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45-035 Kuhonu Pl
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Habilitat Philosophy

We are not a 12 step program. We believe in powering an individual to take control of their own life. We have developed techniques for creating the qualities lacking in many people’s character: self-esteem, self-worth and self-discipline. We motivate the unmotivated and often succeed where other programs have failed.

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  • Holistic Therapy
    Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.

  • Residential Treatment
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Changing lives since 1971

Amazing Vocational Training Programs

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Jeff Nash

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“We’re not about feeling sorry for ourselves. We’re about choosing life.”

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Located in Kaneohe, Hawaii, 11 miles north of Honolulu, Habilitat is a long-term residential treatment facility that provides a comprehensive, three-tiered program for individuals struggling with chemical dependency and antisocial behaviors. Habilitat describes itself as a “School of Survival” that promotes positive lifestyle changes through education, vocational training, and work-therapy. Operating since 1971, Habilitat does not offer medical detoxification services on-site.


Habilitat does not adhere to the disease model of addiction, but rather views addiction as a lifestyle choice. Although programming incorporates elements of behavioral therapy, such as group meetings, Habilitat strongly emphasizes vocational training, regimented schedules, and self-discipline as the keys to overcoming destructive behaviors. Its three-phase program is fully immersive, and requires a minimum commitment of two and a half years.

The first phase, or Treatment Phase, features a daily schedule of social and work obligations, such as morning meetings, daily seminars with guest speakers, and recreational activities, performing daily tasks and learning basic life skills. During this phase, residents who do not have their G.E.D. are enrolled in classes to receive their diploma (and some graduates go on to pursue college degrees). An optional computer class is also available.

After approximately six months of the Treatment Phase, clients transition into the Re-entry Phase, which is designed to prepare clients for daily living and self-sufficiency. Residents choose one of several required vocational skills: construction, administration, medical assistance, sales and marketing, culinary arts, and clinical work. Habilitat facilitates employment outside of the facility, and clients earn a stipend for their services while learning effective budgeting practices.

The third phase, the Post Re-entry Phase, enables clients to reconnect with family members and their communities while continuing to maintain their work obligations. During this final stage, residents are given “days off” to promote off-site leisure activities, such as beach trips, movie outings, and attending community activities.

During all phases of treatment, Habilitat emphasizes health and wellness as important components to sustaining healthy lifestyle changes. Once a client completes the Post Re-entry Phase, Habilitat provides six months of aftercare services, which includes structured monitoring, follow-up, and aftercare sessions at the Habilitat facility.


Apart from an on-site nurse to ensure residents' safety, most employees are former residents, but on-site educators are state-certified to provide classroom instruction. For those who wish to work at the facility, Habilitat provides a trainee program. The facility maintains a staff-to-client ratio of 1:8.


Located on Kaneohe Bay, Habilitat is a large, oceanfront campus with a capacity for up to 150 residents. Residents are housed in dorm-like, gender-specific rooms that accommodate four to five clients per room. The campus features Jacuzzi and steam room, fully-equipped gym,state-of-the-art aerobics studios, basketball and volleyball courts, an on-site barbershop, a computer room, a game room, and a library.

The facility also features its own pier and boats, and residents have access to a range of outdoor activities, including boating, kayaking, sailing, swimming, hiking, and surfing. Staff also regularly led optional kickboxing and aerobics classes.


The two alumni polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing offered very polarizing opinions of the facility. One alum, Ken, maintained that the facility was highly effective. “Habilitat taught me to be greatful for the things I have, they taught me how to work.hard!” Ken wrote. He also submitted a five-star rating for the facility’s accommodations and amenities; however, alum Jordan had a starkly different opinion of the facility. “I went there and its beyond messed up the way they treat you...” Jordan wrote, citing extended hours of cleaning the facility.


The five loved ones polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing provided mixed opinions of the facility. Ratings for treatment effectiveness averaged 4.2 out of five stars. An anonymous loved one said, “They have people who have been through treatment and understand what it's like to struggle with dependency,” but they also added, "Not too much after treatment support."

A third loved one, L.H., praised the facility, reporting sustained recovery and ongoing employment for their son. “After trying many other short term programs my son finally got clean here and has been working and doing well on his own for several years now. I am very grateful to the people at Habilitat for working so hard to help him.” Regarding the facility as a whole, however, an unsatisfied loved one added: “It's better than nothing.”


Habilitat funds itself through donations and the labor services performed by residents. Insurance is not accepted, according to the facility’s website, but scholarships may be available.

Published on December 2017

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  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
I am a graduate of Habilitat. I was in and out of jail and also in and out of other rehabs where I had a disease and it wasnt my fault. The other programs didnt work. Habilitat did! They got me to stand accountable to my mistakes, to change the way my thinking was. They didnt baby me. And because of Habilitat I am still clean, I am no longer on probation, I am a CNA at a elderly care home, I am back to my childrens lives! Habilitat taught me to be greatful for the things I have, they taught me how to work.hard! And today I still use the tools they taught me! If the program was anyother way I probably wouldve left like I did the other ones. But Habilitat works! And the best thing is they dont expect you to pay them back after you graduate. All the ask is that you give back what was given to you by tapping back in and talking to the residents in the program today and share your story! I am proud to be a Habilitat Graduate!

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Watching a "loved one" self distruct in front of your eyes is a terrible experience. Trying to "fix" a loved ones addiction without the addicts "dedication to change" was impossible. Habilitat, Inc provided the "system and processes" necessary to help save my loved ones life. Habilitiat, Inc is a; tough, no nonsence, long term treatment program that is going to help indiviuals make better life choices and become productive citizens. It's an "inside game" and if you are not really serious about "productive healthy life long change skills ", Habilitiat is probably not for you! Thanks Habilitat, for continuing to provide a unique alternative to traditonal treatment programs for over 40 years.

DONT EVER GO TO THIS REHAB! I went there and its beyond messed up the way they treat you and its not about you Addiction at all, they think it's a choice...And half the day you spend cleaning the facility. Literally cleaning all day everyday. No TV, no contact with the outside world. Its behaviour modification at its worst. I hope you read this staff members. This is a real review. They try and make it sound nice when really you'll hate it. I can't stress enough no to go to Habilitat, STAY AWAY! At all costs

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Habilitat: Review Introduction As known, addiction is a complex personal, family and societal issue. Biologically, besides negatively affecting the brain, it can destroy other life sustaining organs. Coupled with the psychological, legal and financial costs of being addicted, the reality is that effective treatment is necessary if those addicted are going to get their lives back and become the people they were meant to be. Following is my review of Habilitat and why its effectiveness in addiction treatment is so pronounced. It must be stated, too, that Habilitat and its approach is not for everyone but that’s true for any program. Some people will not be able to handle the structure Habilitat has designed as part of its treatment strategy nor is everyone ready to do what he or she needs to do to change as they enter treatment. Some potential residents of Habilitat will not do well with the personal accountability factor. Many people see the lengthy time frame as too long. But, let’s dig deeper so that the value of Habilitat becomes apparent. Habilitat, historically, has been an effective long-term, therapeutic community treatment program for addictions, and it continues to exemplify effectiveness in its approach. From examining Habilitat from inside to exploring it from outside, I find the following strengths in the program, which has made it, and continues making it, an outstanding option for many addicted people. Holistic Approach First, Habilitat’s program addresses multiple problems of its residents, through focusing on their personal, social, vocational needs, as well as the need to alter their lifestyle. This represents a holistic strategy, which is key to treating addictive individuals because the whole person is being assisted. Fun activities such as offsite hikes, picnics, beach visits, and bike rides are included as important aspects of Habilitat’s approach. These events offer a balanced experience between treatment and down time. Treatment Timeframe Second, since Habilitat’s model is long-term, residents have the opportunity to stay in treatment over an adequate period of time. Time in treatment is a crucial factor to successful addiction treatment. Since teaching about and working with addictive individuals for a number of years, I have observed that without sufficient time for attacking addictive behavior, programs have less positive outcomes and their participants have a greater likelihood of relapse. Program Structure Third, Habilitat incorporates a structured environmental setting, which teaches the importance of using the mind before acting, good decision-making, accountability, and healing family relations. New ideas for living without substances, and within the confines of personal self-discipline, are critical outcomes from this well-regulated surrounding. Therapeutic Approach Fourth, Habilitat utilizes various group and behavioral therapies in its treatment through which it reinforces residents’ motivation for change, development of skills for problem solving, and, so important, stressing a life of purpose. Knowing people, personally, who have graduated Habilitat this reviewer has seen the foregoing in action over significant timeframes. Further, having carried out a recent informal study of Habilitat program graduates who are now staff members there, the preceding observations were reinforced by the study participants. Additionally, during the 2016 spring term, graduate students of mine at the university where I teach conducted a project in which they compared and contrasted Habilitat’s model of treatment with other programs. They reported that Habilitat addresses more of the strengths that make treatment programs effective than many of the other programs they reviewed. Individual Treatment Plans Fifth, Habilitat creates individualized treatment plans, which are assessed and modified as necessary over the duration of a resident’s stay. This ongoing process helps residents maintain the changes necessary for positive results. Substance Free Zone Sixth, unannounced drug testing is conducted on all residents and staff as part of Habilitat’s plan for maintaining a substance-free facility. Visionary Leadership Seventh, and last, I’m impressed with Habilitat’s leadership in that they are constantly looking to improve their strategies, enhance involvement in the local community, address the unique needs of resident from all ethnicities being admitted for treatment, and strengthening their graduates for the next step after program completion. Given my belief in Habilitat, I continue referring people to the program. Dr. Gary Professor, Higher Education, Trainer, and Consultant

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
Habilitat isn't your run of the mill treatment center. Its a highly structured long term program. After trying many other short term programs my son finally got clean here and has been working and doing well on his own for several years now. I am very grateful to the people at Habilitat for working so hard to help him. Now if we could just get his brother to go get help.

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
They have people who have been through treatment and understand what it's like to struggle with dependency. Not too much after treatment support. My brother went to this treatment center and is and have been drug-free for 3 yrs now.

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
It's better than nothing. There was very little staff and it was low quality. However, they were kind enough to take in my relative when there was no where else to go.

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