San Marcos Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

San Marcos, CA, which is part of San Diego County, has been plagued by substance abuse, addiction, and overdose deaths. In 2017, there were just under 1,300 substance overdose deaths in the county.1 Detox and rehab treatment can help prevent these unfortunate drug-related deaths and help promote positive change in the lives of those plagued by drug and alcohol abuse.

Medical detox is an extremely beneficial form of detox that employs medical staff members, who are available 24/7 to monitor, supervise, and treat you. It is important that you receive medical detox if you’re addicted to alcohol or sedatives, because withdrawal symptoms associated with these substances can be life-threatening. Around-the-clock medical attention can ensure your safety throughout this distressing time.

Once you are stabilized and complete your detox program, it is recommended that you enroll in a formal substance abuse treatment program. These programs utilize evidence-based treatment strategies necessary to help you avoid relapse and maintain abstinence in the long run. Call our helpline today to learn more about rehab options in your area and elsewhere.

1.  County Health Rankings. (2018). California: Drug Overdose Deaths.

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Latest Reviews of Rehab Centers in San Marcos, CA and Nearby


Great experience. My son has been clean and sober for almost 11 years after attending this....

If you work the program and desire to be sober-it is a great program to consider and one can be very... Has Been Featured In:

30, 60, 90-Day Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Rehabilitation in San Marcos, California

Total substance abuse treatment depends on the support of a highly-rated rehab facility in San Marcos. Many centers offer a variety of options to handle individual needs, such as inpatient or out-patient rehab, 28-day, 30-day or 90-day programs with long-run gains, and private exclusive options. Whatever your decision, San Marcos rehabilitation programs find a method to get to the root of the issue.

Meet The Pros Near San Marcos
Dr. Lauren Kerwin
Executive Clinical Director

Photo of Dr. Lauren Kerwin

Dr. Kerwin is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California with over twenty years of clinical experience working with adolescents, adults, and families. She specializes in the treatment of suicidality, non-suicidal self-injury, substance use, eating disorders, and behavioral problems....
Evolve Treatment Centers for Teens

Dr. Matthew Wayment M.D.
Medical Director

Photo of Dr. Matthew Wayment M.D.

Dr. Matthew Wayment is a graduate of Hemet High School. Who served a 2 year mission in Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. Dr. Matthew Wayment graduated from the University of Utah in 2003 and completed medical school and residency at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Dr. Matthew Wayment return...
Solution Based Treatment & Detox

Vinsent Franke
Program Director

Photo of Vinsent Franke

Vinsent Franke is a Los Angeles local who discovered the passion of his life by bringing healing to people who have been through traumatic and stressful life events. Vinsent believes there is no single approach to recovery. Helping people create healthy perceptions of themselves to strengthen their ...
Restore Health & Wellness

Breaking free from Butorphanol, Methaqualone, alcohol or other addictive drugs you or your loved one is addicted to takes an specifically-tailored treatment schedule. Two options of drug or alcohol addiction treatment clinics in San Marcos can help you succeed: either In-patient or Outpatient Rehab. Inpatient counseling offers long-run benefits with longer stays in an excellent rehab center. Outpatient treatment options may be "easier", but lack the stability and capability of 60-day programs to get clean. Ultimately, you are in control of your decision, and we are here to help you choose the best fit.

Browsing San Marcos Treatment Clinics San Marcos drug rehab is available to anyone whose life has been taken over by substance abuse. Even in close-knit, prosperous communities like San Marcos, a city that enjoys low rates of crime and unemployment, chemical dependence is a problem that many people share.What to Inquire About Before Entering a Treatment Rehab

Like other cities in San Diego County, San Marcos is committed to helping its residents avoid drug and alcohol abuse. The county's prevention services include an underage drinking initiative, a methamphetamine task force, a campaign to prevent teen marijuana use and a prescription drug abuse committee. But these commendable services aren't always enough to prevent addiction. If you've tried to stop drinking or using on your own but you keep relapsing, San Marcos drug treatment programs can offer you the resources you need for long-term recovery. Ask prospective treatment centers about what they can offer to help you avoid future relapse.

*How Widespread Is Illegal Drug Use?

The devastating effects of illegal drug use affect the entire country. According to 2009 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • 8.7 percent of Americans ages 12 and older used illegal drugs in the past 30 days
  • 6.6 percent of this group used marijuana in the past 30 days
  • 2.8 percent used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes

Comparing Recovery Services in San Marcos

How do you know which of the many treatment options in Southern California is right for you? As you compare your options, ask questions like:

  • How many of your clients complete the program, and do you support their recovery after they graduate?
  • How long, on average, do your clients spend in rehab?
  • Do you offer counseling and education for partners and families?
  • Do you offer medical detox and pharmaceutical addiction therapy?
  • How much do your services cost, and do you have a number of payment options?

Our addiction treatment professionals can answer your questions about rehab and help you find a treatment program in San Marcos or San Diego County that fulfills your specific needs.

Isolating yourself from the setting of the abuse issue can help eradicate disturbances and temptations that prevent you from staying clean. When viewing rehabilitation as a restorative retreat, addicts will find executive luxury facilities in cities outside of San Marcos, California. Offering retreat-like features, the best centers help achieve a physical, mental and emotional restoration. However, those looking for outpatient therapy may find a program near your residence is an easier decision to make.

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