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CATAR Clinic - North Little Rock Philosophy

Our mission is to provide quality treatment services for opiate dependent persons. The Primary purpose is to assist patients in attaining the highest level of functioning in physical, emotional, vocational and social structures. It is our vision is to provide treatment services in a private setting that respects the dignity of those we serve. Our treatment philosophy is based on the understanding that opiate dependence is a primary disorder that can be treated successfully with medication, counseling and supportive services. Through counseling, we advocate and promote behavior modification and teach responsible decision-making to improve the quality of lives of those people we serve and, to empower them to resume productive lifestyles.

Areas of Specialization

  • Individual Therapy
    This term describes one-on-one therapy, in which a patient and trained counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist meets privately with a patient to discuss challenges related to lifestyle, work, family and romantic relationships that may have contributed to the development of an addiction.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.

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Founded in 1994, CATAR Clinic specializes in treating individuals struggling with opiate dependency and co-occurring mental health disorders. Located in North Little Rock, Ark., CATAR clinic offers outpatient treatment, with a particular focus on ambulatory detox.


CATAR Clinic’s primary form of treatment is a methadone-assisted program for opioid addiction. Treatment clinics offering methadone maintenance comprise only [8.8 percent of facilities] in Arkansas. The clinic also provides Suboxone in some cases.

In addition to medically-assisted treatment, clients may attend on-site 12-step meetings and group therapy sessions, including gender-specific groups and sessions that focus on relapse prevention, daily living, and coping skills. The center also provides individual counseling and assistance with discharge planning.


Each staff member has a caseload of 40 clients. The center employs two physicians, a registered nurse, and licensed, certified addiction counselors. CATAR Clinic is one of 71 treatment facilities (62.8 percent) in Arkansas to be certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


The fourteen alumni reviews submitted to to date offered mixed opinions. The positive reviewers all credited CATAR with helping them to get clean and repeatedly praised the staff, describing them as understanding and qualified. “The staff are very caring and it definitely helped me to become a better person and I was able to get off of all drugs,” alum Jack wrote in a representative review.

However, multiple alumni who submitted negative reviews to expressed frustration with the clinic’s cash-only billing policy. Many others noted that therapy sessions were too short and generally criticized the treatment effectiveness.

Alumni on secondary review sites also offered mixed feedback. Six alumni on Google contributed to an average 3.8 out of five-star rating.[1] Positive reviewers tended to highlight the effectiveness of medically-assisted treatment. "This place is doing more help for drug addicts then the "cold turkey" rehabs," wrote Jonathan in a representative review. "Methadone and Suboxone has saved my life and many of my friends life." However, two negative reviewers offered contrasting opinions of the medically-assisted treatment.

On Facebook, which CATAR's staff can manage, nine individual gave perfect five-star ratings, while six gave either neutral or negative ratings.[2] A single reviewer on YellowPages left a five-star rating.[3]


The single loved polled by to date gave negative feedback, citing a lack of organization and sub-par care. J,W. wrote: “I am sorry but this place never fulfilled anything they promised," adding,"No treatment plan was ever enacted.”


Treatment costs $20 per day, $336 per month, and $1,008 for 90 days. All payments must be made in cash, and the center does not accept insurance.

[1] GoogleReviews

Published on August 2018

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  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Ok it is a for "profit clinic" but this particular clinic takes profit as a priority more so than the other 6 clinics I have personal experience attending. The owners are greedy, rude to patients, and hypocritical. I was given (as were the majority of ppl where) benzos, soma, a dose of 150 mg of Methadone and this was the atmosphere I walked into. Frustratingly it was not until the head doctor through what would appear to be fear of pill mill allegations, that caused a shift from the clinic ever only making sure you payed what amounted to harrasment under the threat of being cut off while having no idead if you will spend 5min or litteraly some days 4 hours dealing with a slow, seemingly oblivious staff whom makes sure only the redtape that covers the cush job they each seem more about than any actual life of a patient. Used to be the lesser of two evils in Arkansas but now more clinics that treat you like you are paying for a service along with superior care exist.


This place is not about helping. Do not trust


Please do not start going to this corrupt clinic. There are definitely caring people who work here but the puppet master just wants your cash. U will be treated like a common dope feind no matter the situation. Please consider uams if possible. They aren't privately ran and making millions off of your misery. I am so happy I got out of there last year but feel so bad for the people that are still in those liquid handcuffs.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
For the love of God, do not go to this facility for any reason whatsoever. You will not be treated fairly, you will spend all of your money plus more, you will not be given support, you certainly will not be trusted. You will remain addicted to their own dope, believe me, you won't recover.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
There is a particular counselor who had worked there before then came back recently. For God's sake and your own refuse this counselor or you will really be upset with her incessant need to control every aspect of not just the treatment you agreed to but her own demanding rituals. You will end up spending more time talking about the "coulds" than your actual problem. She is used to counseling hardened prisoners & was part of a deck crew in the Navy so demanding stuff from others is her only way. She offers NO support or any sense of direction while in treatment & will be the first one to rat on you to the treatment team which is never ever good. Remember this y'all & if given this counselor then ask for someone else or turn around & RUN!!!!

Jack TheRipper

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Don't go here EVER!!! You'd be better off staying on heroin than to give these inexperienced treatment cops your medical needs. I was a patient here for 2 decades & wish someone would have warned me. It's not about care or treatment what so ever. The folks who run it are for the money only. A bunch of inexperienced undereducated counselors fresh out of counselor school with no worldly experience are trying & failing to maintain the clients or patients. They are so rules & regulation driven that there is no time left for any patient support or education. I've learned more about addiction & methadone by going to google!!!! For real yall!!! Don't go to this for profit only clinic.


The nurse is very abrasive, judgmental, hipicritical, and most not understanding of newly recovery and the challenges we face. I asked the Dr about my dose after she told me not to of course every since then she has been in retaliation mode towards me. SHE TAKES every opportunity to be rude to me that she has. She loves to turn me away and not allow me to get dosed. I walk in on my first Saturday and stand behind another patient while the nurse explain to her why she cannot be seen. Meanwhile I\'m standi mg behind her and not once did she say hey sign in before 7:31. So of course when ideas able to access the sign in computer it was now 7:31 And she told me with this huge from and smile from ear to ear that I can\'t dose today amd ibdont get one for Sunday as of to say hahaha. She then fails to tell me on can go get cash 15$ and be back before 7:45 And I could be dosed. I was told this by another patient after the fact. I had my Debit car not credit card so no excuse of my charging myself into debt as was the clinics response to only accepting cash there are thing s called debit cards folks. I hope she feels good now about herself knowing that she is making it even harder on me to be clean and sober. She is not in the to right field and she seems to be burned out. If it is frustrating you to work with addicts then please quit and let someone who actually cares come in and help! It\'s unbelievable to see her act this childish and it\'s been noticed by others not to mention the day she was bad mouthing me with th e door cracked open amd everyone including myself heard her talking about me asking to talk to tue doctor about my dose. I was told then by a long time patient that she is going to be after and at me from now on so be ready. He said she has treated others this way in the past. Hopefully she feels adequate and important enough now so that she can stop being so rude and with holding information that could help me out all because she is in retaliation mode towards me. Hopefully she will take a vacation so she can help addicts instead of acting so unbelievable rude and retaliation toward me a person trying to save my life amd get off drugs! I don\'t feel comfortable or trust her with my best interests anymore. However she is the only employee whom acts this way that I\'ve noticed so far. She really makes me want to not come back. I mean it was 7:31, she saw me standi mg there for at least 2 minutes waiting to sign in while she should have discussed with the other patient aside from the sign in window which blocked me then she didn\'t bother to tell me I could go get 15$ and come get dosed. She made it very obvious as to her retaliation methods toward me. I\'d like to forward my concerns to someone who could take a look at this before she does it to someone else and they give up!! She is very wrong for this position. Sad sad sad!! TJ


If you truly want help this is the place. Been at four clinics and by far this one is the best. It is not easy it takes a Willingness from you to achieve your goal. Mine was a d still is to remain clean which I have for nine years at this clinic. Everyone is different I have a rare disease Plus\'s addiction. Keep that in MInd.


I am sorry but this place never fulfilled anything they promised. My daughter was changed around to three different counselors, many times she was dosed without meeting the criteria that is called for in their own paper work. No treatment plan was ever enacted. She begged them for help, spoke to the owner and everything. ...They are a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS and to make matters worse. I took my daughter to clinic one day and was confused on the parking, an extremely RUDE and aggressive woman says \" you cannot park here\" I said my daughter is a patient, she said well you need to move. I went in to complain and it was THE OWNER. People go there for help and care. I also think the Federal government who regulates them should check into their practices. We have all our documentation of all the missed counseling sessions, the changing counselors etc. We were put through hell up there. I wouldn\'t send one of my cats to this place. Disorganized cattle call money machine is what this place is.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
I have tried this clinic and the other one in town ( at UAMS). I have been to both. This place helped me. The other place treated me like cattle. I was a number not a person. They do not offer any financial assistance, however, I am definitely grateful for the time my counselor spends with me. The staff are very caring and it definitely helped me to become a better person and I was able to get off of all drugs (except cigarettes). If I could get my brother to try this clinic I am sure he would feel the same way.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
I\'ve had a problem with pain pills for over 10 years. I\'ve been to multiple treatment places, inpatient and outpatient... methadone has been the only thing that has kept me from using. The staff is understanding and work with you to get your groups in. Yes, they only accept cash as payment but it\'s a lot cheaper than what I\'ve been using on the streets. Go here if you are serious about treatment and wanting to get be able to work towards getting your life back together.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
I came here to be a better father for my kids. They have worked with me, and my wife. I love the new building it is VERY nice - Of course there are not many new buildings for rehab facilities, but from the ones I have been to this is very clean. I am able to see my counselor every week, and sometimes more if I need to as well as going the groups. I wish more people came to the groups, but I can only go to the early morning groups, so I don\'t know about the groups later in the day. The staff have always seemed to go out of their way to help me want to come in, and thru that I have strived to be a better person and kick my old habits. Its a great place to help change your lifestyle as they say, and I believe I have, although a few bad habits still show up, and I hope to be clean by the end of this month. We\'ll see where this time around takes me. Thank you staff you are very special to me and my wife.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
30 minute individual meetings with your counselor telling you to see your regular physician about it. Catar is more concerned with how much money they make, nothing more. They take cash only, not insurance, checks, or even debit cards....

Official Facility Response

To address your concerns: 30 minutes is the minimum, but an hour (60 minutes/ 1 hour) is suggested. We are not a primary care facility, and as such colds, flu, other illnesses or questions must be handled through your primary care physician. In addition we do not force a patient to disclose this information to their physician, however if taking prescription medication we encourage and in some cases we may require a consult to "approve" medication of any controlled nature, or it would be considered illicit. We have tried this in the past to accept credit cards, and have seen patients charge themselves into debt, so this is still something we would not be in support of having available. As for billing, this has been addressed in other comments, but if we were to take insurance the cost would increase for all, and many of our patients do not carry insurance, and in most cases it is not covered. In the new healthcare regulations many of our patients with catastrophic coverage would not even meet their deductible, and do not find the effort worth the attempt, however we have had those who file coverage and have their claims reimbursed. This will will offer assistance with, but can not accept responsibility for, or accept a claim in lieu of a payment. Patients have had success submitting our end of year invoices as a medical expense with their taxes, and received 100% of their treatment expense as a credit, but as tax laws change this can not be a guarantee, or something we could assist with, other than providing a payment history.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
The staff at CATAR put their hearts into their work. The clinical supervisors are licensed and oversee the staff of certified counselors. The facility has CARF accreditation which is a gold standard of approval. Getting clean isnt easy but they have the resources to make it happen in a safe, comofortable environment.

Official Facility Response

Thank you for your kind words. Medicated assisted treatment was once looked upon as a last resort option, but the science has gained much ground in the last few years. While medication is a key component, we do strive to provide people who have a strong desire to work with any population, and are proud of the job our staff does. Our statistics prove this is not only an above average counseling facility, but the outcomes show that the recidivism rate is much lower than both the state and national averages for both inpatient and outpatient facilities of both medication assisted and non medication treatment. I would be interested to know where gets their statistics. Thanks again for your review, and be sure to contribute to our survey found at


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
I have been to and visited MANY Medicated assisted treatment programs over the years, but WOW - This one has a new facility that looks awesome. I have had 3 different counselors, 1 with a Master Level degree, one counselor a few months out of college, but I\'m not sure about the new one I have now - but he really seems to empathise well with where I have been. They also have 4 doctors I can see as needed. My daugher left here a after a couple of years, and now has a husband a child and a stable life. I hope to complete my treatment by the end of the year.

Official Facility Response

Thank you for your review. Please note: We do not serve meals.


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
I couldn't afford an in-patient, so I went to an out-patient facility. The counselors were barely out of college, the individual and group sessions were short and infrequent, and you were rushed out as quickly as possible. If there was someplace that I could afford here, I would be extremely happy. It's the only one that I could afford. In Arkansas, there is no protection or help for people with drug addiction who choose to go into treatment. The clinic I went to did not take insurance, checks, or even credit or debit cards. It cost me $77 a week to go, later going up to $80 to help them pay for the remodeling of the facility I believe. This $80 a week was cash only; they took nothing but cash. It got to the point that I couldn't afford over $320 a month, cash only.

Official Facility Response

Inpatient facilities usually cost thousands per month. We provide 4 hours of Counseling per week (required for new patients). We do have a range of ages to our counselors, and try to match them up as caseloads permit. While some may be just under 30 years of age, we have also had Mast level Counselors and still maintain a PhD on Staff. We have 2 staff over 50 (one is over 60) and have has one as old as 74. Age does not denote capabilities, but we do understand how people prefer to better identify with their counselors and as stated attempt to do this from the start. People do maintain the right to request a new counselor, but in fairness there has to be some substance (documentable reason) for changing counselors. As stated in a previous reply, we have relocated from our facility in Little Rock to a new Facility in North Little Rock. The average cost for this type of treatment in 1993 was $84 per week, and we are far behind the average in relation to cost. However with Insurance costs and other staffing salary increases, yes our rates may change from time to time. One year we had a reduction in our lab fees, and were able to reduce some costs. This should be expected from any facility. Also there is support for patients in Arkansas. I believe you can start here and find additional resources. If you are unable to do so, we can provide additional options if you contact us anonymously. Also we would welcome any reviews on our website:


  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Would not recommend this facility to a friend or family member

Official Facility Response

We would like to see more details. We are sorry you are unhappy. We have recently relocated to the North Little Rock area to a brand new facility built in 2014. We outgrew our previous location, and yes it was a very tight space. We have tripled our facility size from 2000 sq feet to 6000 sq feet. We would love to see your comments on our site at:

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