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Many inpatient rehab programs include 90-day drug rehab options. These three-month rehab centers allow for long-term treatment that can lead to a higher success rate for recovering addicts.

Inpatient Facilities vs. Outpatient Clinics

Three-month rehab centers are normally inpatient facilities. During this time, patients live at the facility and interact with their peers and doctors. This allows for medical care to be available at all times, which is perfect for those who may have psychological dependencies that need assistance.

Outpatient clinics can also provide 90-day therapies. It is common to continue outpatient treatment after a 90-day drug rehab program has been completed. Oftentimes, this continuing care continues for far longer than 90 days.
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Do I Need a 90-Day Residential Rehab Facility?

A 90-day drug rehabilitation program is great for those who may have moderate to severe addictions. The additional time spent in the residential rehabilitation clinic can give people a stronger stance against relapsing and teaches them more ways to manage stress and other problems without going back to drugs or alcohol.

Is 90-Day Addiction Treatment Private and Confidential?

Sine treatment is completed in a medical facility, patient confidentiality is guaranteed. Therapists and doctors cannot release patient information unless it is an emergency. All other form releases must be signed off on by the patient.

What Is Treated?

Substance abuse and addictions including:

Behavioral addiction, which includes:

Other types of addictions are also treated, sit is important to seek help no matter what addiction issue you are dealing with.

28- or 30-Day Addiction Rehab Program
If you or someone you love is having a hard time quitting drinking or abstaining from drug use, you might want to consider a 28-day or 30-day drug rehab. One-month rehab centers give you a chance to get and stay clean without requiring a long-term commitment. Read More

How Long Does Inpatient Rehabilitation Last?

Inpatient rehabilitation can last from 28 t90 days or more. A 90-day drug rehab program is often considered the norm because it allows a longer time for patients tfocus on rehabilitation and tfocus on psychological issues that could have been the cause of addiction. Some of the lengths of programs include:

What Happens During Treatment

When a patient starts rehabilitation, the first step is intake. Intake is when the patient enters the facility. After intake, detoxification is started. Detoxification can take a few days or a few weeks, depending on the addiction. In most instances, patients will not move on to rehabilitation until detoxification is complete. After detoxification, patients will move on to addiction therapy in rehabilitation. Addiction therapy is a specialized service that focuses on the needs of the particular patient. Some programs include specialties such as:

Some of these programs will offer aftercare, which is an extension of the program, when patients complete rehabilitation. After treatment, patients most often maintain therapy appointments and doctor visits in an effort to prevent relapse. This is completed on an outpatient basis.

Paying for a Treatment Center

Many programs offer financing and take insurance, but this depends on the particular program that you are interested in. The price range varies significantly depending on:

  • The length of stay
  • Amenities provided
  • Whether the program is an inpatient or outpatient program

Should I Travel or Stay Near Home?

The best 90-day rehab program may not be located near you, or it may be down the street. The best program for you is one that will be addressing your addiction needs and is able to make you feel comfortable and secure. Sometimes, patients like to go away for rehabilitation so that there is less pressure from work, friends, or their home environment.

What Happens After I Complete a 90-Day Rehab Program?

After rehabilitation, a recovering addict has the option of continuing treatment with outpatient options. These options may include therapy sessions with a group or as an individual, 12-step programs, and other types of therapies.

Are You or the Addict Ready?

The best thing to do before rehabilitation is to make sure the addict is willing to go. It can be difficult to recover when a person will not admit to having a problem. Although it is not always feasible to wait, if someone is willing to go to rehabilitation, the likelihood of success will be higher in most instances.

You May Want to Learn More About...

As a friend or family member of an addict or as an addict yourself, you may wish to become educated about your options and the way the process of rehabilitation works. Some things you might want to discuss with others include:

  • Interventions and how to proceed with rehabilitation intake
  • How an assessment works
  • Why detoxification is completed first and the chances of withdrawal
  • The differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment

Treatment Methods

Treatment methods are focused on groups and individuals having a common goal. These groups help each other with peer support that can help individuals stay away from drugs and alcohol. Groups often focus on activities that people wish to complete together and may discuss common problems that the group members share.

There are many types of programs available besides those listed above. Contact a medical provider or hotline to learn more about a program that will suit your needs and is located near you.

Additional Information

Make sure task your chosen recovery center about sober living and extended care for recovery. Sober living environments can be used as halfway houses, to support your sobriety as you re-enter the "real" world outside the treatment center. This can be beneficial to some patients. Aftercare and outpatient therapies that are continued after rehabilitation can als0 help. Remember, each facility may have differing opinions and options for:

It's Not Too Late

It is never to late to seek help for an emotional or physical addiction. Whether the addiction or dependency is mild, moderate or severe, a 90-day drug rehab facility will be able to help you get your addiction under control. There are many options for you to live a healthy, and drug or alcohol-free lifestyle.

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