The Shocking Truth About Alcohol and Air-Rage
Airports are being urged to take steps that will prevent  air-rage.

Flying is already a stressful mode of travel for some, but many passengers take that stress to new heights with spontaneous outbursts of anger. Known as “air-rage,” these in-flight tantrums are a growing problem for airlines and passengers alike. In an effort to put an end to these disruptions, British airports are now being called [...]

Drug Courts Lose a Significant Battle
Drug courts will no longer be able to deny the use of assistive medications.

The nationwide opiate addiction crisis has sparked yet another controversy – as if daily deaths from prescription painkillers or heroin overdoses weren’t controversial enough – pitting the federal government against its own funded drug courts. As with many legal issues, the people trying to reassemble their lives after incarceration and active addiction are the ones [...]

My Journey to Living Life on Life’s Terms
Our paths to happiness, sobriety and self-love aren't always easy.

By the time I finished fifth grade, I was the most popular kid in my class. My outgoing personality and reputation as a talented tap and jazz dancer had garnered praise from adults and adoration from my peers. I felt nothing but hope upon entering junior high. But within a few days of my new [...]

Love and Cocaine: What’s the Difference?
Chemically, love and cocaine are frighteningly similar.

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Dateline – or basically any show on the ID Network – you’re familiar with some of the crazy things people do for love. We often find ourselves asking, “What’s wrong with these people?” Then you think of that one time (okay, maybe twice) you acted like a complete [...]

7 Foods Secretly Linked to Binge Eating
Cutting out foods that promote overeating helps to avoid binges.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 22-28. Though you often see eating disorders (ED) like anorexia and bulimia in the headlines, there’s another prevalent ED that doesn’t get the same exposure: binge eating. Binge Eating 101 Despite the lack of public awareness, researchers at Harvard published a previous survey that revealed binge eating is [...]

On the Menu: Upscale Restaurants Serving Pot?
Pot has become a trendy ingredient for many high-end eateries.

The marijuana frenzy is spreading, making its way into the world of fine dining. Yes, believe it or not, sophisticated restaurants and classically trained chefs are now offering up new forms of pot that are far beyond mere edibles. Colorado is experiencing a mass exodus of line cooks who previously honed their skills at respected [...]

Should Painkiller Abuse Education be Mandatory?
Ohio's new law will require teachers to cover opiate education.

Since opiate addiction has officially reached epidemic status, it’s more important than ever to spread the word about the dangers of narcotic painkillers. And Ohio has taken the bull by the horns when it comes to educating students about the dangers of opiate painkiller abuse. The state recently introduced a new bill – which was [...]

Addiction is Different in the Gay Community — So Recovery Needs to Be, Too
One successful proposal for understanding LGBT addiction is “syndemics” theory.

Lola* got addicted to heroin while partying with her lesbian friends in New York City during the 1990s, some of whom were addicts, some not. “I met really hardcore users that had been through terrible rejection and abuse from family,” she says. But the idea was to have fun, not to medicate their homophobia traumas: [...]

How are Addiction, Depression and Suicide Linked?
Depression is the leading risk factor for suicide, alcohol and drug abuse.

When a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the situation creates a lot of worry and fear. At the forefront of those concerns are the possibilities of serious accidents or overdoses. However, another prevalent and all-too-common issue associated with addiction is the risk of suicide. Despite the fact that suicide is a well-documented [...]

My Boyfriend Relapsed in My First Year of Sobriety
Our sobriety would always come first, Paul and I told each other.

One of the first things I was told when I got sober and began attending 12-step meetings was: Don’t get into a romantic relationship during your first year. The consensus was that dating in early sobriety is a recipe for disaster. My experience suggests this wasn’t far from the truth. I wasn’t even interested in [...]