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Although the meth epidemic in most of the country has declined since large-scale busts of domestic meth labs, places like Encinitas, California, are still at risk. Some of drug dangers may stem from heightened exposure to cocaine, meth, and other illicit substances brought across the border into San Diego County prior to transport out to the rest of the United States.

Overdose deaths related to methamphetamine began to rise again in San Diego County in 2010. There were a reported 157 meth-involved overdose deaths that year. In 2011, there were 171 deaths; in 2012, there were 217 deaths; by 2013, there were 267 deaths; and by 2014, there were 262 deaths. Among adult arrestees, drug tests that returned positive screenings for meth also rose rapidly, from 27% in 2010 to 45% in 2014.1

By 2016, San Diego County overdose deaths involving meth rose 18.7%, to 311 people in 2015. High-grade, pure, and very potent meth coming in from Mexican ‘super labs’ may be responsible, as there is little domestic meth production in the U.S. 2 Many people who currently abuse meth here have continued to abuse it since the early 2000s. Now, in San Diego County, many people experiencing the problems associated with methamphetamine abuse—including overdose—are at least 45 years old.2

Treatment is crucial to overcoming meth abuse and addiction. Call today to speak with a recovery support advisor about substance abuse treatment for methamphetamine or any other drug.

[1]. U.S. Department of Justice. Methamphetamine Strike Force 2015 Report Card for San Diego.
[2]. NBC San Diego. (2017). Meth Crisis Tied to ‘Super Labs’ in Mexico: Task Force.

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30, 60, 90-Day Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehabilitation in Encinitas, California

Complete addiction treatment necessitates the aid of an excellent rehabilitation center in Encinitas. Many facilities offer a menu of choices to handle any individual's needs, such as in-patient or outpatient rehab, 28-day, 30-day or 90-day programs with long term advantages, and luxury executive options. Whatever your decision, Encinitas rehab clinics find methods to find the source of the dependency issue.

Meet The Pros Near Encinitas
Robyn Blythe
Clinical Director

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Robyn has a thriving private practice treating individuals,couples,and families. Robyn works as Clinical Director to help clients find a healthy balance between body, mind, spirit, and emotions that allow for success in relationships and work, self-empowerment, and to live a life full of hope, meani...
Ventura Recovery Center

Dr. Kristen M. Roye, PSY.D.
Program Director

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Kristen Roye, PsyD, received her doctorate of clinical psychology from California Lutheran University. During her time at Cal Lutheran she specialized in intimate partner violence and found a passion for attachment theory. She continues to use attachment theory in treating clients, doing research, a...
Destinations for Teens

Melissa Legere
Clinical Director, LMFT

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Melissa has nearly 10 years of experience dealing with substance abuse treatment and mental health disorders. She has worked at one of the best hospitals in Southern California and brings her expertise in mindfulness, CBT and DBT to California Highlands....
California Highlands Addiction Treatment

Achieving sobriety from MDMA, Amobarbital, alcohol or other drugs you or your loved one is addicted to takes an individualized treatment arrangement. Two options of substance abuse treatment programs in Encinitas can help you succeed: either Inpatient or Out-patient Rehabilitation. Inpatient treatment offers lasting benefits with extended residence in a top rated rehabilitation facility. Outpatient treatment options may be more opportune, but lack the permanence and resources of 3 month programs to get clean and sober. Ultimately, the choice is your own, and we are here to help you choose the one that will be best for you.

Browse Encinitas, CA Drug Addiction Rehab and Detox Centers Rehab centers provide places of refuge for those wanting to eliminate the effects of drug addiction in their lives. Though beautiful in scenery, Encinitas, California's coastal beach location is no stranger to the damaging effects of drug trafficking.

Browsing Encinitas, CA rehab centers can give you an idea of what drug rehabilitation involves and how it can make a difference in your life.

Questions to Get Answered Before Going to an Addiction Rehab

Having easy access to drugs may be part of the reason why it's so hard to stop using, but at some point the decision to stop using must come from within.

The North County Times newspaper describes a July 2012 incident where police raided a $3.4 million drug operation inside San Diego County. While another drug operation may sprout up to replace this one, it's important to ask and understand how drug treatment will help you avoid frequenting places where drugs are available. Drug treatment center staff are there to answer this question and any others you may have about overcoming a drug habit.

Emergency Room Visits Involving Underage Drinking

Alcohol and drug addictions affect the young and old alike. Incidents of underage drinking leading to overdose happen more often than one might think. Statistics gathered in 2008 by the U. S. Department of Health & Human Services show the number of emergency room admissions involving young people aged 18 to 20.

  • 32.9 percents of all emergency room admissions involved an underage person who consumed excess amounts of alcohol
  • 30 percent of these admissions involved alcohol combined with other drugs
  • 70 percent involved alcohol only
  • 19.1 percent of the people admitted required ongoing inpatient care

Entering Into Treatment Facilities in Encinitas, CA

Drug addiction treatment includes a range of services designed to meet you where you're at in your recovery process. Some people may require more intensive care than others if a long history of drug use exists. Others may require ongoing counseling to help them work out any issues that drive them to use drugs. Ultimately, a drug detox program works to give you the tools you need to deal with life's challenges without the need for drugs.

Isolating yourself from the conditions of the addiction issue can help eradicate diversions and temptations that prevent long-term recovery. When viewing rehab as a therapeutic refuge, addicts will find exclusive private centers in cities outside of Encinitas, California. Offering high-end hotel-like features, the best-rated facilities help achieve a physical, psychological and emotional recovery. However, those looking for treatments from home may find a clinic closer to home is a simpler choice.

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