Fake Pot – A New Danger on The Streets

Trying to criminalize pot has been a colossal failure in the past and is likely to stimulate, not contain, the increasing use of dangerous synthetics.

Depression, Chronic Pain and Taming the Opioid Epidemic

A compelling conclusion applies across all scenarios – opioids should be used especially cautiously in all depressed and anxious patients.

How Depression, Anxiety and Addiction Go Together and Why it Matters

If you’re afraid to try and afraid to feel, don’t be. In offering yourself this compassion and care, you’ll find that you are much stronger than you know.

Drugged Driving: DUIs Give Way to DUIDs

The term DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) has become more common, along with laws regarding drugged driving, as it is differentiated from drunk driving.

The Truth About Taking High Doses of Baclofen to Suppress Alcohol Cravings

Given the success of baclofen to help to suppress alcohol cravings, those suffering from alcohol problems should be educated about its potential benefits and risks.

Medications to Treat Substance Use Disorders Slowly Gain Acceptance

Why do we withhold access to medications scientifically proven to help those battling substance use disorders?

Naltrexone for Alcohol Dependence: Is This Medication Right For You?

Different people have different goals, but naltrexone is a medication that should be offered to those struggling with alcohol problems in conjunction with the programs they work.

Newsflash: Medicare is Feeding the Opioid Crisis

This is a wakeup call – we must work to change senior attitudes toward pain, doctor prescribing practices, and Medicare monitoring.

Vivitrol Isn’t the Magic Bullet We’ve Been Led to Believe

Vivitrol marketers have played directly to the prejudice against methadone and Suboxone, advertising Vivitrol as a medication for those who want to be “drug-free.”

Reducing Drug Use or Reducing Harm: What Matters More? Interventions for Urban, Methamphetamine-Using Men Who Have Sex With Men

A number of interventions to reduce high-risk sexual behaviors and drug use among methamphetamine using MSM have been implemented.