Will ‘Super Ecstasy’ Flood the US Next?
PMA is 20 times stronger than MDMA, and the side effects can be deadly.

Para-Methoxyamphetamine (PMA) is a hallucinogenic amphetamine derivative that affects the nervous system, altering both cognition and perception. Also known as “super ecstasy,” the drug is a highly potent stimulant that causes extreme disruption and hyperactivity within the brain. Don’t let the name fool you; PMA is not the same thing as ecstasy or MDMA. The [...]

What You Need to Know About Probuphine
The FDA approved a clinical study for a new buprenorphine implant.

After extended negotiations with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Titan Pharmaceuticals can finally conduct a full clinical study of Probuphine, an investigational implant device using buprenorphine to treat opiate addiction. The study, which was submitted for FDA review back in March, is expected to enroll its first participants in a matter of weeks. The [...]

Destiny’s Child Star Arrested for Alcohol Disturbance
According to officers, the singer was “highly intoxicated” and reeked of alcohol.

Farrah Franklin, a former member of Destiny’s Child, was arrested in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Sunday morning. Members of the local sheriff’s department took the singer into custody and charged her with disorderly conduct. According to responding officers, Franklin was “highly intoxicated.” Details of the Incident Franklin was invited to Myrtle Beach by Da’Quan [...]

Scott Disick Hospitalized for Alcohol Poisoning
How did the father of Kourtney Kardashian's children end up in the ER alone?

In a report that comes as a surprise to, well, no one, a night of binge drinking apparently landed Scott Disick in the hospital last month. Disick is famous for two things: fathering Kourtney Kardashian’s children and partying. It’s a common occurrence for the 31-year-old to drop obscene amounts of money at clubs, buying bottles [...]

PCP is a Huge Problem in Washington DC… Again
Abuse of the hallucinogen is  higher in DC than in any other major U.S. city

PCP (phencyclidine) is an illegal hallucinogenic drug notorious for causing violent and bizarre behaviors. Those who are old enough will remember a huge PCP problem gripped the United States in the ‘80s. Widespread abuse caused public panic and then, somewhat mysteriously, the drug seemingly faded away. Fast-forward to the present day; PCP usage in Washington [...]

Should Parents Hire Drug-Sniffing Dogs for Private Use?
How far would you go to uncover the truth about your child’s drug use?

Thousands of parents are struggling at this very moment, worried their kids are using drugs and maybe even hiding a stash in the family home… right under their noses. Monitoring Facebook accounts or searching through dresser drawers is no longer enough. Confrontations are pointless; without proof, the kids deny any wrongdoing. How far would you [...]

Addicted to Image: 7 Unbelievable Transformations
Seven people who became addicted to looking like celebrities -- at any cost.

Undergoing extreme plastic surgery to look like Hollywood celebrities is definitely a disturbing trend. Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on these elective cosmetic procedures, not to mention the pain and agony of the surgeries themselves, plenty of people jump at the chance to look in the mirror and see someone else. Either [...]

Your Marijuana ‘High’ is a Natural Buzzkill
A new study claims marijuana blunts the brain’s reaction to dopamine.

A new study has found that those seeking a high from marijuana could end up experiencing more negative emotions as a result of their pot use. The report published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examined how marijuana abusers reacted to methylphedinate, a stimulant used to treat both ADHD and narcolepsy. [...]

Gay Adults More Likely to Binge Drink, Survey Shows
The 2013 National Health Survey is the first to address sexual orientation.

A study by the U.S. government shows that gay and bisexual people are more likely to have certain lifestyle habits. According to the 2013 National Health Survey, homosexual and bisexual individuals are more likely to indulge in alcohol and tobacco, as well as regular exercise and doctor visits. The survey also revealed that 1.6 percent [...]

A Glass of Wine is Good for Your Health… Just Kidding
They were wrong; a small amount of alcohol can negatively impact health.

Remember when medical experts agreed that drinking a small amount of alcohol could boost cardiovascular health? Well, those days are apparently over. As it turns out, a new study discovered that consuming even a small amount of alcohol can negatively impact health. Published in the British Medical Journal, the detailed study shocked a large portion [...]