go, my boyfriend and i were both accepted and were greatful enough to get clean and stay clean together. It's not easy but the staff are very genuine about where you stand and will help guide you through your times in need. Thanks you guys!


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
They could have had a better program and better counclers. Managment needs to be different.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
WOW Broadway treatment center saved my life without a doubt !!! i dont know how i could ever repay them for all they have done for me, this place is a blessing through and through. they have taught me that i can recover and there is another way life i can live that is worth living, i have learned so much about my self and so many tools to succeed moving forward in my journey and recovery. i never thought i would be able to get clean or be someone else, however through Broadway treatment center has not just told me how to live but showed me as well. All of the staff is on top of their game 100% always there with good advice and a helping hand , they have helped me so much in my recovery its mind blowing i couldn't have asked for a better support system. my case manager Brad Miley has been very helpful guiding me through this process and being there for me. The groups are great i have learned so many tools and coping skills to stay sober and to deal with everyday problems so i can continue to be the true sober me and accomplish my goals dreams and be the best i can be. ill never forget this place and im going to keep in touch with everyone here highly recommend if your serious and want to change your life.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
This place makes you feel like you belong to a loving family and everyone is always eager to address any emotional concerns that may be going on. They treat couples and being single makes it a little awkward at time during weekend activities or field trips After being at Broadway for about a month, I started to notice changes in myself. I have been to many other rehabs, but Broadway has helped me tremendously. As they continue to do. I thought I was a lost cause, a rundown drug addict, but they really made me feel at home. Broadway has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope! I feel as though I can be myself, and the awesome staff is always paying it forward to be there for me. Giving me resolution to my emotional, physical, and spiritual difficulties. They truly care for their clients and are always willing to lend a helping hand. I cannot put it into words, but there is something about this program that just makes sense. My first day here I was unsure, nervous, and scared but that quickly changed, I was treated with the utmost respect, kindness and professionalism, and I'll never forget the day I told myself in relief that I finally made it! I highly recommend this place if you or another family member or friend is struggling with substance abuse, give these guys a call. My appreciation goes out to Broadway Treatment Center because this place is truly one of a kind! Thank you BTC for giving me my life back!


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Strengths: Staff, RTC, flexible, handling legalities, caring, considerate, helpful, knowledgeable, sincere, versatile, Takes you to outside meetings 6 days a week, positive, structured, everyone applies the spiritual principles in all their affairs, 99% work a program and have the life experience along with book experience, very honest, straight forward, and have a genuine care and concern for everyone who walks through their doors. They could have a few more staff available for the clients to utilize when in distress. The house could use another driver and van so when the house is full everyone is not so crowed in the van on the way to groups. I fell in love with this rehab when i came here and seen that every single staff member here actually cared about me. This place is not open or running for the money, they have a genuine concern for the clients that enter their facility and want to see them succeed. Everyone will bend over backwards to help them and make sure they have everything they need to continue on to their next step and make them feel comfortable. Broadway has a wide range of avenues for people to take for their recovery. No exaggeration; this facility literally saved my life and i would recommend anyone to come here.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Throughout my life I have never fit in. I've always been the girl in the background isolating. By coming to Broadway I have learned to open up about my experience, strength, and hope. The staff treats me like their own child and the clients are like long lost brothers and sisters who never judge and are always there if I need someone to talk to. I was nervous flying across the country to come to rehab but once I got here I never looked back. Coming through Broadway, I acquired friends I will have a life time who will always have my back. I had a hard time accepting and dealing with my emotions as they began to come back but there is always some one to help me every step of the way. I am beyond grateful for this facility.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Strengths include: being treated as equals, no judgement , activity , clients build relations , practice living skills , accountability , aftercarer planning Weaknesses: occasionally living situation is crowded i had the opportunity to build a strong supportive relationships while i was here and to apply a program that was fundamental to my long term sobriety .


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Good relapse prevention program (out of the Staying Sober book- a must read for relapse prone clients and their families), nexalin therapy, sand tray, psychodynamic therapy, trauma resolution, comprehensive personality test results based on Myers-Briggs (amazing; I found out a lot about my strengths and weaknesses), always see the people in charge and talk to them face to face, very accomodating, comfortable enviornment, incredible staff (most in recovery and they always look like theyre having fun and enjoying life- Ryan, Brad, Tania, Kim, Marty, Jodi), balanced groups, variety of different meetings, they respect couples (I was here with my boyfriend and it was really cool), you can ask for the food you like to be ordered (Shalese, the woman behind the nutrition groups, works with you), vitamin drip (tells you what vitamins youre deficient in through a blood test and supplies them to you via IV), pet friendly, comfortable detox (the detox is a house, not a center), soft blankets, hulu/netflix. Staff can get a little busy (you get at least 1 one-on-ones a week) Every single one of the staff are amazing and inspirational. A lot of them are in recovery and they make recovery look and feel fun. They offer things like nexalin therapy (rare), which reduced my depression and negative outlook on life. They also do psychodynamic therapy, which includes sand tray therapy - recreating your views of life with thousands of figures, signs and emblems over a sand tray and processing what comes up. These are things most other treatments dont have. The owners keep the house cohesive and very positive and I saw the people in charge all the time. They dont take bullshit or fighting. They take recovery very serious. They strongly recommend a 12 step program. They don't push any beliefs on you, however, as it is up to you to discover what truly works for you. For example, we went to a buddhist recovery (refuge recovery) and it was such an awesome experience. I'd never been to one. A mentor/sponsor is, for the most part, required. It was really inspiring and cool to see everyones sponsor come over and work with them. They also have a great panel that comes in on the third and fourth wednesday every month. The people who run the panel are service-oriented and I've seen them sit with clients for hours. They are some good people with a good message. They helped me find my woman sponsor and it was a great fit. While I was at this place our weekend outings consisted of things like roller skating, bowling, going to the beach (such a serene beach with a good vibe) and going to an NA convention. Theyll take your input too. This place genuinely cares about you and thats really rare. If you go here take advantage of everything they have to offer. If you want to do more work than the groups give you, they give you more material. They helped me work on my codependency (which I found out is rooted in shame). Theres a lot to do here, you just have to build your motivation and be patient with yourself! We dont get better in one day.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Very family oriented environment. The staff makes you feel like you belong to something special. Lots of personal attention to personal needs. The accountability structure is a little to strict. I don't know how to put into words how much gratitude, love, and respect I have for this program. Before I came here I was in a very bad place in my life. I was addicted, homeless, lost, and broken. I called many places looking for help. Broadway was the only one who did everything possible to get me the help I needed. Just speaking with Justin on the phone brought a little ray of hope into the dark and hopeless life I was living. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was shown nothing but love. Broadway has taught me to love myself again. I have learned how to cope with life's problems, and have been given tools to use in my everyday life. Broadway has shown me that recovery is possible. The staff, owners, and clients have shown me love that I did not even know existed. Without Broadway, I don't know where I would be today, but with Broadway's help I know I have a bright future ahead of me. Thank you for saving my life and showing me that we do heal. I will be forever grateful.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
I started using Heroin and other drugs at the age of 15. My treatment history started at age 18. I am 37 years old today. I have been in and out of treatment for 20 years and have had time in recovery as well. My longest length of sobriety was seven years. After I relapsed, I spent three years trying to get back to recovery. I went from sober living to sober living and could not get right. My girlfriend and I were living in her car and showering in sprinklers. I felt trapped, and wanted to get away from the familiar surroundings and acquaintances which reminded me of my addiction. We made several phone calls until we found Broadway Treatment Center in Southern California. When we arrived, we were met at the airport by friendly and helpful staff members. Our journey had just begun. We were admitted to a safe and beautiful environment for me to work on myself and grow. Staff at BTC are so caring, and always had my best interest at heart, even if I did not know it at the time. BTC has built me up and given me many tools to use to stay in recovery. Even when I thought I had learned everything in my past treatment and recovery experiences, they enabled me to gain a new perspective. In ending, I need to say that my gratitude for BTC transcends my behaviors and words. Love is not a strong enough emotion to describe how I feel for the staff and the entire team which makes up BTC. With gratitude and love, I want to thank you.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
I don’t know how to put into words how much gratitude, love, and respect I have for this program. Before I came here I was in a very bad place in my life. I was addicted, homeless, lost, and broken. I called many places looking for help. Broadway was the only one who did everything possible to get me the help I needed. Just speaking with Justin on the phone brought a little ray of hope into the dark and hopeless life I was living. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was shown nothing but love. Broadway has taught me to love myself again. I have learned how to cope with life’s problems, and have been given tools to use in my everyday life. Broadway has shown me that recovery is possible. The staff, owners, and clients have shown me love that I did not even know existed. Without Broadway, I don’t know where I would be today, but with Broadway’s help I know I have a bright future ahead of me. Thank you for saving my life and showing me that we do heal. I will be forever grateful.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Faith based options and church attendance. Way to much freedom to the outside world, this may present a problem. I believe that family centered treatment is valuable - they employ many family members and nepotism seemed to cross the line in some decisions.

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