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What is Subutex?

Subutex is a prescription medication used in the treatment of opiate addiction as an opiate substitute during a tapering-off program. When used as directed, Subutex is rarely addictive. When used recreationally, though, Subutex can be highly addictive. This addiction often requires that the user enter into a Subutex rehab program to safely end the use of the drug without experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms in the process. Subutex rehabilitation programs are available throughout the country. They operate on an inpatient or outpatient basis, with detox and therapy as components of the complete rehabilitation process.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Clinics

Subutex treatment may be obtained from an inpatient facility or an outpatient clinic. If you enter into an inpatient facility, you'll be under 24-hour care by medical personnel. You'll also be subjected to 24-hour supervision to prevent you from obtaining any drug outside of those prescribed by your physician. Having medical care and supervision available is a benefit of inpatient care. If you're unable to commit to a 24-hour rehab, however, an outpatient clinic can offer the medications and therapy needed for rehab without the need to remain in residence.

Do I Need a Residential Rehab Facility?

Residential rehab in a Subutex rehab program can provide quality care 24 hours a day. Deciding if that's necessary depends on your own rehabilitation needs. The more serious the addiction is, the more likely you are to need a residential program. If your addiction was developed due to standard medical use, a residential program may not be necessary. If you were a recreational user, however, a residential program can more easily deal with the medical issues related to your body's chemical imbalances due to the higher doses taken, as well as prevent you from obtaining more of the drug should you be tempted toward relapse. Find out more about residential programs by calling 1-888-341-7785 to speak to an advisor who can answer any questions you may have.

Tolerance vs. Subutex Dependence

The first program to use the drug showed a success rate of 88 percent and participants remained drug-free six months after completing the tapering process...-New York TimesSubutex is a brand name for the drug buprenorphine. The drug is effective as a tapering-off medication when people are addicted to certain opiate drugs. The first program to use the drug showed a success rate of 88 percent and participants remained drug-free six months after completing the tapering process, according to a New York Times article. An addiction to the drug results from a physical dependence, often created by non-medical use. Dependence is the result of the user developing a tolerance to the drug's effects due to continued use. The more of the drug the user takes, the greater the tolerance built and the more of the drug the user has to take to achieve the same resultant high. Eventually, the user's body gets used to the drug and becomes dependent on its ingestion.

Are Subutex Rehabs Private and Confidential?

By law, medical records are sealed to protect patients' privacy. Subutex rehab is considered a medical treatment, and your records will be kept private. The best rehab programs understand the need for patient confidentiality and will keep your presence in the program private as well. Private rooms may be available depending on the particular facility. Check with the specific Subutex rehab program before signing up to determine if it's possible to receive a private room during your stay.


90-Day Addiction Rehab Program
Many inpatient rehab programs include 90-day drug rehab options. These three-month rehab centers allow for long-term treatment that can lead to a higher success rate for recovering addicts. Read More

How Long Does Inpatient Subutex Rehabilitation Last?

There is no set length of time for successful rehabilitation in a Subutex rehab program. Each patient reacts differently to treatment, with treatment effectiveness depending largely on patient commitment to the treatment process, the severity of the Subutex addiction and any concurrent medical issues the patient is being treated for along with the addiction. Most programs have a minimum of 28 to 30 days of treatment, but this can be extended to a 60-day or 90-day treatment program if needed. There are residential communities available for treating serious addictions, which may offer treatment for as long as six months. Rehabilitation lasts as long as the patient needs it and until the person is ready to return to normal life.

What Happens During Treatment

Treatment in a Subutex treatment program follows a set of steps, with some slight modifications made to adjust each procedure to specific patient needs. These steps are:

  • An assessment phase with a medical exam and pre-screening to determine the patient's health and medical needs
  • Detoxification either by tapering off the drug or through other means
  • Therapy with addiction treatment specialists on both a one-on-one basis and in a group setting
  • Specialized care intended to treat any other medical condition the patient has alongside the addiction
  • Extended care after the Subutex rehab program ends, consisting primarily of continued therapy and participation in peer support groups

Paying for Subutex Addiction Treatment

Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage

There are several insurance options that are available to people seeking treatment for their addiction to alcohol, drugs or certain behaviors. Public and private health insurance frequently compensates a portion of the expense of outpatient or inpatient treatment for virtually every type of addiction. Read More

Most Subutex addiction treatment programs are covered by health insurance plans. Check with your insurance provider before entering a program to make certain that your treatment is covered and to find out how much of a deductible you may be liable for. If you aren't covered by insurance, many programs offer financing options to help you with payment. Financing can be anything from a discount to a payment plan.

Should I Travel or Stay Near Home?

Subutex rehab programs are available throughout the country. Inpatient treatment in a facility near your home has the benefit of being within easy reach of any support network of family and friends you may have. By traveling, you lose that convenient network while in treatment, but you also remove yourself from the environment that can lead you to use the drug again. Choose a facility site that you're most comfortable with while considering which situation would be best for your efforts for recovery.
By calling 1-888-341-7785 and speaking to an adviser, you can find several programs that meet your treatment needs, both near your home and at a distance.

I Want to Find an Executive or Luxury Rehab Center

If work circumstances have deterred you or someone you care for from getting care for a substance abuse issue or behavior-related addiction, Executive Rehabs may be just the thing that's needed. Leveraging excellent drug abuse and behavior addiction treatments with the freedom of occasional computer and phone access, a member of the management team can get sober in privacy and comfort.

Many Excellent substance abuse and behavior addiction treatment facilities provide the excellent amenities you would expect to find in four and five-star hotels, with your success and well-being being the biggest goals. From fine linens and gym facilities to 5-star chef-prepared meals and in-house massage therapy, you can get the perfect drug abuse and behavior addiction treatment for yourself or someone you care for while enjoying the surroundings. For help looking for the top luxury treatment programs for Subutex addiction, call our no-cost helpline as soon as you're able at 1-888-341-7785.

What Happens After?

After time spent in a Subutex rehab program, you'll still need to contend with continued cravings for the drug. The therapy during rehab is intended to give you the tools you need to avoid a relapse by resisting these cravings. Further addiction therapy is available after rehab though, if you feel the need to continue seeking out the underlying reasons behind your addiction and developing methods for living a drug-free lifestyle. In addition to therapy, you may wish to join an addiction support group where you can meet with other recovering addicts and continue the peer-based support meetings that are offered along with individual therapy in Subutex rehab facilities.

Are You, or Is the Addict, Ready?

Acknowledging a problem with Subutex and wanting to seek help means that you're ready to enter into a rehab program. Getting help for an addiction should be done as soon as possible to avoid eventual overdose. If you're the friend or family member of a Subutex addict, call 1-888-341-7785 for information on how best to approach the addict to convince him or her that help is needed.

Learn More About These Topics

Knowing as much about Subutex addiction and what to expect from a Subutex rehab program is a good way to ensure that you find the best inpatient rehab center available. Whether you're looking to get help for someone addicted or have a dependency issue with Subutex yourself, you should become as familiar as possible with the treatment process. Start with the assessment process done during the intake procedure and continue through detox and the rehab process. When looking at the treatments offered by facilities, take note of the treatment methods used. There are several methods available, from 12-step treatments based on a spiritual power to non-spiritual programs that substitute their own process for the 12-step model. There are also faith-based or holistic approaches available. Look into inpatient or outpatient treatment options as well before deciding which Subutex rehab program type is best for you. Finally, you should look at the aftercare options in your area that are available to you after you leave the Subutex treatment program.

It's Not Too Late to Turn Everything Around

A National Forensic Laboratory Information System report states that buprenorphine is found more often at drug seizure sites than morphine. You are not alone in your addiction. Subutex addiction treatment is a commitment you can make toward your own future. Regardless of the severity of your addition, it's never too late to seek out treatment. As soon as you make the decision to recover, you can begin immediately. All it takes is finding a treatment facility with a program that can be of help. Calling 1-888-341-7785 can place you in touch with a treatment adviser who can help you find the Subutex rehab program that you need.

Last updated on March 1 2019
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6 thoughts on “Subutex Rehab Treatments Formerly Used for Opiate Addictions”

  1. lenski says:

    What are the slang, street names, or nicknames for Subutex?

    1. rehabs.com says:

      Subutex is the brand name for buprenorphine hydrochloride. It’s often sold under the street names of “subbies,” “temmies” and “bupe.”

  2. lenski says:

    Am I addicted to Subutex?

    1. rehabs.com says:

      If you experience withdrawal symptoms soon after your last dose of Subutex, you may be addicted to the drug. Symptoms of withdrawal may include:

      • Muscle cramping
      • Sweating
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Diarrhea
      • Restless legs
      • Insomnia

      Drug-seeking behavior, where you search out your next dosage before possible withdrawal begins, is also indicative of an addiction to the drug. If addicted, a Subutex rehab program may be needed to cut off use of the drug safely.

  3. lenski says:

    What are the long-term effects of Subutex abuse?

    1. rehabs.com says:

      Using Subutex on a long-term basis can lead to jaundice, pale stools, severe allergic reactions, mood swings, anxiety, darkening of the urine, nervousness and respiratory distress.

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