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Coon Rapids, Minnesota Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

If you’re looking to help yourself or someone you love struggling with drug or alcohol abuse issues in Coon Rapids, MN, presents a huge online database of private exclusive facilities, as well as an array of other choices. We can help you find substance abuse care facilities for a variety of addictions. Search for a highly-rated rehabilitation facility in Coon Rapids now, and take off on the road to recovery.

Looking for Outpatient Treatment Centers in Minnesota? Outpatient treatment describes all addiction treatment that is not residential. Patients live at home while undergoing rehab.

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Family Life Mental Health Center
Coon Rapids, Minnesota No reviews at this time
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Mercy Hospital
Coon Rapids, Minnesota No reviews at this time
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North Suburban Counseling Center
Coon Rapids, Minnesota No reviews at this time
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People Inc/Riverwind Crisis Residence Response Services for Adults/Children
Coon Rapids, Minnesota No reviews at this time
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Alcoholics Anonymous
Coon Rapids, Minnesota No reviews at this time
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New Connection Program Inc
Coon Rapids, Minnesota No reviews at this time
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Inpatient vs Outpatient

Should I Travel for the Best Addiction Treatment?

If you’re looking to help yourself or someone you love struggling with drug or alcohol abuse issues in Coon Rapids, MN, provides a huge Internet database of luxury executive clinics, as well as a host of other alternatives. We can assist you in discovering drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers for a variety of addictions. Search for a perfect rehabilitation facility in Coon Rapids now, and get moving on the road to sober living.

Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Coon Rapids, MN

University of Colorado Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS) Residential Treatment

Getting to know ones self nutrition. Exercise funding seemed low. Follows cognitive therapy
3.8 out of 5

Sojourn House

Caring staff. More exercising. Kind, caring staff. Knows how to deal with people with dual diagnosis. Always felt comfortable there.
3.8 out of 5

Patel Ranjan PSY.D- MFT

Been doing telemedicine with her for a while, and due to finances, I wanted very short term therapy and though I tried to pin her down on how many sessions I'd need, she refused to give me that, which looking back, I understand. Lucky for me, I was in and out in eight visits, which my work covered partially. I was initially on the fence about seeing her because of her fee (she's more expensive than the other therapist I checked with), but I went with my gut because when I talked to her over the phone, she not only took her time and spent as long as I needed, for free, but she actively told me that she encouraged me to reach out to other therapists so I wouldn't haveI've to pay more than I'm comfortable with, she gave me some referrals. But I decided to see her and it's been worth it; she gives assignments and structure because I asked for it, and also talked to my psychiatrist, which helped me feel like I have a team.
5 out of 5
Meet the Pros

Meet the Pros

Photo of Linda Kuo-Rice

Linda Kuo-Rice

Clinical Manager Desert Hope Outpatient Center

“I truly believe it takes a community with medical, social and psychological resources for a person to begin and stay in his or her recovery journey.” Linda Kuo-Rice, Ph.D., CPC., CCM., QMHP, is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in both Illinois and Nevada. She obtained her Master’s and PhD degrees in Counseling from Western Michigan University. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Dr. Kuo-Rice came to the United States in 1997 to compete her graduate program. She moved from Chicago to Las Vegas in 2002 and has been practicing as a professional counselor since 2005, working in the mental health and chemical dependency fields in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Dr. Kuo-Rice also supervises interns who are pursuing their clinical licenses in Nevada. Dr. Kuo-Rice is a single mother and a people person who is passionate about helping people who struggle with mental health and addiction. When she realized just how many people in U.S. struggle with these issues, Dr. Kuo-Rice Hence completed a 600-hour certificate training program in substance abuse assessment and treatment during her graduate studies to better understand the reasons some people turn to substances to cope and to learn different evidence-based methods/ techniques to better serve individuals in need.

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Photo of Denise Dunn

Denise Dunn

Executive Clinical Director Desert Hope Treatment Center

Denise Dunn, MA, LADC, has over 35 years working in behavioral healthcare. Her background includes working with working with adjudicated youth, in youth crisis shelters, and working on Federal Office of Treatment Improvement grant projects. Dunn has also held a number of positions working in substance use treatment facilities in standards and compliance and as a case manager, counselor, national trainer, clinical informaticist, and Regional Director of Clinical Excellence and Quality. Denise obtained her MA in Addiction Counseling from Hazelden Graduate School and maintains a license as an alcohol and other drug counselor.

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Photo of John and Elsie Benton

John and Elsie Benton

Founders Hoving Home Las Vegas

John and Elsie Benton, lovingly known as Mom and Dad to the Ladies, founded the New York Home in 1967. Under their leadership, the Walter Hoving Home expanded to the West Coast in 1984, with the opening of a center in Pasadena, California. A third Home was opened in Las Vegas in 2006. For more than 46 years the Bentons have spent many nights on the streets of New York City and Los Angeles reaching out to prostitutes and drug addicts. To each desperate young woman they have extended an invitation to come home to a place of hope and healing. It is an invitation that has led to dramatically changed lives and hope-filled futures for hundreds of women.

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Treatment Facts

Treatment Facts

  • Minnesota ranks 5th in treatment centers servicing/accepting state Financed Insurance per 100,000 residents. Idaho is ranked one spot worse at spot 6. One spot better is Vermont, ranked 4 in the U.S.
  • When adjusted for population, Minnesota ranks 7th in treatment centers servicing/accepting 12-step facilitation. One spot worse is Vermont, ranked 8 in the U.S. South Dakota is just 1 spot better, ranked 6 out of the United States.
  • For IHS/638 contract care funds clients, Minnesota ranks 7th in population-adjusted treatment centers. One spot worse is New Mexico, ranked 8 in the U.S. Maine is ranked one spot better at spot 6.
  • Minnesota is 7th among U.S. states in treatment centers servicing or accepting private health insurance. Montana is ranked one spot worse at spot 8. One spot better is North Dakota, ranked 6 in the U.S.
  • Minnesota ranks 7th in treatment centers servicing/accepting matrix model per 100,000 residents. Iowa is ranked one spot worse at spot 8. South Dakota is just 1 spot better, ranked 6 out of the United States.

Clinical and Therapeutic Treatment Approaches

Payment Types Accepted

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More Info

More Information

Researching Coon Rapids Treatment Centers
Drug distribution networks throughout the state of Minnesota are one of the topics reported on in a July 2012 news article on the Northland’s Newscenter site. With drug use rates on the rise, Coon Rapids drug treatment centers provide a vital service for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction problems. Anyone who’s tried to stop using and failed knows the frustration of watching as the need for drugs or alcohol gradually takes over their life.

Researching available treatment options can provide you with the information you need to make what may be the biggest decision of your life.

Things to Discuss Before Going to a Rehab Program

Entering a rehab program is the same as starting a new way of life. Reading up on rehabilitation treatment beforehand and discussing any concerns you have with family or a trained professional can help alleviate some of the anxiety you may feel towards the process. Making the decision to take control of your addiction means you’re ready for a change in your life. Since change often means entering unknown territory, it’s normal to feel some level of anxiety as you move into this new phase of your life.

Alcohol Usage Rates During and After Pregnancy

Most if not all people know the effects alcohol and drugs can have on a developing fetus. Results from a 2002 to 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health show a decline in substance use for women as they enter pregnancy; however, many women resume former drinking and drug use patterns after pregnancy.

  • 63 percent of women who were not pregnant reported alcohol use during the previous month
  • 19 percent of women in their first trimester reported alcohol use for the previous month
  • 6.2 percent reported drinking during their third trimester
  • 3.8 percent of mothers with children over 3 months old reported increased marijuana use within the first 3 months after childbirth

Picking Recovery Centers in Coon Rapids

When deciding between the different treatment programs in or near Coon Rapids, try to determine which program will provide the tools you’ll need to overcome addiction. Most recovery centers take a team approach, meaning you’ll be working closely with assigned staff who are there to help you work through the issues you’ll confront during the recovery process.

If you need help with finding a treatment center, we have a toll-free number you can call to get more information on addiction. Our representatives can also help you locate a treatment center in your area.