Addiction Treatment Methods

Trauma and Recovery: It’s Not What You Think It Is

Media depictions of trauma often show clients coached to dig deep into their memories, cry, scream, or otherwise somehow “get it out.”  The experience looks horribly painful, but is supposed to be cathartic, meaning it lets you have a crisis and then let the pain go. Traditional approaches to substance users, from 12 Step programs […]

Is Framing Addiction as a Disease Misguided?

The perspective that addiction is a disease dates back to the mid-eighteenth century—1849 to be exact—when the Swedish physician Magnus Huss published an essay entitled “Alcoholismus Chronicus.” Huss described the phenomenon of incessant alcohol abuse as disease-like in nature given its risk of fatality and its causative role in system physical damage and degradation. By […]

When Doctors are the Ones Dealing Drugs

Federal investigators and fraud prosecutors recently swooped down on several Appalachian states and charged 31 doctors, 8 nurse practitioners, 7 pharmacists, and 7 other licensed medical professionals with diverting a vast supply of prescription opioid pills onto the thriving illegal market. The dope dealing practices were egregious – docs running pharmacies from their offices, writing […]

How Exercise Can Help Treat Addiction

Substance use disorders are some of the most common mental health disorders worldwide. Approximately 15% of the global population is estimated to struggle with a substance use disorder at some point in their lifetime. An estimated 250,000 deaths per year are attributed to the consumption of illegal substances while over 2 million deaths are attributed […]

Free Drugs And A Safe Place to Use Them?

Philadelphia is initiating a wonderful (but probably illegal) program that is the best hope for finally controlling our out-of-control and progressively more lethal opioid epidemic. The pioneering US city will adopt an effective harm-reduction method that has for decades been widely used in many other countries with more rational drug policies and politics. “Safe Houses” […]

To Vape Or Not To Vape – The Smokers’ Question

Our previous blog appealed to the FDA to more strictly regulate the greedily anarchic and rapidly growing e-cigarette industry. The FDA must stop the epidemic of teenage vaping before it causes all sorts of harmful unintended consequences. This blog tackles an equally controversial question that also must be urgently asked and answered, despite the lack of clear […]

Poison Pills: An Update on the Fentanyl & Carfentanil Epidemic

A pessimistic person might say that overdose deaths from fentanyl and carfentanil are not only out of control, but also inherently uncontrollable. These powerful synthetic opioids are potent enough to kill in extremely tiny doses and too potent to ever successfully keep off the street. What’s Causing Fentanyl’s Widespread and Deadly Usage? The problem is […]

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