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Rock Solid Recovery Philosophy

Premier residential alcohol and drug treatment center provides all-inclusive 30, 60, and 90 day rehab programs. Our advanced clinical team consists of licensed, on-site therapists and addiction specialists that combines traditional recovery techniques and treatment with modern approaches. Saving lives is at the core of Rock Solid Recovery. Our healthy and positive atmosphere creates a healing environment for clients and their families. Furthermore, by offering academic, vocational, and extended care programs, we provide a solid foundation for our clients to return to work, school, and lead an overall well balanced life. All-inclusive 30, 60, and 90 day rehab programs assign each client a specialized treatment team consisting of a psychiatrist, nurse, psychologist, primary therapist, case manager, spiritual care counselor, nutritionist, and admission counselor. This specialized team is responsible for working with each client to establish an individualized plan of care. Get serious. Get sober.

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Meet the Staff

Dr. Jerry Brown, PsyD Clinical Consultant

Photo of Dr. Jerry Brown, PsyD Dr. Brown, a veteran in the addiction recovery industry, acts as Rock Solids clinical consultant for individual/family therapy and psychological testing, and provides staff support and lectures. With 34 years of experience in the field, the eminent therapist has worked and lectured on addiction treatment programs on a local and national level. As an author, college professor, and mentor to students and addiction industry professionals, he brings both humor and professional wisdom to the vocation. ''I'm inspired to be in a field which is always changing,'' says Brown. ''New therapies, new medications and new insights are helping to fight the war of ever-emerging drug problems in our country which is beyond epidemic -it's pandemic. We will not win the war on drugs at our borders or through law enforcement. We will win it in the trenches…one person at a time…with each person carrying the message to every person that suffers that there is a better and happier way to live.

Dr. Valeh Karimkhani, D.O. Medical Director, Psychologist, Addictionologist

Photo of Dr. Valeh Karimkhani, D.O. Dr. Valeh Karimkhani, D.O., is a psychiatrist, board certified in Addiction Medicine. She was born and raised in Denver CO, when she completed her undergraduate studies with a double major in biology and chemistry. She then moved to Texas, and attended medical school at the University of North Texas. Dr. Karimkhani has extensive experience in emergency psychiatry, dual diagnosis, trauma, substance abuse and adolescent psychiatry. She has a unique ability to connect with young men, making them feel comfortable and safe. She has a love for all and has been dedicated to community medicine in both emergency and outpatient settings. Dr. Karimkhani is also a Major in the Army Reserves and has completed two tours of duty in Iraq. She is dedicated to helping and healing.

Greg Young, M.S., MFTI- Therapist Program Director

Photo of Greg Young, M.S., MFTI- Therapist Greg believes that each client is unique and understands the emotional and physical pain co-occurring disorders inflict on the individual and their family. Greg’s 10 years of experience with addiction and addictive-like behaviors add insight and depth to his practice, which helps our clients gain a new perspective of life’s tribulations. Greg helps clients learn how to make safe, healthy transitions. Greg feels that, “Awareness is the key to change; without it, we routinely function using our maladaptive coping strategies that have proven to be harmful to ourselves and those around us. My awareness approach focuses on re-directing the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that promote effective coping methods, a healthier outlook, and development of the tools necessary for long term recovery.” Greg brings a strong sense of ethics and the ability to meet clients where they are in a humanistic fashion. He is inspired by the desire to help others and to have a positive influence on the world. Greg completed his undergraduate degree from the University of California Irvine and earned his Master’s degree from California State University Fullerton, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

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