Drug Law and Policy

Political Bombshell Helps Explain Ketamine Craze

The touting of ketamine as a wonder drug for depression has both puzzled and distressed me. There were all kinds of reasons premature ketamine exuberance seemed wrong and potentially dangerous: It was fast-tracked by the FDA without the usual expectation that it first prove its efficacy and safety. The studies supporting its efficacy were very few, small, short-term, […]

Vaping And Lung Disease

The CDC and health officials in at least a dozen states are studying a mysterious new lung disease likely caused by vaping. Many victims are quite young, reflecting the recent widespread use of e-cigarettes among middle schoolers and high school students. About four million school kids report vaping in the last month. So far the number […]

Dangers Of Synthetic Pot

I have strongly supported legalizing pot. Not because it’s safe (no drug is safe), but because pot prohibition has always failed to reduce pot use. It also seems silly to focus on the dangers of pot when so many more dangerous substances (prescription opioids, alcohol, and street drugs) are so widely available. But I think we must now […]

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