Ezogabine: Can a Pill Help Treat Alcoholism?
Due to a recent study, anti-seizure medication ezogabine is in the spotlight.

After years of study, medical experts finally understand the physical changes that occur in the brain after years of alcohol abuse. Thanks, in part, to this breakthrough, attention was quickly turned toward medication assistance. When used for “off-label” purposes, researchers hope to discover medications that potentially help break the cycle of addiction. When it comes [...]

What Lindsay Lohan Learned from Her OWN Show
Did LiLo really suffer a miscarriage while filming the show?

Lindsay, Oprah Winfrey’s eight part docu-series chronicling Lindsay Lohan’s life post-rehab, came to its conclusion Sunday night. Week after week, millions of us tuned in, eager to catch a glimpse into the private life of this famous (or infamous) actress. Ultimately, what Lindsay gave us was a roller coaster ride that had more twists and [...]

Coachella Faces First Overdose Death
A California college student died following an apparent overdose at the festival.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is now dealing with its first-ever overdose death after Kimchi Truong passed away from a reported drug or alcohol overdose. The 24-year-old, a student at California State University-East Bay, collapsed during the first weekend of the festival on April 13. She was treated by on-site medical staff before [...]

Speedballing: My Ride on the Roller Coaster
For me, it was personal. I wanted to die, but I wanted to go out in the blaze of glory that speedballing makes you feel.

I was introduced to speedballing by a heavy cocaine addict. I was pacing the house a half-hour after snorting a few lines, fidgeting, trying to relieve some of the anxiety I was feeling. My friend was packing a bowl of spice because we both knew the anxiety would go away when I hit it. That’s [...]

75 Years of Alcoholics Anonymous
This April, Alcoholic Anonymous celebrates 75 years of abstinence coaching, communal support and individual sobriety sponsorship.

Each year I challenge a class of psychology doctoral students with an experiential project to attend an open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Each year they write about the ‘shock and awe’ related to the diversity of attendees; from those who look like them, to those who are millionaires or blue-collar workers. They seem to all perseverate [...]

Will Cash Incentives Help Drug Addicts Stay Clean?
UK health officials will test cash rewards in a controversial new study.

People across the pond are up in arms as health officials in Britain are slated to begin giving cash rewards to drug addicts as a means of helping them stay clean. Thirty-three National Health Services (NHS) and voluntary clinics will begin giving £10 to any user of opiate drugs, including heroin, who provides a negative [...]

Pot Brownies for Sale in… Vending Machines?
Craving a pot brownie? Now it's easier than ever to score cannabis in Colorado.

The first ganja treat vending machine in the US debuted in Colorado this week. The ZaZZZ Machine was created by American Green, a division of Tranzbyte, one of the first publicly traded marijuana corporations in the world. The first model is currently on display at the Herbal Elements dispensary in Vail, CO. The machine is [...]

5 Socio-Cultural Factors that Cultivate Addiction
In tandem with biological contributors, social and cultural factors can be highly influential in prompting a substance abuse disorder.

Years of study have shown that addiction, once thought to be caused by degeneration of morals and self-control, is as much a disease as diabetes and depression. Current and ongoing research has even identified genetic markers that make certain people predisposed for substance abuse disorders. However, while addiction can be physiological in origin, the fact [...]

Would You Take ‘Smart Drugs’ to Boost Brain Power?
16% of US students admitted to using smart drugs to study in 2013.

Could popping a pill make someone smarter? Smart drugs, or nootropics, are considered to be any drug or supplement that improves mental function. Anything that gives you a boost, from ADHD medication, narcolepsy pills and antidepressants, to natural substances like Ginkgo biloba and Vitamin D. Recently more and more students and professionals have admitted to [...]

You Can Stop a Drug Overdose at Home, with Evzio
Evzio is a hand-held auto injector designed to deliver a single dose of naloxone.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drug overdoses are the number one cause of injury death in the United States. What’s more, CDC statistics also reveal a staggering 16,000 lives are lost every year, thanks to opiate overdoses. As a result, thousands of families live each day in fear, worried their [...]