Vaccine Aims to Snuff Out Smoking

Could tobacco-related illnesses and diseases soon be a thing of the past? A vaccination for nicotine addiction is currently being developed and the early signs indicate the medical concoction could indeed be a revolutionary form of treatment for those looking to quit smoking. Even better, the vaccine could be available in just a few short [...]

New Opiate Painkiller Joins the Abuse-Deterrent Club

An extended-release opioid painkiller has gained Food and Drug Administration approval to have an abuse-deterrent label, making it the third opioid painkiller on the market to have this distinction. Embeda, the brainchild of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, consists of an extended-release morphine sulfate that is combined with an opioid antagonist in the form of sequestered naltrexone [...]

Kentucky Slaps Oxycontin Maker with Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Like every other state in the nation, Kentucky has been dealing with a surge in Oxycontin-related deaths, crime and addiction over the last several years. But lawmakers in the Bluegrass State are doing things a little differently this time around – they’re trying to hold the makers of the drug accountable for the epidemic. Suing [...]

Crying Newborns Reveal Mom’s Cocaine Use

All too often, the effects of prenatal drug exposure aren’t diagnosed until much later in the development process. However, a new study has uncovered a new method that would allow nervous system complications caused by prenatal cocaine exposure to be discovered during infancy. If proven successful, this breakthrough could be a game changer. The Role [...]

A Majority of ER Visits Traced Back to One Culprit

A new study out of Stanford University found that the majority of opioid-related emergency room visits in the U.S. are directly related to prescription drugs commonly prescribed by doctors. The findings, published in the latest issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, reveal that prescription painkillers and methadone are responsible for 67.8 percent of all emergency room [...]

How Worried Should We Be About Benzos?
A new study links benzodiazepines, including Xanax, to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Those of us relying on Mother’s Little Helpers, aka benzodiazepines, to get some sleep or fight anxiety have tried to ignore the scary research that has accumulated about dependency, death rates and general brain fog, but a new study strongly linking “benzos” to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) has us sitting bolt upright in bed. Researchers at [...]

Career Failure Increases Risk of Fatal Overdose
Lack of school or career success leaves many in jeopardy of overdosing.

A new study out of the University of Luxembourg found that those who fail to flourish in either their educations or careers are more prone to dying of a drug overdose than those who achieve success. Setting Up Dangerous Conditions The study, led by Luxembourg National Drug Coordinator Alain Origer, analyzed data from 1,300 problem [...]

I Was a Sober Teen and Now I’m a Sober Adult
I was far away from home and everyone else on campus drank. Why not?

In August I celebrated six years sober, at 33-years-old. I didn’t start drinking until 18 when I got to college, which is pretty late compared to most of my friends. As a kid, I was afraid to try alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. I wanted to avoid ending up like my dad. I grew up in [...]

Toys ‘R’ Us Pulls Line of Drug-Related Toys
Thousands of parents signed a petition against the sale of these questionable toys.

Not every item in Toys ‘R’ Us is kid-friendly. That point was certainly proved earlier this week when the retailer quietly removed a series of Breaking Bad dolls that included two of the drug-fueled TV show’s main characters – holding on to blue rocks of crystal meth. A Bad Idea Gets Worse Breaking Bad was [...]

One Failed Drug Test Highlights Drug Abuse in Navy
Despite a zero-tolerance policy, drug abuse still plagues the Navy.

The failed drug test of Vice President Joe Biden’s son made plenty of headlines last week, but news of the salacious story fails to address a much larger problem – drug use in the Navy. Hunter Biden, 44, reportedly failed a drug test for cocaine in June 2013. He was discharged from the Navy last [...]