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If you're looking to help yourself or someone you love struggling with a drinking or drug abuse problem in Ann Arbor, MI, supplies a sizable Internet database of luxury executive facilities, as well as a wealth of other alternatives. We can help you in locating addiction care clinics for a variety of drug addictions to OxyContin, crack cocaine or other addictive substance or alcohol. Search for a top rated rehabilitation facility in Ann Arbor now, and get rolling on the path to healthy living.

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30, 60, 90-Day Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehabilitation in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Becoming sober from Barbiturates, Morphine, alcohol or other addictive drugs you or your loved one is addicted to takes an specifically-tailored treatment schedule. Two options of substance addiction treatment facilities in Ann Arbor can help you succeed: either Residential or Outpatient Rehabilitation. Inpatient therapy offers long term gains with an extended stay in a great rehabilitation center. Outpatient plans may be more convenient to you, but lack the stability and capability of two-month programs to become clean. Ultimately, you are in control of your decision, and we are here to help you find the one that's right for you.

Should I Travel for the Best Addiction Treatment?

Separating yourself from the location of the abuse issue can help remove distractions and tempting things that prevent you from staying clean. When viewing rehab as a restorative retreat, addicts will find luxury executive clinics in cities outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Offering high-end hotel-like amenities, the best-rated programs help achieve a physical, mental and emotional restoration. However, those looking for outpatient therapy may find a facility near your address is a less difficult decision to make. Still unsure where to look for an outpatient or inpatient drug rehab center in Ann Arbor, MI? You can reach us toll-free anytime at 1-888-341-7785 Who Answers?.

Meet The Pros Near Ann Arbor
Veronica Johnson, B.A.
Executive Director

Photo of Veronica Johnson, B.A.

Veronica Johnson graduated from Western Michigan University in 2003 with a Bachelors of Arts of Sciences in Sociology with a Minor in SPADA (Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse). Experience includes the public service workforce and worked in areas including being a wraparound coordinator, ou...
Best Drug Rehabilitation

Pamela Anderson, MBA. MRT
Executive Director

Photo of Pamela Anderson, MBA. MRT

Pamela Anderson is the Executive Director at A Forever Recovery. After having experienced a family memberโ€™s struggle with addiction, she dedicated her life to helping others recover from substance abuse. With her tremendous experience in the field and her certification as a Moral Reconation Therap...
A Forever Recovery

Ken Logan
Chief of Operations

Photo of Ken Logan

Ken has had six years in law enforcement, seventeen years as a firefighter, and has had over twenty years in management and operations. Ken is very passionate about giving back to the community and helping people when they need it the most. In Ken's free time he enjoys fishing, trail riding, and hun...
Behavioral Rehabilitation Services

Dual diagnosis refers to a person who is simultaneously coping with drug or alcohol abuse issues and behavioral or mental problems. For instance, an addiction to Oxycodone, cocaine or Ambien combined with compulsive shopping or an addiction to porn. For these cases, a residential treatment center becomes even more desirable, incorporating quality inpatient therapy with support group aid, such as one might see in Alcoholics Anonymous. Luxury drug rehabs in Ann Arbor, Michigan will provide the latest treatment with upscale amenities for anyone requiring the very best drug rehab, just as Ann Arbor alcohol rehab centers will help those battling alcohol addiction to get sober.

Note About Insurance for Addiction Treatment: UMR, Mental Health Network and AmeriHealth often offer at least some coverage for your inpatient treatment, and you can find out more about your own carrier or benefits here.

Select Ann Arbor Rehabilitation Facilities According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2001 and 2005, an estimated 2,700 people in Michigan lost their lives due to acute or chronic issues directly related to alcohol abuse and addiction. It's a problem that has a number of concerned families looking for drug rehab in Ann Arbor. No one wants an alcohol abuse issue to spiral out of control - and it can, so quickly and in so many ways.

Alcohol detox and psychotherapeutic treatment can help you to stop drinking today. The sooner you stop drinking, the sooner your body can begin to repair itself. Though not all chronic issues will be reversed when you stop drinking, many will slow or stop their progression. Depending upon the issue, you may even be able to clear it completely - it all depends upon your specific experience with alcohol and the ailment that is causing you problems

Are you ready to discuss your options in Ann Arbor drug addiction treatment? Our counselors are standing by to take your call 24 hours a day. Call now to get the information you need.

A Guide to Being Admitted Into a Rehabilitation Clinic

There are a number of chronic issues caused by alcohol that can be deadly. Some of the most common include:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Alcohol abuse or dependence
  • Liver disease
  • Gastritis
  • Hepatitis
  • Esophageal varices or cancer
  • Heart disease or cardiac dysthymia
  • Ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke
  • Prostate cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, and laryngeal cancer

All of these issues are deadly. In fact, in Michigan, they were responsible for 1,322 of the 2,700 deaths between 2001 and 2005 that were caused by alcohol.

How do these issues develop? When chronic alcohol abuse meets with a genetic predisposition for a certain disorder or another contributing factor, the two can work together to create the ailment. In some cases, heavy drinkers struggle with more than one of the chronic issues listed above.

Compare Rehab Centers in Ann Arbor

The best way to address chronic diseases related to alcohol is comprehensive medical care and immediate drug addiction treatment. To find a drug rehab program in Ann Arbor that can help you to avoid worsening your experience with any of the above chronic conditions, contact us at the phone number listed above.

An addiction treatment expert is waiting to talk to you today. Don't wait to make the call that could change your life.

Our huge online database provides many alternatives in Ann Arbor, MI to help you become clean and sober. Once you have made the decision to get treatment, you've taken the earliest step toward victory. Our toll-free helpline operators can then help you get to the next phase to recover from drug addiction or abuse with the best-quality centers in Ann Arbor.

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