FDA Ponders Fate Of E-Cigarettes

With the explosive growth of the E-cigarette market, the FDA has been forced into action.

The three absolute certainties in life are death, taxes, and unintended consequences, all of which are generally viewed negatively. And all of which are, strangely enough, related to cigarettes. Luckily for smokers, the relatively new development of electronic cigarettes has offered many a road to reducing smoking habits, and even quitting. But, helping to solve […]

Exploding Fentanyl Deaths Can’t Be Stopped By Border Walls

A border wall is billed as a way to stop drugs, but it won't stop fentanyl.

Recently, a truck was searched by US Customs and Border Protection while attempting to cross an official border station in Nogales, Arizona. Hidden within its cargo of cucumbers were 254 pounds of fentanyl; the largest haul of this lethal drug ever intercepted. In divided doses, this one shipment would have been sufficient to kill 100 million […]

Poison Pills: An Update on the Fentanyl & Carfentanil Epidemic

Is there a way to stop the Fentanyl Epidemic?

A pessimistic person might say that overdose deaths from fentanyl and carfentanil are not only out of control, but also inherently uncontrollable. These powerful synthetic opioids are potent enough to kill in extremely tiny doses and too potent to ever successfully keep off the street. What’s Causing Fentanyl’s Widespread and Deadly Usage? The problem is […]

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