Alcohol’s Complicated Link to Gender Equality
You might be surprised to learn how working women  are abusing alcohol.

Is there a dark side to gender equality in the workforce? In most cases, the answer is a resounding no, but there is one specific situation where that’s not the case. Shockingly, that situation is binge drinking among professional-level females. Female Workers and Female Drinkers Researchers have found that the female professional-level workforce is now [...]

New Drug Test Uses Fingerprint Technology
Cocaine abuse can now be detected by fingerprint analysis.

Whether it’s for a new job or a court-ordered condition, drug testing can be an evasive and uncomfortable experience. Until now, the only methods to drug test have been through hair, blood or urine. However, according to researchers at the University of Surrey, drug testing for cocaine can now be done using nothing more than [...]

Sober and Happy: A Veteran’s Victory in Homecoming
Veterans often struggle with PTSD and substance abuse after tours of duty.

It’s no secret that Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious and rampant problem among military veterans. When you spend days, nights, weeks, months and years in a perpetual state of high alert, it can have a tremendous negative impact on the psyche. Added to that stress, when you factor in the horrific sights and [...]

5 Notorious Triggers and How You Can Avoid Them
One of the keys to sobriety is knowing how to avoid the temptation to use.

For those in recovery, relapse is one thought, one attitude, one drink or one drug away. Sustaining sobriety is like walking through a minefield of past thoughts, attitudes and, yes, one drink or one drug. Fighting Through Your Triggers Although treatment programming and community-based support groups are beneficial, sobriety and relapse are at the discernment [...]

The World’s First Drug Test Printed on Paper
Will paper drug tests help employers screen current and potential workers?

While drug testing may be a controversial issue, there’s no denying the fact that the tests themselves are expensive. Breaking the Bank for Sobriety Data from the American Civil Liberties Union shows that the average drug test costs about $42. If it’s done by an employer, the cost is far greater because personnel need to [...]

Alcohol Ads: Bad Influence or Harmless Marketing?
Do ads and commercials impact the way we think about alcohol?

Recently, in an effort to curb alcohol abuse, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco banned alcohol advertisements in certain public areas. Along with the banning of a few specific alcohol products, it comes as no surprise to find that an age-old debate has once again been revived. This time, the question at hand is: Do [...]

7 Steps to Take After Finding Your Teen’s Drug Stash
What should you do when you find your teen's drug or alcohol stash?

With more and more teenagers experimenting with drugs and alcohol, we naturally have more and more parents wondering how to handle the situation. The Numbers Don’t Lie An April 2012 study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry revealed that parents had plenty of reason for concern. According to their results: A staggering 78 percent [...]

Study: Patients are Still Confused About Pain Meds
Most patients don't get enough drug education from their doctors.

If you have a question regarding medications, your first thought might be to talk with a doctor or licensed medical professional. This is especially true if you’re being prescribed powerful prescription opioids with a high potential for addiction. While doctors are the ones writing and handing out the prescriptions, a new study shows they aren’t [...]

Poll: Most Americans Think Pot and Kids Don’t Mix
Despite legalization, most Americans think kids should not use medical marijuana.

Despite the fact that more Americans are in support of legalizing marijuana than ever before, it’s still a drug. That fact is clearly illustrated in a new poll showing most citizens think pot and children are a bad combination. Highlighting Opinions on Weed CBS released a poll showing that 53 percent of Americans are in [...]

Mother’s Day: A Gift of Love to My Children
See how one mom opened a line of communication with her young children.

No matter how you slice it, a mother’s love is powerful. We’d lay down our lives for our children and, naturally, we want nothing less than the best for them. Of course, that includes the desire to keep them far from the sharp claws of addiction. Protecting Your Children As time marches on, the drugs [...]