Are Holidays Scary for People with Eating Disorders?
"I still couldn’t get past the embarrassment of admitting to having an appetite."

Dave Chawner used to starve himself for days before facing Christmas dinner at home in England. He expected to binge his way through the meal and felt that his body needed preparing. “I viewed these events like marathons,” says Chawner, now 25. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of such incredible [...]

DEA Crack Down: Two NFL Teams Inspected
Members of the NFL's medical staff are accused of mishandling opiate painkillers.

At least two NFL teams received an unexpected surprise last week in the form of surprise inspections from federal drug enforcement agents. The visit was prompted by a string of claims from former players that teams have been mishandling and distributing prescription drugs. So far, we know that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San [...]

Non-Addictive Painkillers May Soon Be Available
Would a non-addictive opiate painkiller help to decrease overdose fatalities?

A new opioid painkiller that is non-addictive and won’t make users feel high could soon be hitting the market. If things go as planned, this pharmaceutical breakthrough could spark a revolution in pain management and treatment. A Potential Breakthrough? Connecticut-based Cara Therapeutics has recently unveiled this new compound called CR845. The medicine works on different [...]

Two More Reasons to Stay Away From Spice
Synthetic drugs like Spice can have frightening and potentially lethal effects.

Parents, your kids may have added some Spice to their lives. No, if they’ve added Spice, they’re not eating hotter Mexican food; in fact, they’re probably not eating much food at all. They may be like Charles, who started using Spice, or K2, a synthetic-and potentially lethal-form of marijuana while on probation. Charles shared some [...]

Why Can’t Antidepressants and Recovery Go Together?
“With the program, my obsession with drinking had lifted. But I was still miserable.”

Natalie,* a 21-year-old recovering alcoholic, had been sober for six months when her therapist suggested she see a psychiatrist for a consultation about antidepressants. “I was in a 12-step program,” Natalie explains. “Thanks to the program, my obsession with drinking had lifted. But I was still miserable.” Feeling miserable isn’t uncommon in early sobriety. Withdrawing [...]

My Best Friend Relapsed and I Couldn’t Fix Her
I tried with all my energy to convince her that things would get better for her, too.

I fell platonically in love with Holly at her first ever AA meeting. I had about six months sober and she had one day. She had a full sleeve of tattoos and tousled hair, and looked shell-shocked and bewildered. That feeling was still fresh to me. In the meeting, she raised her hand to share, [...]

Mexico Steps Up to Corner the U.S. Meth Market
U.S. production may be down, but plenty of meth is flowing south of the border.

Seizures of homemade meth labs are down by as much as 40 percent in several states throughout the country, but that could be because meth dealers are now selling cheaper versions of the drug from Mexico. The Drug Enforcement Administration reported 11,573 seizures last year, up 363 from 2012. However, it’s a far cry from [...]

The Horrors of Illegal Recovery Homes
With no oversight or regulation, these recovery homes offer anything but sobriety.

When addicts quit using drugs, especially opiates like heroin, they often have few choices about where they can live during recovery. With so many bridges burned between friends and family members, a lot of newly-sober addicts are willing to take what they can get when it comes to a roof overhead. And in some areas of [...]

Medicare Forking Out Millions to Drug Test Seniors
With Medicare struggling to stay afloat, why are  questionable drug tests approved?

A number of doctors across the country are exercising “questionable ethics” by charging Medicare millions of dollars in order to test senior citizens for illicit drugs traditionally unassociated with this age group…drugs like cocaine and PCP. Out of Control Spending A recent Wall Street Journal analysis of Medicare payment data found that the program spent [...]

Has Workplace Drug Testing Made a Positive Impact?
Positive workplace drug tests have increased for the first time in ten years.

A new study has found that workplace drug testing, in conjunction with clinical monitoring and oversight, has reduced both the overall use and spending on potentially dangerous prescription drugs and illegal substances. Helios, a workers’ compensation specialty services provider, formally announced the findings from their in-depth studies and presented the information at the PainWeek and [...]