Explore The Dangers of Drug Abuse & Addiction

Before & After Drugs: Shocking Infographic

Meth has an astounding destructive power. It can take away everything. View the real life devastation it can cause in this shocking infographic.


Before & After Drugs: Transformation Video

Over time, meth abuse can transform a person's face and body. This video shows the impact years of abuse have in seconds.


Legally Dead: Understanding The Prescription Drug Epidemic

Learn about this surprising epidemic that is sweeping the country. Help raise awareness by embedding an interactive pill bottle on your site.


Visualizing The Drug Economy [in 3D]

The impact of drug use and abuse is shocking. To visualize how large the influence of drugs are, we've created a 3-D, interactive and immersive visualization.


Dying to be Barbie | Eating Disorders in Pursuit of the Impossible

This shocking research and Infographic look at how the pursuit of a 'Barbie' body is impossible and how such a pursuit is taking its toll on women.


Drug Bless America: How Illicit Drugs are Killing The Country

This enlightening interactive infographic shows how the capitalistic, consumption-driven U.S. economy is the largest buyer of illicit drugs in the entire world.


Busted: Analyzing America's Most Recent Drug Hauls

What can narcotics seizures tell us about the American drug landscape as it exists right now?


Your Face on Meth

The physical impact of drugs like meth is incredible. This new application can show you what you might look like after years of meth abuse.


Before and After Recovery

We've shown you what havoc drugs can have on a person's appearance. Thankfully, recovery and sobriety often lead to physical changes in the right direction.


More Than Meth: Faces of Drug Arrests

In an update to our Faces of Meth campaign, we look at the physical transformation of individuals arrested over time for drug related crimes.


The Growing Male Body

Here we look at male body weight and anxieties over the past 100 years. We explore weight issues and disorders among the less talked about male population.


College Drugs Parallax

An interactive parallax walkthrough that highlights some of the alarming stats about the use and abuse of drugs an alcohol on college campuses.


Drugs on Campus

In-depth research, designed to illuminate the drug and alcohol arrest data published yearly by college campuses around the country.


Visualizing Drug Experiences

Data analysis that examines the self-reported experiences of people who have used various drugs. We examine the words most used to describe each experience in aggregate.


Women's Body Image and BMI

From Marilyn Monroe to Kate Moss, the body shapes of the most admired models have remained consistently slimmer than that of the average American woman, representing a nearly impossible ideal..


Live Drug Use Map

These live snapshots show how often Americans engage in drug and alcohol activities in each state and see how your home state compares.


Drugs on Campus Special Report

A follow up to our original Drugs on Campus research, this project analyzes recently released data from the Office of Postsecondary Education.


Drugs on Campus Special Report

This project takes an in-depth look at drinking and drugging habits at The University of Iowa, America's number one party school.


How addiction affects friends and family

This project explores the consequences addiction has on family members of addicts through a textual analysis of addiction-related message boards.


Your Face as an Alcoholic

A follow up to our 'Your Face on Meth' web app, this app allows users to visualize what they would look like as an alcoholic.


Faces of Addiction

Drug addiction ravages the addict's appearance. Using arrest mugshots we explore the shocking extent of the deterioration.


Urban Rehabilitations

This campaign uses Google Street View to explore once drug-affected areas that have now cleaned up their act.