Behavioral Health

The Benefits of Happiness

Happiness is often seen as something to strive for, something far in the distance, some sort of unattainable blissful life euphoria… However, happiness can also be seen as an opportunity and a mechanism by which we can be more productive and successful in life. Rather than happiness being a destination point or a far-away vision, […]

The Benefits of Preventative Care for Mental Health

In our world today, mental health services and resources seem to be designed to only kick-in if there is a mental health crisis; mental illness is treated as a “fail first” illness. However, waiting until a mental health crisis makes treatment much more expensive and difficult, versus having effective support services earlier and throughout life […]

The Impact of Mental Health Stigma

Woman isolated mental health stigma impact

What is Stigma and Who is Impacted? Regardless of your background, anyone can experience a mental health condition and the struggles that coincide with this. Consequently, mental health stigma impacts all individuals with varying levels of intensity, however, at the end of the day, stigma impacts everyone. Especially for young people, mental health stigma is […]

Seasons and Mental Health: Self-Care Unique to Each Season

Seasons and Mental Health: The Connection We often hear that certain seasons are associated with greater wellbeing and others are associated with a diminished sense of wellbeing. Besides humans’ individual seasonal preferences, there are also valid mental health challenges that arise as a result of seasons changing. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is real, and it […]

The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Addiction

Trauma during our formative years can leave a lasting impact—one that stretches beyond adulthood and shapes virtually every aspect of our future: How we think, feel, act. Who or what we seek out or avoid. But especially our physical and emotional health. Decades of research have established strong correlations between early experiences of adversity—or childhood […]

How to have Necessary Conversations About Mental Health

Having conversations about mental health can initially seem daunting and impossible. However, once you feel informed in how to start a conversation, how to navigate the challenges that may arise from the conversation, how to embrace any ‘awkwardness’, and how to refer to professional resources if necessary, the conversation becomes more relaxed and accessible. Having […]

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