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Axis Residential Treatment Philosophy

To truly embrace sobriety and transform one’s life for good, the addict or alcoholic must be helped to re-imagine their possibilities and believe in the value of sobriety. Once the desire forms, the mindset changes to one of teach-ability. At this stage daily activities and techniques, that with time, become life-saving daily routines are introduced and become part of one’s biology and personality. By building on this framework, the struggling addict or alcoholic changes into a man or woman with purpose; regaining their dignity, finding inner-strength, and the ingredients to a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Meet the Staff

Brad Keith Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Brad Keith Brad Keith began his career over twelve years ago, working as a counseling technician for several Los Angeles area residential treatment centers. He believes in providing empathic individual counseling to residents of diverse multicultural populations to achieve corrective emotional experiences. Throughout his career, Mr. Keith has also been facilitating group therapy for residents to improve coping skills and interpersonal relations. He has worked with dual-diagnosed, chemically dependent clients to promote personal responsibility and authenticity. Mr. Keith’s professional philosophy was developed through counseling groups of 60+ patients and family members, with an emphasis on breaking down the family dynamic as a way to better understand chemical dependency and alcohol abuse. In 2004, Mr. Keith’s passion led him to open Axis House, a men’s sober living in West Los Angeles. Today, he is CEO and founder of Axis Treatment Centers.

Sam Dekin, MA Psychology C.O.O

Photo of Sam Dekin, MA Psychology Sam Dekin has many years of experience educating clients about addiction and other pathological behavior with focus on cognitive processes, meaning, and emotional triggers and responses. Mr. Dekin provides guidance and support to enhance communication skills, goal setting, conflict resolution, and other tools for ongoing recovery, accountability and empowerment. As Chief Operating Officer of Axis Treatment Centers, Mr. Dekin focuses the Axis team on reducing recidivism and cultivating self-esteem and family healing by utilizing well-rounded and flexible therapeutic approaches. Mr. Dekin integrates staff and techniques from Psychodynamic, Existential, CBT, and Family Systems orientations to build rapport and intervene on destructive behavior. Mr. Dekin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Axis Treatment facilities including design and alteration of treatment plans, family therapy, and crisis intervention.

Megan Dahlin Officer Manager-Intake Coordinator

Photo of Megan Dahlin Megan has been working in treatment since the beginning of 2010 and is passionate about her job. She is compassionate and enthusiastic about the Axis program. Megan is dedicated to the recovery of the individuals here at Axis and is currently continuing her education to constantly try and better her quality of care.

Jonah Phillips Chef

Photo of Jonah Phillips Jonah believes in nurturing the body from the onset of the recovery process. He feels that it is essential to provide the body with all the nutrients and vitamins that they have been lacking. “When we start to care for our bodies and become mindful of what we consume, we can attain any goal we put our mind to. I believe in serving delicious, organic, home cooked meals straight from the heart.”

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