About Rehabs.com

Rehabs.com is a comprehensive guide connecting those struggling with addiction to the rehab facilities and treatment centers that can help. While estimates place the number of Americans facing drug and alcohol addiction at more than 20 million, even this staggering figure balloons by tens of millions when factoring in behavioral addictions such as eating disorders, gambling, sexual and internet addictions.

Improving The Addiction Treatment Process

Fortunately, the stigma that once surrounded addiction treatment is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Rehab centers have evolved and many are now pairing resort-like comfort with top quality treatment, ensuring the process is a positive one from start to finish. By combining physical, mental and spiritual healing, patients are able to leave refreshed and empowered to continue clean, sober, renewed lives.

Our goal is to connect each person seeking addiction recovery with the provider that will best suit them. We know that no two individuals will have the same requirements, so treatment options, locations and services can be tailored to a patient’s specific needs.

Top Facilities, Top Quality Care

As we help these top quality rehabilitation facilities flourish at optimum capacity, they can continue to maintain the highest level of service and support for those who need it. Our database features more than 10,000 service providers nationwide, the largest of its kind, and covers both substance abuse and behavioral addiction rehabs. Official Rehabs.com Member Facilities are reviewed for standards of excellent including Better Business Bureau standings, state licensing and national accreditation such as the Joint Commission.

When you’re ready to get help, Rehabs.com is here for you.

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