Should the NFL Let Players Use Pot for Pain?

The NFL is a serial practitioner of drug hypocrisy. It tightly controls relatively harmless pot, but condones dangerous opioid use.

Is Pot a Good Treatment For Opioid Addiction?

As more and more states legalize it for medical indications, a number of addiction treatment programs are using pot as a substitute for people addicted to opioids.

5 Reasons Teens Use Marijuana

What makes a teen try marijuana? Looking for a single reason is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Trump’s New Pot Policy

Seemingly, the Trump administration will be putting itself in opposition to the states taking a more permissive view of pot.

Will the Magic Mushroom Help Dying Cancer Patients?

New research indicates one Psilocybin trip, lasting a mere eight hours, can reduce anxiety and depression in about 80% of cancer patients.

Pros and Cons of Pot Prohibition

During the recent election, recreational pot was approved by voters in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada – losing only in Arizona.

Does Marijuana Prevent Nausea and Vomiting…or Cause It?

THC can have a paradoxical effect, acting as an antiemetic (preventing nausea) at one level but causing nausea and vomiting at higher levels when used over prolonged periods.

Fatal Marijuana Overdose is NOT a Myth

The truth is that although marijuana is one of the safest drugs around, far safer than opioids, alcohol, Tylenol, or antidepressants, it is still toxic when the dose is large enough.

Medical Marijuana and Psychiatry

Patients have been asking me one question with increasing frequency: What do you think about medical marijuana?

Marijuana Killed My Soul and Ruined My Brain
What are you willing to give up in order to keep using or drinking?

Should our laws acknowledge and meaningfully address marijuana’s potential harms by investing new tax revenues in science-based public education?