Drugged Driving: DUIs Give Way to DUIDs

The term DUID (driving under the influence of drugs) has become more common, along with laws regarding drugged driving, as it is differentiated from drunk driving.

The Truth About Lying: Do Dishonesty and Addiction Go Hand-in-Hand?

This has to be my least favorite “joke:” “How do you know when an addict is lying?” “It’s when his/her lips are moving.” Along similar lines, at an outpatient clinic I visited while doing research for Inside Rehab, an addiction counselor facetiously said to a roomful of clients, “The one thing we know about alcoholics […]

Not Ready to Quit? 10 Ways to Drink Less

These tips focus on ways to use less alcohol and can be helpful for anyone with an AUD using harm reduction, as well as for those who just want to cut back.

Medications to Treat Substance Use Disorders Slowly Gain Acceptance

Why do we withhold access to medications scientifically proven to help those battling substance use disorders?

Leaving Your Lover (Part II): Weighing the Pros and Cons of Sobriety Keeps It Going

It is important to recognize that people with addictions use for reasons that are important to them, and it’s important to acknowledge their loss.

Sexual Trauma and Addiction: Understanding Child Sexual Abuse and Drug Use

Children traumatized by sexual abuse often report feelings of shame, terror, depression, and guilt. Sadly, blame themselves for the abuse, but drugs only provide temporary relief.

Leaving Your Lover (Part 1): Giving Up Your Drug of Choice and Moving On

As substance use disorders become more severe, people drink less to feel good and more to feel normal. In order to change, the scale has to tip so the costs or cons outweigh the benefits.

Understanding the Complex Process of Recovery

The transtheoretical model of change is a straightforward model towards understanding the complex stages involved in one’s path towards recovery.

How to Live with a Partner’s Substance Use Disorder

New thinking suggests that addiction evolves, in part, because of flawed attachment and those battling substance use actually need more connection than the rest of us.

How the Japanese Deal With Alcohol

Social pressures to drink and the stigma around admitting that one has a problem make abstinence and harm reduction much more difficult in Japan.